Western Inspired / Inspiracion Vaquera

Hey Y’all!

Im going to go ahead and say rodeo season is in Chicago, .. Two weeks ago we had the PBR and not too far behind, on the first weekend in February we have the PCB. While we wait for the PCB, I wanted to give you gals some outfit inspiration. I’ll show y ‘all two outfits, the first one is this Western Chic inspired look and stay tune later this week for the second outfit..

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been on a serious hat “obsession.” I love hats, of all types of styles.. I have one that is super bold, yellow color, that I have not worn. In the back of my mind im always thinking if it might be too flashy! I am going to be bold and bring you an outfit with my bright yellow hat soon. In the mean time here is my take on a chic/western outfit.

On most of my outfits theres some type of femininity/glamour that I like to convey. This one is perfect for any rodeo events. It has that western vibe; with the wide legged striped culottes, the pointy boots and the very cute Charlie 1 Horse hat. This outfit in made up of earth tones which is why there’s shades of black, brown, beige and white. These colors look so well together in all shades. My favorite thing about this outfit is the pattern combination. As soon as you look at the outfit your eyes focus on the striped pants and the snake print shirt. There is something about the similar colors, that blends the patterns together and looks unified. The other things I love is this hat. You can wear it with all sorts of outfits, not just your western inspired one. It a nice beige color, it will matches everything you would want to wear.

Vest: Calvin Klein (similar option)
Snake Print Crop Top: Target
Culottes: Discovery Co. (similar option)
Boots: Payless
Hat: Charlie 1 Horse

One of the things I love to show you gals is how you can wear a piece of clothing in many outfits. The vest for this outfit I previously used it on this post. It went from being worn in a glam look to a western look.. The other thing I wore in a different post here, were these pointy boots. I love the style. The shape and color of the heel makes me think of the disco times in the 70’s. I am a huge fan of pointy shoes, this was a huge plus to the boots.  Don’t underestimate how good the clothing would look in different styles.

¡Hola Chicas!

Se puede decir que la temporada de rodeo llego a Chicago… Hace dos semanas tuvimos el PBR y no tan lejos, el primer fin de semana de febrero tenemos el PCB. Mientras esperamos el PCB, quería darles inspiración para sus atuendo. Les mostraré a ustedes dos atuendos, el primero es este look inspirado en el estilo Vaquero Chic y ya mérito les traere el segundo atuendo.

Si me sigues en las redes sociales, sabrás que tengo una “obsesión” de sombreros. Me encantan los sombreros, de todo tipo de estilos… Tengo uno que es súper llamativo, de color amarillo, que no he usado. ¡Me la eh pasado pensado que este sombrero es muy llamativo! Dejaré eso atrás y les traeré un atuendo con mi sombrero amarillo muy pronto. Mientras tanto, aquí está mi versión de un atuendo chic / Vaquero.

En la mayoría de mis atuendos hay algún tipo de feminidad / glamour que me gusta transmitir. Este atuendo es perfecto para cualquier rodeo. Tiene esas vibras vaqueras; con las pantalones culottes de rayas, las botas puntiagudas y el muy lindo sombrero de Charlie 1 Horse. Quería mantener el atuendo en tonos neutrales; por eso hay tonos de negro, cafe, beige y blanco. Estos colores se ven tan bien juntos en todos los tonos. Me encanto la combinación de estampados. Cuando ves el atuendo, tus ojos se enfocan en los pantalones de rayas y la blusa con estampado de serpiente. Hay algo acerca de los colores similares, que combierte los estampados en uno y se ve unificado. La otra cosa que amo de este look es el sombrero. Puedes usarlo con todo tipo de atuendos, no solo con el estilo vaquero. Es un bonito color beige que combina con todo lo que quieras usar.

Chaleco: Calvin Klein (opcion similar)
Blusa con estampado: Target
Pantalones: Discovery Co. (opcion similar)
Botas: Payless
Sombrero: Charlie 1 Horse

Una de las cosas que me encanta mostrarles a ustedes, chicas, es cómo puedes llevar una prenda con muchos atuendos. El chaleco para este atuendo lo usé previamente en este articulo. El chaleco pasó de ser usado en un look glamuroso a ser usado en un look vaquero. La otra cosa que use en un articulo previo aqui, fueron estas botas puntiagudas. Me encanta el estilo y el color del tacón. Pienso en los tiempos de las discotecas de los años 70s cuando veo el tacon. La gran ventaja de las botas es que soy una fanatica de los zapatos puntiagudos. No subestime lo bien que se vería la ropa en diferentes atuendos.

