Western Inspired / Inspiracion Vaquera

Hey Y’all!

Im going to go ahead and say rodeo season is in Chicago, .. Two weeks ago we had the PBR and not too far behind, on the first weekend in February we have the PCB. While we wait for the PCB, I wanted to give you gals some outfit inspiration. I’ll show y ‘all two outfits, the first one is this Western Chic inspired look and stay tune later this week for the second outfit..

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been on a serious hat “obsession.” I love hats, of all types of styles.. I have one that is super bold, yellow color, that I have not worn. In the back of my mind im always thinking if it might be too flashy! I am going to be bold and bring you an outfit with my bright yellow hat soon. In the mean time here is my take on a chic/western outfit.

On most of my outfits theres some type of femininity/glamour that I like to convey. This one is perfect for any rodeo events. It has that western vibe; with the wide legged striped culottes, the pointy boots and the very cute Charlie 1 Horse hat. This outfit in made up of earth tones which is why there’s shades of black, brown, beige and white. These colors look so well together in all shades. My favorite thing about this outfit is the pattern combination. As soon as you look at the outfit your eyes focus on the striped pants and the snake print shirt. There is something about the similar colors, that blends the patterns together and looks unified. The other things I love is this hat. You can wear it with all sorts of outfits, not just your western inspired one. It a nice beige color, it will matches everything you would want to wear.

Vest: Calvin Klein (similar option)
Snake Print Crop Top: Target
Culottes: Discovery Co. (similar option)
Boots: Payless
Hat: Charlie 1 Horse

One of the things I love to show you gals is how you can wear a piece of clothing in many outfits. The vest for this outfit I previously used it on this post. It went from being worn in a glam look to a western look.. The other thing I wore in a different post here, were these pointy boots. I love the style. The shape and color of the heel makes me think of the disco times in the 70’s. I am a huge fan of pointy shoes, this was a huge plus to the boots.  Don’t underestimate how good the clothing would look in different styles.

¡Hola Chicas!

Se puede decir que la temporada de rodeo llego a Chicago… Hace dos semanas tuvimos el PBR y no tan lejos, el primer fin de semana de febrero tenemos el PCB. Mientras esperamos el PCB, quería darles inspiración para sus atuendo. Les mostraré a ustedes dos atuendos, el primero es este look inspirado en el estilo Vaquero Chic y ya mérito les traere el segundo atuendo.

Si me sigues en las redes sociales, sabrás que tengo una “obsesión” de sombreros. Me encantan los sombreros, de todo tipo de estilos… Tengo uno que es súper llamativo, de color amarillo, que no he usado. ¡Me la eh pasado pensado que este sombrero es muy llamativo! Dejaré eso atrás y les traeré un atuendo con mi sombrero amarillo muy pronto. Mientras tanto, aquí está mi versión de un atuendo chic / Vaquero.

En la mayoría de mis atuendos hay algún tipo de feminidad / glamour que me gusta transmitir. Este atuendo es perfecto para cualquier rodeo. Tiene esas vibras vaqueras; con las pantalones culottes de rayas, las botas puntiagudas y el muy lindo sombrero de Charlie 1 Horse. Quería mantener el atuendo en tonos neutrales; por eso hay tonos de negro, cafe, beige y blanco. Estos colores se ven tan bien juntos en todos los tonos. Me encanto la combinación de estampados. Cuando ves el atuendo, tus ojos se enfocan en los pantalones de rayas y la blusa con estampado de serpiente. Hay algo acerca de los colores similares, que combierte los estampados en uno y se ve unificado. La otra cosa que amo de este look es el sombrero. Puedes usarlo con todo tipo de atuendos, no solo con el estilo vaquero. Es un bonito color beige que combina con todo lo que quieras usar.

Chaleco: Calvin Klein (opcion similar)
Blusa con estampado: Target
Pantalones: Discovery Co. (opcion similar)
Botas: Payless
Sombrero: Charlie 1 Horse

Una de las cosas que me encanta mostrarles a ustedes, chicas, es cómo puedes llevar una prenda con muchos atuendos. El chaleco para este atuendo lo usé previamente en este articulo. El chaleco pasó de ser usado en un look glamuroso a ser usado en un look vaquero. La otra cosa que use en un articulo previo aqui, fueron estas botas puntiagudas. Me encanta el estilo y el color del tacón. Pienso en los tiempos de las discotecas de los años 70s cuando veo el tacon. La gran ventaja de las botas es que soy una fanatica de los zapatos puntiagudos. No subestime lo bien que se vería la ropa en diferentes atuendos.

