Gio’s Vacation Essentials

Hey Gals & Gents,

Who’s ready to take off some time and take a little vacation?!? It’s definitely that time of year when all you want to do is be by the beach and sip on some cold beer. Gio and I, along with some friends planned a beautiful trip to La Paz, B.C. Mexico. I can speak for the both of us and say that this was such an amazing place. We were there for 3 days so it was a short but fun vacation. Our days were packed with activities so we needed to know what Gio was going to pack for this short trip. Here are a couple of Gio’s vacation essentials:

Shirts: On this trip, the temperatures were going to be in the 90s and Gio wanted something fresh and comfortable to be in. He opted for 2 printed T-shirts. The first design was nautical stripes; perfect for those vacations near water and it has a V-neckline which makes men look great. This shirt was a “must take along,” according to Gio. The second shirt was a crew-neck white T-shirt with blue and yellow dots. This one was so airy and the fit was perfect.

CKBW1301 ess1

LVMZ9984 ess3

Shorts: He chose 2 bermuda shorts. These were perfect transition pieces; what I mean by that is Gio could wear these to the beach, sightseeing or he could wear them out for a fun night around town. The first pair again had nautical stripes (can you tell Gio’s favorite vacation print) and these paired perfectly with the white crewneck. The second pair were plain burgundy shorts and these looked great with the V-neck.

Accessories: To bring the outfits together we chose some brown accessories to give it a softer tone. The first accessory is a brown belt with a classic touch. The second accessories were some dark tan sandals. They were perfect for the weather and provided some comfort. The last “accessory” was these super cute palm swim trunks. Gio really wanted to get some Chubbies but they wouldn’t have gotten to us in time, so of course I told him Target might have something he likes. These actually matched my swimsuit and again they were perfect for the beach environment we were in.

BeFunkyPhoto ess4

Everything about Gio’s must haves, were about comfort while looking put together and stylish. My favorite items were the swim trunks; they were the perfect length, not too short that it screamed perv. and not to long that it screamed little kid.

While at your getaway destination, the #1 thing is to have fun and relax.
Love Dlo..

Easter Dress…

BeFunkyPhoto dress17
Dress: Forever21
Bralette: JCPenny
Bracelet: Express Factory
Watch: Timex
Heels:  Forever21

BeFunkyPhoto dress18

BeFunkyPhoto dress16

BeFunkyPhoto dress20

BeFunkyPhoto dress14

BeFunkyPhoto dress13

BeFunkyPhoto dress21

BeFunkyPhoto dress11

BeFunkyPhoto dress10

BeFunkyPhoto dress19

BeFunkyPhoto dress15

BeFunkyPhoto dress7

BeFunkyPhoto dress12

BeFunkyPhoto dress5

BeFunkyPhoto dress6

BeFunkyPhoto dress8

BeFunkyPhoto dress4

BeFunkyPhoto dress2

BeFunkyPhoto dress9

The weekend is finally here Gals,

Who is struggling to find the perfect Easter dress?? I know I was, until I went to the mall and found the one at Forever21. Before I went shopping I had a picture in my head of what I wanted, this made it so much harder to find. I looked everywhere until a wall full of long flowy dresses appeared. I tried on 3. The first one looks like the one I picked but in a mauve pink color, I thought this was going to be the one. As I tried it on it blended with my skin color and didn’t pop, I wasn’t a fan. Then I tried a blue one with bigger flowers but this one screamed beach dress, not Easter. Lastly, I tried this one and I loved it, I guess this mustard color does look good on me.

As I was thinking about this dress and how to accessorize it, I really wanted a very simple look. As far as accessories goes they were very minimalist. Of course my favorite timeless piece from Timex was included, my IQ+ watch with the brown band, and a very simple bracelet from Express Factory. Yes, I know I said I wanted a simple look but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, you can add unexpected details. Since the back of the dress was open, (one of my favorite things about it) a great way to add more character was by adding this strappy bralette. Last but not least these strappy chunky heels from Forever21 match the color of the roses; it’s one of those hidden details. Since the dress is long, there’s going to be times when you might have to pull it up a bit, and these cute heels are going to be seen. Plus if I didn’t have some type of heel helping me I would be dragging this dress everywhere. The little details throughout this outfit made it look more than just simple.

What Easter dress will you wear this time?
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto dress3

Suit Up…

BeFunkyPhoto easter23
Suit: Express
Button Up: Express
Belt: Express
Shoes: Joseph Abboud

BeFunkyPhoto easter22

BeFunkyPhoto easter14

BeFunkyPhoto easter10

BeFunkyPhoto easter7

BeFunkyPhoto easter16

BeFunkyPhoto easter1

BeFunkyPhoto easter2

BeFunkyPhoto easter4

BeFunkyPhoto easter15

BeFunkyPhoto easter24

BeFunkyPhoto easter17

BeFunkyPhoto easter18

Hello Gents and Gals,

Just like us ladies need a new dress for Easter or this spring, our gents need the equivalent of that! Gio and I found the perfect suit for this season. Of Course, it took some convincing to do. We were browsing through Desert Hill Premium Outlets and came across the Express Factory Store. We made our way to the dress clothes section and saw this suit. Gio was hesitant about getting this beauty. It took some convincing and selling him on the color, but at last it happened. Anyways, when I first saw this suit it screamed spring! It’s a nice colored khaki, not too dark and not too light, and it’s very versatile. I think if it would have been a darker khaki it wouldn’t have match Gio’s personality and the season.