Be different! Enjoy life!
Se diferente! Disfruta la vida!

Taft(ify) Your Closet…

Who’s ready to ditch the heels for a little and put on some cute sneakers, I am!! Growing up, I always saw my mom get all glammed up, even when we were going for a doctor’s visit. She did a full face of makeup and put her heels on. I told myself one day I’ll do the same. Well, I was in love with high stilettos for a long time. Then Gio bought me some cute Roshes and I couldn’t put them down. They were comfortable but you could make them look chic. This whole sneaker thing became popular, to me! Being a girl that is a size 9.5 or 10, sometimes there are not enough unique shoes that won’t break the bank! So when it came to sneakers I looked in the men’s sales section. Given that most men have bigger feet than me I would find some eye-catching shoes. I became addicted!! When it comes to buying men shoes I try to find a color that works with my personality and taste, look for a style that I can actually see myself wearing and I always try them on. There have been times when I see a men sneaker and I like it, but then I try it on and it looks too bulky.

In this outfit I drew inspiration from those times my mom got all dolled up to go to the doctors but with my twist. This super cute and girly dress is from target’s Mossimo collection. This is such a versatile dress, you can literally combine it whichever way you want!! Let’s not forget about the cold shoulders part. It’s been such a huge trend, I love it!!! OK, well this dress I paired with my new Taft sneakers. If you didn’t guess this part I’m going to tell you, they are men shoes! So Taft was getting ready to launch the sneakers and I came across their promotion pictures and these Jawbreakers caught my eyes!! They are so simple in design but have so many wow factors. For example the brown color inside stands out because of  the brown dots on the outside. Then if you look on the outside the texture of the wool and the different color dots create a 3D effect. When pairing the two together I wanted something that would make the shoes stand out, and for me the black and white polka dot dress did the trick! There’s something about tan neutral that stand out against black. Now I am all arreglada (glammed up) and ready to go pick up some fresh fruta! If you too like these sneakers go take a look at Taft!

BeFunkyPhoto taft4
Dress: Target
Purse: Call It Spring
Sneakers: Taft
Watch: Timex
Bracelet: Express Factory

BeFunkyPhoto taft11

BeFunkyPhoto taft15


BeFunkyPhoto taft9

BeFunkyPhoto taft7

BeFunkyPhoto taft3

BeFunkyPhoto taft12

BeFunkyPhoto taft6

BeFunkyPhoto taft1

P.S. this dress is on sale now at Target, hurry up and snatch yours before they’re gone!!
Don’t forget to arreglarte (get glammed up) this weekend!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto taft2


Gio’s Vacation Essentials

Hey Gals & Gents,

Who’s ready to take off some time and take a little vacation?!? It’s definitely that time of year when all you want to do is be by the beach and sip on some cold beer. Gio and I, along with some friends planned a beautiful trip to La Paz, B.C. Mexico. I can speak for the both of us and say that this was such an amazing place. We were there for 3 days so it was a short but fun vacation. Our days were packed with activities so we needed to know what Gio was going to pack for this short trip. Here are a couple of Gio’s vacation essentials:

Shirts: On this trip, the temperatures were going to be in the 90s and Gio wanted something fresh and comfortable to be in. He opted for 2 printed T-shirts. The first design was nautical stripes; perfect for those vacations near water and it has a V-neckline which makes men look great. This shirt was a “must take along,” according to Gio. The second shirt was a crew-neck white T-shirt with blue and yellow dots. This one was so airy and the fit was perfect.

CKBW1301 ess1

LVMZ9984 ess3

Shorts: He chose 2 bermuda shorts. These were perfect transition pieces; what I mean by that is Gio could wear these to the beach, sightseeing or he could wear them out for a fun night around town. The first pair again had nautical stripes (can you tell Gio’s favorite vacation print) and these paired perfectly with the white crewneck. The second pair were plain burgundy shorts and these looked great with the V-neck.