Be different! Enjoy life!
Se diferente! Disfruta la vida!

Hello Wisconsin


I hope every one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving with all your loved ones! I did. For Thanksgiving, we usually go to a family member’s house, or cook at our own. We mingle, eat and dance all night, but this time we did things a bit different. My Mami decided she really wanted to go to Wisconsin Dells; I second that change because I am always up for traveling! After researching our options, we decided that booking at The Wilderness Resort was the best one.

The Wilderness Resort:

  • It is a big resort, they have lots of different types of rooms. Our room had two beds and a pull-out couch. It was spacious enough for the 6 of us.
  • It had a little table with two chairs, a bench, a microwave, mini fridge, one full bathroom and a couch.
  • The resort has lots of activities like: Go karts, zip-lining, 2 indoor water parks, restaurants, Froyo, bars, an arcade, laser tag and many many more!
  • The decoration is so cute, it looks like a huge log cabin and the rooms go with that style.

Our day by day:

On Thursday once we checked into our room and settled in we went to their indoor pool. In this area they have a lazy river surrounding the little kids’ area and in a separate room they have a wave pool, a swim up bar and water slides. We started in the wave pool, it was sooo much fun, especially when the waves came on. Each time they turned them on it would be in different motions. It got me so tired from all the jumping around trying not to drown (lol). Then my parents and I did a little Swim-Up Bar action, drank some fruity drinks and once we were done we meet my siblings at the lazy river. This lazy river was the best way to end the pool time! Once in our room we all got ready to head to a Thanksgiving buffet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get reservations for the buffet at the hotel, but we found a really good one at a restaurant called Moose Jaw. The decorations in this restaurant were super nice, it looked like a luxurious log cabin plus they also brewed their own beer! The buffet was good, I definitely recommend it, and while you’re there try a flight of their beer (if you are 21). They are so rich in taste; my favorite one was called Relaxin’ Raspberry. It is so much better than the other flavored beers I have tasted, and you can really taste that berry flavor! I had to take a four-pack home with me. Later that night in the resort we decided to do some laser tag and your gal got first place. It was so much fun, but I did feel bad for getting the little kids out multiple of times… and this is how our first night ended.

(Hotels’ Entrance)

(Moose Jaw)

(Swim-up Bar)


(Laser Tag)

For the second day, we went to check out their “Downtown” area. We started at one of their sweater print shops; they have lots of these stores so first look around. There’s lots of cute little shops like: a cheese store, beef jerky shop(the best I’ve had), little souvenirs shops and unique spots to take pictures at. It was very quaint. On this day we ate at Famous Dave’s, if you haven’t had it you need to try it. Once at the resort we did the same pool routine as Thursday, we really liked how it had worked out the night before. The activity we did on this day was Go-karts. I have to say it was cool to do it once or twice but that’s pretty much it for me. The rest of the night we just stayed in the room, I had a glass of wine outside on our balcony and listened to the breeze. It was very relaxing!

(Cool place for picture & it’s a cheese store)

(Cool place for picture: Clock Tower)

(Beef Jerky Store by clock tower)

(Cool picture spot: literally on every side walk)

IMG_9862(Cool place for picture: Boat in the middle of a street)

(Go- Karts adventure)

Saturday was the day we left, but before we hit the road, we had to make one last stop. We visited The Secret Upside Down White House. I had heard about this but literally forgot about it till we saw it on our way to “downtown” Friday. It was super cool, there were some turns we took that scared us because we had forgotten that the things were on the ceiling (lol). Other than that, I recommend it, plus we had only paid $5 each! Once we were out from this attraction site we headed home, and this was how we ended our trip.

(Upside Down White House)




It’s great when we all cook and come together at someone’s home but being able to see different parts of this world is a great experience you can give any one! I hope my parents keep that wanderlust for next year!

