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Watches: Timex

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Hello lovely people,

TGIF! Am I right? With this Timex watch I am sure I’ll never be late again… Well only fashionably late! These “his and hers” smart watches are such great statement pieces, plus they help you live a healthier lifestyle. You get the best of both worlds! I wasn’t much of a watch girl until this year. Gio is always matching his outfits with his watches and they look great in his pictures, so of course when I got these bad boys in the mail I was ecstatic! They make great arm candy!!

The “his and hers” watches are from their IQ+ move collection.  Their packaging made me think of the spy movies when they’re trying to get the jewel out of the glass box and there’s all these red lasers around it.  I felt like I was getting my own jewel, the packaging looked simple but clean. It really made the watches pop.  My watch had a brown strap and a gold tone case color, plus it came with an extra white rubber band. Gio’s watch had a black band and a silver tone case. Whether it’s wearing it out for a night in the town or to the gym both watches will definitely match anything and everything we wear. My favorite part was finding out all the special features they had. These lovely watches can track your activity throughout the day by connecting to your phone, it has a sleep metric, it can resist up to 50 meters of water, and it has an INDIGLO light up dial, and best of all there is no charging required. As soon as we opened them, we started to connect them to our phones. The first thing you need to do is download the Timex app, next when the app opens up it will ask you some personal questions, like your age, height, weight, etc. and how active you want to be. Then it will calculate how many hours of sleep you need and how many steps you need to get in a day. Finally it will give you instructions on how you need to sync your phone and watch together, so it can start collecting the data. Getting this connected was super easy and fast. Another cool feature that these watches have is that on the watch itself it has a meter that will track your activity, so if you don’t want to look on your phone you can glance at your watch and do a quick check.  They also have different color bands you can buy online for only $18, there’s a really nice blue one I want to get. We have used these watches since the moment we got them in the mail and we are in love with them. Thank you TIMEX!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend
Love Dlo..

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