Accessories: To bring the outfits together we chose some brown accessories to give it a softer tone. The first accessory is a brown belt with a classic touch. The second accessories were some dark tan sandals. They were perfect for the weather and provided some comfort. The last “accessory” was these super cute palm swim trunks. Gio really wanted to get some Chubbies but they wouldn’t have gotten to us in time, so of course I told him Target might have something he likes. These actually matched my swimsuit and again they were perfect for the beach environment we were in.

BeFunkyPhoto ess4

Everything about Gio’s must haves, were about comfort while looking put together and stylish. My favorite items were the swim trunks; they were the perfect length, not too short that it screamed perv. and not to long that it screamed little kid.

While at your getaway destination, the #1 thing is to have fun and relax.
Love Dlo..

White Stripes…

BeFunkyPhoto white2
Adidas Cap: Lids
Dress: Joe Boxer
Kicks: Adidas

BeFunkyPhoto white6

BeFunkyPhoto white12

BeFunkyPhoto white5

BeFunkyPhoto white11

BeFunkyPhoto white9

BeFunkyPhoto white7

BeFunkyPhoto white4

BeFunkyPhoto white3

BeFunkyPhoto white10

BeFunkyPhoto white15

BeFunkyPhoto white13

Hey Gals!

Another beautiful Wednesday here in the West Coast. You know what I love to wear when the sun is out and bright! That’s right, a super cute swing dress. I love this style because you can dress them up or down, and they are so comfortable you can take them from day to night easily (maybe I should show you how in a different blog post). For today I’ll leave you with this easy look you can wear to the park, brunch, sport games or to explore your town. I’m sure everyone has some of these items at home; give this look a try this season!

I love this super casual look, there’s just something about dresses and tennis shoes I love! Usually outfits like this one, I like to match my cap to my shoes. For today I chose these cool Adidas ZX Racer shoes, which I got at the Adidas outlet and they were super cheap!! Every time we go to the outlet mall, I make it a must stop store; there’s always little treasures I find in there! Of course I had to pair it with my new Adizero cap. I love the hat’s material; it’s so lightweight and soft. When I was first thinking of what to wear with these shoes, I had forgotten all about this cute little dress. I’ve had this dress for about a year and it wasn’t until this weekend when I was doing a little “inventory” check in my closet, that I found this black and white stripe dress that would be perfect for my outfit.

Wear your cool kicks, we’re near the weekend!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto white14

Highlight Your Outfit…

BeFunkyPhoto train4Shirt: Aeropostale
Jeans: American Eagle
Roshe: Jimmy Jazz
Watch: Timex

BeFunkyPhoto train3

BeFunkyPhoto train5

BeFunkyPhoto train10

BeFunkyPhoto train6

BeFunkyPhoto train8

BeFunkyPhoto train2

BeFunkyPhoto train9

BeFunkyPhoto train11

BeFunkyPhoto train13

It’s Monday again!!! I am so sorry I didn’t post last week, I have  been very busy getting some personal stuff done. Well today is all about these “highlighter” color shoes! When Gio and I had first seen these shoes, about three years ago, I fell in love with them because they were unique. You didn’t see people wearing this color combo yet. Gio is a little bit more conservative and doesn’t try some stuff until he is for sure he likes them and will look good; but of course I had to explain to him that it’s better to set the trend! Well, needless to say these are one of our favorite Nike Roshe’s we’ve owned. Due to the color of the shoes we would keep the outfit simple, so the focus remains on the shoes.

For today’s outfit, in honor that spring has finally arrived, we have this super casual outfit! Perfect for those days when you want to go explore the town or get some lunch. For this look we chose this blooming gray shirt. The best part about this shirt is the accent piece, it has a pocket with different colored flowers. Without noticing, before hand, we saw that the flowers match the colors of the Roshes!!! When you have such great accent pieces on your feet it drags your eyes to look through out the outfit for pieces that will match. We created different focal points without taking the attention from the shoes. To finish off this look we paired this super cute shirt and shoes with Gio’s favorite American Eagle jeans.

Today is the beginning of a new week, make it count!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto train7

Con Estos Huaraches Que Traigo Yo…

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches21
Chaqueta: Forever 21
Blusa: Dottie Couture Boutique
Choker: Mexicali, BC
Shorts: Forever 21
Huaraches: Mexicali, BC

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches7

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches14

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches12

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches13

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches10

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches5

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches3

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches9

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches1

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches15

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches8

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches2

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches16

Hola Chicas!!