Here’s my little guide you can use next year for Thanksgiving or any other time of the year!
Love DLo…


Gobble Gobble…

Hello Gals!

This week on the blog I’ll be sharing some of my thankful thoughts, and two last-minute Thanksgiving outfit ideas! Most of us get caught in our daily routine, that we forget to reflect on everything we have thus far. Thanksgiving is a reminder that we are almost done with the year, but no matter what has happened, or how we are going to end it we should always be Thankful. Appreciate everything we have, the lessons learned, and the memories made. This year I am thankful for everything that has been put in my path, good or bad, in which I have learned how to be stronger than I ever thought. What are you thankful for?

When I think of thanksgiving I always think of flowy dresses in rusty orange or red. I think my mami had a lot to do with this! She would always dress up my sister and I, even if we were staying home. Through the years I’ve found out that there are ways you can make other colors, prints and styles work for the occasion. I came up with two very different options for your Thanksgiving OOTD. My favorite one (and I think I love it more because it brings back memories of my mother dressing me up as a little girl) is the classy/chic dress outfit. This dress is soo comfy, you would not be able to tell from all the detailing. For curvier girls a synched waist always means it might not hug the right curves or it might divide your stomach in two (even if its elastic). This one sits right where you want it and it is not too tight or too loose. Also, long sleeves can be very traumatic specially when they have a ruffle detailing. If done wrong, you could end up looking like a little girl. This ruffle sleeve was done just right, flowy enough to mimic the trends going on right now, but not overly exaggerated. Another point that I loved about this dress is being able to be sexy and show skin with out being too much. It has a small split on the right leg and a v-cut neckline detailing. The dress had a nice and subtle print, I made sure to bring out the little bits of color it had with my accessories. I chose one of my favorite bold clutches’ from Call It Spring. This vibrant yellow purse brought out that same color from the leaves of the dress. Since I had already done a super bold color, for my necklace I chose a rose gold and white necklace and a gold and ivory pearl statement ring. To finish of the look, I paired this dress with an off gray open toe block heel. This heel is one of my favorites because it matches almost anything, it looks like a bootie and the best reason is you don’t get tired!

Where are my casual comfy gals at?? Remember how I told you my mami would dress me up even if we were staying home? Well as I grew older, if we were staying home I just wanted to be comfortable but pretty. So, I started wearing cute jeans with sweaters or nice shirts. This is where I drew inspiration for my casual option. This outfit is a little busier, because of the mix prints and colors, but if they are done right (according to Dlos’ Standards) it will look wonderful! I did say red reminded me of Thanksgiving, and here it is in my jeans. These are the most comfortable jeans I have bought at JCPenney. When choosing this outfit, I really wanted to incorporate my blanket scarf because that is a must for fall. Since this scarf has shades of red, green and yellow, I decided to add my favorite green and black bomber jacket. To offset all the similar shades, I chose this flowy white and black striped shirt and some super cute booties. They look like any ordinary boots but as soon as you turn around BAAMMM!! you get a little bit of cheetah pattern! This is a prime example that you can be bold even when wearing casual outfits. The technique of mixing cheetah and checkered patterns has been around for a while, so if you haven’t tried it out, this Thanksgiving give it a try

These options are both great for those Friendsgiving dinners, family Thanksgiving get-togethers or simply to stay at home. Which one will you choose this year?

 Like always I wish you a great Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!
Love Dlo..

Hola Chulada!

Esta semana en el blog voy a compartir de que estoy agradecida este ano, y dos vestuarios de último minuto para el día de Acción de Gracias! Muchos de nosotros nos vemos atrapados en nuestra rutina diaria, que nos olvidamos de reflexionar sobre todo lo que tenemos hasta ahora. El día de acción de gracias es un recordatorio de que ya casi se termina el año, pero no importa lo que haya sucedido, o cómo vamos a terminarlo, siempre debemos estar agradecidos. Apreciar todo lo que tenemos, las lecciones aprendidas, y los recuerdos hechos. Este año estoy agradecida por todo lo que se ha puesto en mi camino, bueno o malo, en el que he aprendido a ser más fuerte de lo que jamás pensé. ¿Y tú de que estás agradecida?