As you begin to think of what to wear for Easter, all these pastels or lighter shade of colors come to mind.This is exactly what we were thinking when we opted for this mint color shirt. As you look at this outfit everything is so clean and neutral, your eyes direct to the bright mint button up. The shirt has little white and blue polka dots, such a subtle detail that adds to your outfit. To bring out the polka dots on the shirt we added a striped white and blue pocket square.Since we wanted to keep a clean look we chose to pair this outfit with a dark brown belt and monks, creating a little contrast.

Upgrade your Spring wardrobe with a khaki suit
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto easter6

White Stripes…

BeFunkyPhoto white2
Adidas Cap: Lids
Dress: Joe Boxer
Kicks: Adidas

BeFunkyPhoto white6

BeFunkyPhoto white12

BeFunkyPhoto white5

BeFunkyPhoto white11

BeFunkyPhoto white9

BeFunkyPhoto white7

BeFunkyPhoto white4

BeFunkyPhoto white3

BeFunkyPhoto white10

BeFunkyPhoto white15

BeFunkyPhoto white13

Hey Gals!

Another beautiful Wednesday here in the West Coast. You know what I love to wear when the sun is out and bright! That’s right, a super cute swing dress. I love this style because you can dress them up or down, and they are so comfortable you can take them from day to night easily (maybe I should show you how in a different blog post). For today I’ll leave you with this easy look you can wear to the park, brunch, sport games or to explore your town. I’m sure everyone has some of these items at home; give this look a try this season!

I love this super casual look, there’s just something about dresses and tennis shoes I love! Usually outfits like this one, I like to match my cap to my shoes. For today I chose these cool Adidas ZX Racer shoes, which I got at the Adidas outlet and they were super cheap!! Every time we go to the outlet mall, I make it a must stop store; there’s always little treasures I find in there! Of course I had to pair it with my new Adizero cap. I love the hat’s material; it’s so lightweight and soft. When I was first thinking of what to wear with these shoes, I had forgotten all about this cute little dress. I’ve had this dress for about a year and it wasn’t until this weekend when I was doing a little “inventory” check in my closet, that I found this black and white stripe dress that would be perfect for my outfit.

Wear your cool kicks, we’re near the weekend!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto white14

Highlight Your Outfit…

BeFunkyPhoto train4Shirt: Aeropostale
Jeans: American Eagle
Roshe: Jimmy Jazz
Watch: Timex

BeFunkyPhoto train3

BeFunkyPhoto train5

BeFunkyPhoto train10

BeFunkyPhoto train6

BeFunkyPhoto train8

BeFunkyPhoto train2

BeFunkyPhoto train9

BeFunkyPhoto train11

BeFunkyPhoto train13

It’s Monday again!!! I am so sorry I didn’t post last week, I have  been very busy getting some personal stuff done. Well today is all about these “highlighter” color shoes! When Gio and I had first seen these shoes, about three years ago, I fell in love with them because they were unique. You didn’t see people wearing this color combo yet. Gio is a little bit more conservative and doesn’t try some stuff until he is for sure he likes them and will look good; but of course I had to explain to him that it’s better to set the trend! Well, needless to say these are one of our favorite Nike Roshe’s we’ve owned. Due to the color of the shoes we would keep the outfit simple, so the focus remains on the shoes.

For today’s outfit, in honor that spring has finally arrived, we have this super casual outfit! Perfect for those days when you want to go explore the town or get some lunch. For this look we chose this blooming gray shirt. The best part about this shirt is the accent piece, it has a pocket with different colored flowers. Without noticing, before hand, we saw that the flowers match the colors of the Roshes!!! When you have such great accent pieces on your feet it drags your eyes to look through out the outfit for pieces that will match. We created different focal points without taking the attention from the shoes. To finish off this look we paired this super cute shirt and shoes with Gio’s favorite American Eagle jeans.

Today is the beginning of a new week, make it count!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto train7

Watch out!..

BeFunkyPhoto timex27
Watches: Timex

BeFunkyPhoto timex22

BeFunkyPhoto timex29

BeFunkyPhoto timex13

BeFunkyPhoto timex17

BeFunkyPhoto timex14

BeFunkyPhoto timex15

BeFunkyPhoto timex25

BeFunkyPhoto timex18

BeFunkyPhoto timex16

BeFunkyPhoto timex24

BeFunkyPhoto timex12

BeFunkyPhoto timex19

BeFunkyPhoto timex21

BeFunkyPhoto timex10

BeFunkyPhoto timex2

BeFunkyPhoto timex3

BeFunkyPhoto timex1

BeFunkyPhoto timex4

BeFunkyPhoto timex5

BeFunkyPhoto timex6

BeFunkyPhoto timex7

BeFunkyPhoto timex9

BeFunkyPhoto timex8

BeFunkyPhoto timex23

Hello lovely people,

TGIF! Am I right? With this Timex watch I am sure I’ll never be late again… Well only fashionably late! These “his and hers” smart watches are such great statement pieces, plus they help you live a healthier lifestyle. You get the best of both worlds! I wasn’t much of a watch girl until this year. Gio is always matching his outfits with his watches and they look great in his pictures, so of course when I got these bad boys in the mail I was ecstatic! They make great arm candy!!