Ya es martes y con eso dicho, bienvenido a otro segmento de Tequila y Tacones!!!! Hoy les voy a mostrar cómo estilé mis huaraches. Estos zapatos han recibido mucha “fama” debido a sus elaboradas combinaciones de colores y su versatilidad. Con decirles que hay compañías Americanas que han replicado este estilo de zapato. Sin embargo nuestros huaraches son más coloridos y la mejor parte es que son hechos en México.

Es súper fácil incorporar estos huaraches en nuestro día a día. Yo personalmente escogí esta combinación de colores porque: en primer lugar tiene el color piel; que combina con todo, en segundo lugar porque los colores son vibrantes pero sutiles y por último, porque son femeninos. Cuando comencé a pensar en lo que podría ponerme con estos huaraches, en un día en que la temperatura era de 90 grados, pensé inmediatamente en estos shorts de color anaranjado. Son muy cómodos y se ven muy de moda, además de que coincidían con el color naranja de mis huaraches! Bueno, ya que el clima no era de 90 grados el día entero, lo combine con esta ligera sutil chaqueta de color violeta azul. Para acabar el look yo escogí esta blusa de tirantes negra y un choker de color piel. Ya que estaba emparejando dos colores diferentes,  decidí escoger colores neutros para reunir todo el look. Este conjunto, hace que los huaraches se vean muy modernos!  Lo mejor es que lo puedes usar para cualquier ocasión. Puedes vestirte así para una visita al veterinario y un paseo en el parque, como yo lo hice, o salir a cenar.

Que tengan un excelente dia Hermosas!!!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches17

We build this city…

BeFunkyPhoto gio6
Hat: Lids
Shirt: The North Face
Jeans: JCPenny  (as seen here)
Shoes: Finish Line

BeFunkyPhoto gio7

BeFunkyPhoto gio13

BeFunkyPhoto gio16

BeFunkyPhoto gio12

BeFunkyPhoto gio5

BeFunkyPhoto gio11

BeFunkyPhoto gio1

BeFunkyPhoto gio2

BeFunkyPhoto gio4

BeFunkyPhoto gio8

BeFunkyPhoto gio17

BeFunkyPhoto gio18

BeFunkyPhoto gio9

BeFunkyPhoto gio20

Happy Monday Gals and Gents,

On today’s post, it looks like Gio is missing home, Chicago we miss you!! He has some of us wishing we could pull off a casual look like him. Sometimes for men, wearing a t-shirt and jeans can look too dress down. Though the goal is to look like you didn’t try, you still want to look polished. This is a great example of what my t-shirt and jeans kind of Gents can do. Whether it’s your favorite sport or graphics tee, look for a color you want to highlight. In this case, we chose the black; that’s in the skyline, and the white; that’s in the letters.  We knew if we paired this shirt with jeans the whole polished look and color combination would be destroyed, so of course we went with his cool black jeans. We had styled these black jeans a different way in an earlier post, they are very versatile. For accessories, we looked for items that had those two colors. Luckily when we were going through our Nike Roshe love phase, we bought these cool print black and white sneakers. They went perfect with this outfit. To finish off the look, we chose this black Nike Chicago hat. Having the color black on the top part of his body, as well as the bottom half, directs the attention to his Chicago skyline shirt. Fun fact, I had picked this hat out in the summer and told him we could share it, Gio declined my offer because he didn’t like it, but now he wears it all the time and doesn’t share! Not fair at all.

New week, make it count!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto gio25

The Essentials…

IDGY4388 dealing11

Blazer: JCPenny

Polo: JCPenny
Pocket Square: Harrison Blake Apparel

Watch: Timex

Belt: Express
Jeans: American Eagle

Socks: LordZocks
Shoes: Call It Spring

ENFJ3306 blazer5

HEHU7736 blazer9

IGPG1794 blazer12

IKZC1152 blazer13


ELAJ2239 blazer5

CDOV5658 blazer

HIUU8074 blazer10

GCWM1851 blazer7

Happy Monday Gals and Gents!