Cuando pienso en el día de acción de gracias siempre pienso en los vestidos de flores de color naranja o rojo. ¡Creo que mi Mami tenía mucho que ver con esto! Ella siempre no arreglaba a mi hermana y yo, incluso si nos quedamos en casa. A través de los años me he enterado de que hay maneras en que puedes hacer otros colores, telas y estilos funcionar para la ocasión. Se me ocurrió dos opciones muy diferentes para su OOTD de acción de gracias. Mi favorito (y creo que me encanta más porque trae recuerdos de mi mami vistiendo me cuando era niña) es el vestido. Este vestido es super cómodo. Abraza las curvas justo donde lo necesitas, pero a la vez no te incomoda. También, las mangas largas pueden ser muy traumáticas especialmente cuando tienen holán. Si lo hacen mal, podrías terminar pareciendo una niñita. Estas mangas de holán fueron hechas a la perfección, su fluidez mímica las tendencias que suceden en este momento, y no se ven exageradas. Otro punto que me encantó de este vestido es que puedes ser sexy y mostrar la piel sin que sea demasiado. Tiene una pequeña abertura en la pierna derecha y un escote V muy bien detallado. Me aseguré de resaltar los colores con mis accesorios. Elegí un bolso amarillo vibrante, que hizo resaltar las hojas del vestido. Ya que ya había hecho un color súper audaz, para mi collar elegí un oro rosa con blanco y un anillo de oro y perla de marfil. Para terminar el look, escogí un tacón chico en color gris. ¡Este tacón es uno de mis favoritos porque coincide con casi cualquier cosa, parece un botín y la mejor razón es que no te cansas al usarlo!

¿Dónde están mis chicas casuales? Como les comenté mi Mami siempre no quería vestir elegante, aunque nos quedáramos en casa a festejar. Así que cuando crecí, si nos quedamos en casa sólo quería estar cómoda pero bonita. Comencé a usar jeans con suéteres o blusas bonitas. De esto fue donde saque inspiración para mi opción casual. ¡En este conjunto hay muchas mezclas de telas y colores, pero si se hacen bien, se verá maravillosas! Les había dicho que el color rojo me recuerda al día de acción de gracias, y pues no podía faltar. Encontré estos jeans color rojo y son los más cómodos que he comprado en JCPenny. Al elegir este atuendo, realmente quería incorporar mi bufanda porque eso es una necesidad para el otoño. Ya que esta bufanda tiene matices de rojo, verde y amarillo, decidí añadir mi bomber jacket favorita en verde y negro. Para compensar todos los tonos similares, elegí esta camisa de rayas blancas y negras y unos botines súper lindos. Se ven como cualquier bota ordinaria, ¡pero tan pronto te das una vuelta BAAMMM!!! tienes un estampado de cheetah! Este es un buen ejemplo de que usted pueden ser audaz, incluso cuando se visten casuales. La técnica de mezclar estampados de cheetah y de cuadros ha existido por un tiempo, así que, si no lo has tratado, este día de acción de gracias dale una oportunidad.

Que se la pasen muy bien con todos sus seres queridos!
Atte. Dlo…


edit image 16
Dress: JcPenney
Heels: Dottie Couture Boutique
Purse: Call It Spring

editimage 4

edit image 9

edit image 17

edit image 2

edit image 18

edit image 3

edit image 8


edit image 13
Jeans: JcPenney
Shirt: JcPenney
Scarf: School DIY
Bomber Jacket: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Burlington Coat Factory

edit image 11


editimage 7

edit image 15

editimage 6

edit image 14


Enjoy the holiday season!

Flor de mis Amores…

Hola Chuladas,

Sé que ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que escribí aquí, pero no pude conseguir nuevos artículos para mostrar hasta ahora. En mi viaje reciente a guanajuato encontré tantas blusas bordadas hermosas! Espero que esto inspire a todas mis damas a utilizar nuestras piezas culturales. Me vendieron esta camisa en el tianguis en Guanajuato, así que estoy bastante segura que en cualquier parte de México encontraras nada mas visita los mercados o tianguis. Quería mostrarles cómo yo usaría esta hermosura de blusa. Unos de mis looks favoritos son las blusas/playeras con jeans, sera porque tengo muy buenas caderas (jajaja fue un chiste). Es un look super casual pero a la vez muy chic. Si sales hacer mandados y te hablan las chicas para ir a comer pues nadamas te retocas el maquillaje y listo!