The “his and hers” watches are from their IQ+ move collection.  Their packaging made me think of the spy movies when they’re trying to get the jewel out of the glass box and there’s all these red lasers around it.  I felt like I was getting my own jewel, the packaging looked simple but clean. It really made the watches pop.  My watch had a brown strap and a gold tone case color, plus it came with an extra white rubber band. Gio’s watch had a black band and a silver tone case. Whether it’s wearing it out for a night in the town or to the gym both watches will definitely match anything and everything we wear. My favorite part was finding out all the special features they had. These lovely watches can track your activity throughout the day by connecting to your phone, it has a sleep metric, it can resist up to 50 meters of water, and it has an INDIGLO light up dial, and best of all there is no charging required. As soon as we opened them, we started to connect them to our phones. The first thing you need to do is download the Timex app, next when the app opens up it will ask you some personal questions, like your age, height, weight, etc. and how active you want to be. Then it will calculate how many hours of sleep you need and how many steps you need to get in a day. Finally it will give you instructions on how you need to sync your phone and watch together, so it can start collecting the data. Getting this connected was super easy and fast. Another cool feature that these watches have is that on the watch itself it has a meter that will track your activity, so if you don’t want to look on your phone you can glance at your watch and do a quick check.  They also have different color bands you can buy online for only $18, there’s a really nice blue one I want to get. We have used these watches since the moment we got them in the mail and we are in love with them. Thank you TIMEX!

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto timex26

We build this city…

BeFunkyPhoto gio6
Hat: Lids
Shirt: The North Face
Jeans: JCPenny  (as seen here)
Shoes: Finish Line

BeFunkyPhoto gio7

BeFunkyPhoto gio13

BeFunkyPhoto gio16

BeFunkyPhoto gio12

BeFunkyPhoto gio5

BeFunkyPhoto gio11

BeFunkyPhoto gio1

BeFunkyPhoto gio2

BeFunkyPhoto gio4

BeFunkyPhoto gio8

BeFunkyPhoto gio17

BeFunkyPhoto gio18

BeFunkyPhoto gio9

BeFunkyPhoto gio20

Happy Monday Gals and Gents,

On today’s post, it looks like Gio is missing home, Chicago we miss you!! He has some of us wishing we could pull off a casual look like him. Sometimes for men, wearing a t-shirt and jeans can look too dress down. Though the goal is to look like you didn’t try, you still want to look polished. This is a great example of what my t-shirt and jeans kind of Gents can do. Whether it’s your favorite sport or graphics tee, look for a color you want to highlight. In this case, we chose the black; that’s in the skyline, and the white; that’s in the letters.  We knew if we paired this shirt with jeans the whole polished look and color combination would be destroyed, so of course we went with his cool black jeans. We had styled these black jeans a different way in an earlier post, they are very versatile. For accessories, we looked for items that had those two colors. Luckily when we were going through our Nike Roshe love phase, we bought these cool print black and white sneakers. They went perfect with this outfit. To finish off the look, we chose this black Nike Chicago hat. Having the color black on the top part of his body, as well as the bottom half, directs the attention to his Chicago skyline shirt. Fun fact, I had picked this hat out in the summer and told him we could share it, Gio declined my offer because he didn’t like it, but now he wears it all the time and doesn’t share! Not fair at all.

New week, make it count!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto gio25

Short Hair Don’t Care…


BeFunkyPhoto hair2


BeFunkyPhoto hair5

BeFunkyPhoto hair4

BeFunkyPhoto hair3

BeFunkyPhoto hair7

BeFunkyPhoto hair13


BeFunkyPhoto hair9

BeFunkyPhoto hair8

BeFunkyPhoto hair10

BeFunkyPhoto hair12

So Gals,

I did an “extreme” make over, I cut my hair! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair shorter, just like I did last summer. So I finally did it, the only thing is that I told the stylist to cut it too short. When she was first asking me how short I wanted it, I kept thinking back to the pictures of the summer; I was 95% sure I had cut it up to my shoulder but actually it had been a little below my shoulders. To top it off, I asked for short layers!! I felt like my hair had no volume and needed something. Needless to say, once the stylist was done, I was in shock. I’ve always been the outgoing one when it comes to my hair, but as I have gotten older I tend to think twice about how it will really look on my face. I’m not saying I hate it; it actually has grown on me. Although it has been a struggle; might have to look into getting some type of treatment for my hair so that it’s not crazy all the time. I’ve also found out that pony tails and my usual bun aren’t really going to cut it. Some homework on how to style short hair is going to have to get done. If you have any ideas of products or styles I should try, leave me a comment below or message me.

The weather is changing, try something new!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto hair11