Well I have gotten a lot of great feedback on the #mcm segment, so I will be doing it every Monday from now on!! Yay, more inspiration for y’all!!! For this outfit I was inspired by a very dapper gent, The LA Styler. Check him out for more inspiration. So last week when I saw The LA Styler’s outfit, I thought the polo and blazer combo looked so stylish, so I knew Gio and I had to give it a try. 


For this outfit we really wanted to incorporate these fancy white and black polka dot socks from LordZocks.  To start this outfit out we decided to choose this rich in color yet classic green blazer. Next, we picked this white and black printed polo, a neutral to tone down the bright color a bit. After we opted for some light wash jeans, a bit more casual then wearing trousers. As far as accessories we chose a white pocket square to match the shirt, black shoes to match the socks, and a black belt. We basically chose the classic black and white colors but with a pop of green. 


If you are looking for a gift for your gent, LordZocks offers a variety of options. For you gents that want to upgrade your socks game, visit LordZocks website. Their designs are so classy and they are made in the USA.


Visit them online and take a peek at their supper dapper zocks!

Love Dlo..

CMXG5870 blazer2

Mi Cultura…

Vestido: Mexicali, B.C.
Cinto: H&M
Tacones: Dottie Couture
Bolsa: Ashley Stewart


















Hola Chicas,

Bienvenidas al segmento Tequila & Tacones, donde todo el segmento es dedicado a nuestros artículos Mexicanos. Les doy ideas de cómo usar estos artículos en nuestro día cotidiano, con cosas que ya tienen en casa. Hoy les voy hablar de los vestidos artesanales bordados a mano. Hemos visto que estos vestidos se han convertido en la nueva moda para toda mujer. Muchas ya lo han escogido para el día de su boda, otras lo usan para cubrirse en la playa y también se usan simplemente para salir. Yo compre el mío en una plaza en Mexicali, BC. Si quieres comprar uno desde los Estados Unidos, puedes buscar tiendas en internet. Encontré una base que se llama Kichink, que parece como la base Etsy de Estados Unidos,  y mucho de los proveedores mandan para los Estados Unidos.

Este vestido bordado viene en colores radiantes y el bordado es espectacular. El color que yo escogí fue un azul cielo muy bonito. Los vestidos vienen en dos tamaños, ya sea mini o largo, el que yo compre es largo. Lo que use para combinar el vestido no es de México, son cosas que ya tenía en casa que compre en Estados Unidos. El vestido es como una batita y quería algo que le diera forma a mi cuerpo para no verme más grande. Con esto en mente escogí un cinto en color beige, para que le diera forma a mi cintura. Lo siguiente, fue la bolsa en color oro rosado y tiene un estampado de flores que se ve muy bien con el bordado del vestido. Después, me decidí por estos zapatos de tacón ancho y el color es una combinación entre beige y gris. Como pueden ver todo los accesorios son en tonos neutros para que resalten los colores del vestido. Por ultimo mi maquillaje lleva tonos rosados y rojos. Los labios son una combinación entre rosa  y rojo, y en los ojos llevo rosa fuerte y rosa claro.

Que tengan un día muy colorido!
Love Dlo..


All Black Everything…

Button up: JCPenny
Jeans: JCPenny
Boots: Taft
Watch: Target








Hey Gals,

Welcome to the very first segment of #mcm. For all my lovely ladies that love to help the man in their life dress up; here’s a very simple yet dapper look. For today’s inspiration, we wanted to show you, Gals and Gents, an outfit you can wear to a “smart casual” encounter.

While we were thinking about what to choose for this outfit, we came across these black pair of jeans. They have a quilted line pattern around the thigh which is such a fun way to add texture to your ordinary jeans. As far as shirts, we were going back and forth between a long sleeve, a V-neck, and this short sleeve. The end goal for this outfit was to be dressed up, but not as formal. The long sleeve made the outfit look too dressy, while the V-neck didn’t match the style at all. The short sleeve we chose was a button up, which gives the outfit a dress up look, plus keeping it untucked screamed out comfort! To offset all the black color, we went with these Taft cream color suede boots. They gave the outfit a new focus! I love all the shoe selection Taft has, and they work as an accent piece to your outfit. Lastly, we accessorized with a black watch to keep the same color mixture on the top portion of the body.

*** P.S. for more menswear inspiration follow Gio!

Tag your Gent below and help him get dapper!
Love Dlo..