Los días de verano están casi terminados (otoño empieza Septiembre 22) y queremos utilizar todos nuestros colores brillantes, mientras podamos. Los detalles del bordado son fenomenal. Mi parte favorita de la blusa son los diferentes tonos de rosa tan brillosos, que le dan más vida. Esta blusa es de un material ligero agradable, por cual decidir un look más casual y divertido. Acompañe este look con uno de mis jeans favoritos, que he usado antes aquí. Los pantalones tienen diferentes tonos de azul, que traen un lado divertido a la camisa. Decidí accessorize con una bolsa fuschia de uno de mis diseñadores favorito Christian Siriano . Por último llevaba mis coloridos huaraches, que hacía resaltar el rosa en mi blusa. Este look es todo chic y casual. Perfecto para aquellos momentos “on the go” y es súper fresco para estos últimos días calurosos de verano.

Hey Gals,

I know it’s been a long time since I write on this column, but I couldn’t get some cool things to show you until now. On my recent trip to Guanajuato I found lots of embroider shirts, like this one, and I just had to show you! I hope that this inspires all my ladies to use our cultural pieces more often. I got this shirt in the tianguis in Guanajuato, so i’m pretty sure whatever part of mexico your are from, when you go and visit, you must go to the tianguis and check for this items. I wanted to show you how you can style shirts like this for an everyday effortless look.

Summer days are almost over (fall starts on September 22) and we want to fully use all of our bright colors while we can. The detail in the  print is phenomenal. My favorite part about it is the different shades of  bright pink, which give it more life. This shirt is made from a nice light weight material, which is why i wanted to keep it on the fun, casual side. I paired it with one of my favorite jeans, which I have used before on here. These jeans have patches in different shades of blue, that bring a fun side to the shirt. I decided to accessorize with a Christian Siriano purse. It is such a nice fuchsia pink purse with gold detailing. Lastly I wore my colorful huaraches, which made the pink flowers stand out. This outfit is all around chic and casual. Perfect for these last few hot day when you are ¨on the go¨ running errands and your gals call you to meet up for lunch, jest freshen up the makeup and you are ready.

IMG_8027 flor
Blusa (shirt): Tianguis de Guanajuato
Pantalones (jeans): JCPenny
Bolsa (purse): Payless
Huaraches (shoes): Tianguis de Guanajuato

IMG_8028 flor

IMG_8036 flor

IMG_8025 flor

IMG_8035 flor

IMG_8029 flor

IMG_8042 flor

IMG_8033 flor

IMG_8037 flor

IMG_8044 flor

IMG_8026 flores

Chuladas no se olviden de ser audazes!
Gals be Bold!
Love Dlo..

Taft(ify) Your Closet…

Who’s ready to ditch the heels for a little and put on some cute sneakers, I am!! Growing up, I always saw my mom get all glammed up, even when we were going for a doctor’s visit. She did a full face of makeup and put her heels on. I told myself one day I’ll do the same. Well, I was in love with high stilettos for a long time. Then Gio bought me some cute Roshes and I couldn’t put them down. They were comfortable but you could make them look chic. This whole sneaker thing became popular, to me! Being a girl that is a size 9.5 or 10, sometimes there are not enough unique shoes that won’t break the bank! So when it came to sneakers I looked in the men’s sales section. Given that most men have bigger feet than me I would find some eye-catching shoes. I became addicted!! When it comes to buying men shoes I try to find a color that works with my personality and taste, look for a style that I can actually see myself wearing and I always try them on. There have been times when I see a men sneaker and I like it, but then I try it on and it looks too bulky.

In this outfit I drew inspiration from those times my mom got all dolled up to go to the doctors but with my twist. This super cute and girly dress is from target’s Mossimo collection. This is such a versatile dress, you can literally combine it whichever way you want!! Let’s not forget about the cold shoulders part. It’s been such a huge trend, I love it!!! OK, well this dress I paired with my new Taft sneakers. If you didn’t guess this part I’m going to tell you, they are men shoes! So Taft was getting ready to launch the sneakers and I came across their promotion pictures and these Jawbreakers caught my eyes!! They are so simple in design but have so many wow factors. For example the brown color inside stands out because of  the brown dots on the outside. Then if you look on the outside the texture of the wool and the different color dots create a 3D effect. When pairing the two together I wanted something that would make the shoes stand out, and for me the black and white polka dot dress did the trick! There’s something about tan neutral that stand out against black. Now I am all arreglada (glammed up) and ready to go pick up some fresh fruta! If you too like these sneakers go take a look at Taft!

BeFunkyPhoto taft4
Dress: Target
Purse: Call It Spring
Sneakers: Taft
Watch: Timex
Bracelet: Express Factory

BeFunkyPhoto taft11

BeFunkyPhoto taft15


BeFunkyPhoto taft9

BeFunkyPhoto taft7

BeFunkyPhoto taft3

BeFunkyPhoto taft12

BeFunkyPhoto taft6

BeFunkyPhoto taft1

P.S. this dress is on sale now at Target, hurry up and snatch yours before they’re gone!!
Don’t forget to arreglarte (get glammed up) this weekend!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto taft2


Dads’ are the True Gents…

Hey Gals and Gents!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Mine was filled with a little shopping at Target and great quality time with Gio. We actually went out for a movie, which we hadn’t done in a while. Ok, ok, now to get back on track, we only got a couple more weeks before we get to celebrate our wonderful fathers. I feel like picking out gifts for Father’s day is much harder than Mother’s day, because I know what gifts a women would love. My dad is not much of a tux and tie guy, but if he was, I would definitely get him these wonderful things Gio and I picked out!

We found this super cute vintage looking mug at Target. It wasn’t just any mug, this one had a little mustache printed on it and it said “True Gent”. You know Gio was not going to just pass by and not get it.  Inside the mug were a pair of red, black and gray socks, which, what Gent can go without socks?… NONE SHOULD. Though the mug was in the Father’s day gift section, we decided to get it for Gio as a doggy dad present. Anyways if you get this mug for your father, you can complete this gift with some matching accessories. We paired it with some of our favorite items. The first accessories are from TIES.com. They have a wide variety of items and are very accessible. The tie we chose is a darker grey color with white detailing and a dark silver tie bar. The other items are from Harrison Blake Apparel. Their subscription box have great items, this is where we got the pocket square and lapel pin. All of our items have a very classic look but with a twist. We want all our fathers too look like the cool dads that they are!  

fathers day 9

fathers day 12

fathers day 5

fathers day 4

fathers day 13

fathers day 8

fathers day 10

fathers day 2

fathers day 6

fathers day 3

fathers day 11


Hope this helps you for Father’s day! Keep your DAD dapper!
Love Dlo..

Gio’s Vacation Essentials

Hey Gals & Gents,

Who’s ready to take off some time and take a little vacation?!? It’s definitely that time of year when all you want to do is be by the beach and sip on some cold beer. Gio and I, along with some friends planned a beautiful trip to La Paz, B.C. Mexico. I can speak for the both of us and say that this was such an amazing place. We were there for 3 days so it was a short but fun vacation. Our days were packed with activities so we needed to know what Gio was going to pack for this short trip. Here are a couple of Gio’s vacation essentials:

Shirts: On this trip, the temperatures were going to be in the 90s and Gio wanted something fresh and comfortable to be in. He opted for 2 printed T-shirts. The first design was nautical stripes; perfect for those vacations near water and it has a V-neckline which makes men look great. This shirt was a “must take along,” according to Gio. The second shirt was a crew-neck white T-shirt with blue and yellow dots. This one was so airy and the fit was perfect.

CKBW1301 ess1

LVMZ9984 ess3

Shorts: He chose 2 bermuda shorts. These were perfect transition pieces; what I mean by that is Gio could wear these to the beach, sightseeing or he could wear them out for a fun night around town. The first pair again had nautical stripes (can you tell Gio’s favorite vacation print) and these paired perfectly with the white crewneck. The second pair were plain burgundy shorts and these looked great with the V-neck.

Accessories: To bring the outfits together we chose some brown accessories to give it a softer tone. The first accessory is a brown belt with a classic touch. The second accessories were some dark tan sandals. They were perfect for the weather and provided some comfort. The last “accessory” was these super cute palm swim trunks. Gio really wanted to get some Chubbies but they wouldn’t have gotten to us in time, so of course I told him Target might have something he likes. These actually matched my swimsuit and again they were perfect for the beach environment we were in.

BeFunkyPhoto ess4

Everything about Gio’s must haves, were about comfort while looking put together and stylish. My favorite items were the swim trunks; they were the perfect length, not too short that it screamed perv. and not to long that it screamed little kid.

While at your getaway destination, the #1 thing is to have fun and relax.
Love Dlo..


BeFunkyPhoto shoe2 - Copy

BeFunkyPhoto shoe1

BeFunkyPhoto shoe4 - Copy

BeFunkyPhoto shoe6 - Copy

BeFunkyPhoto shoe7 - Copy

BeFunkyPhoto shoe8

BeFunkyPhoto shoe9

BeFunkyPhoto shoe12

BeFunkyPhoto shoe13

BeFunkyPhoto shoe14

BeFunkyPhoto shoe5

BeFunkyPhoto shoe10

BeFunkyPhoto shoe11

Hey Gals!!

Last week I was so nervous that my package from MISSGUIDED wasn’t going arrive on time for my trip this week. They got here over the weekend, YAY!!! The first time I heard about MISSGUIDED was from Victoria of A Gallon of Glitter Blog. If you have not visited her blog, you need to, she has great content and style!! Anyways she had put on her Instagram story that the store was having 50% off! Usually when I have never hear of a store and they have a SALE I check them out, just to see if it is a store of my preference. Most of the time I am skeptical about shopping online because I am one of those people that likes to try on the clothes before i buy them. Only in selective store will I buy without going into the fitting rooms, because I might know my size. It can be hard sometimes to shop online with these extra curves… Anyways so when it’s a new store I look at their shoes, I have a little shoe addiction. I love to see what unique footwear they might have. Fortunately for me they had plenty!!

Whenever I shop online I try and remember what kind of items I might really want. Something I’ve been wanting are mules. They’re like a mullet: business in the front and party in the back. They are perfect for those spring/summer days, but shoes you can still feel a little breeze on your foot. The first shoe I got were the “traditional” looking mule in the silver color with a metal clasp on top. After seeing the first shoes the store had a recommendation section which is where I found my second pair that I got. This studded black mule was a twist on the “traditional” mule. They were pointed, which if you know me you know I love pointy shoes. The shoes also had studs all over and a strap with a western looking buckle. The third shoe I actually searched to see if they had pom pom sandals. I really wanted these sandals for my trip to La Paz, and what do you know they did and they are super cute. Besides having cute colorful pom poms they also have a braided trim on the side of the sandals, it kinda looks like the ones on espadrilles. Now my fourth and last pair, I found on their sale section and couldn’t pass them up. These slip on sneakers are pointed again and have some really cute star embellishments. I hadn’t really seen shoes like these before and they are going to be such bold accessories, I love them and their price tag!

MISSGUIDED is still having 50% off the entire store, excluding sales. If I were you I would head on over and see what cool items you can get too!

Can’t wait to share with y’all how I wore these shoes, subscribe to the blog to stay tune!
Love Dlo..

Easter Dress…

BeFunkyPhoto dress17
Dress: Forever21
Bralette: JCPenny
Bracelet: Express Factory
Watch: Timex
Heels:  Forever21

BeFunkyPhoto dress18

BeFunkyPhoto dress16

BeFunkyPhoto dress20

BeFunkyPhoto dress14

BeFunkyPhoto dress13

BeFunkyPhoto dress21

BeFunkyPhoto dress11

BeFunkyPhoto dress10

BeFunkyPhoto dress19

BeFunkyPhoto dress15

BeFunkyPhoto dress7

BeFunkyPhoto dress12

BeFunkyPhoto dress5

BeFunkyPhoto dress6

BeFunkyPhoto dress8

BeFunkyPhoto dress4

BeFunkyPhoto dress2

BeFunkyPhoto dress9

The weekend is finally here Gals,

Who is struggling to find the perfect Easter dress?? I know I was, until I went to the mall and found the one at Forever21. Before I went shopping I had a picture in my head of what I wanted, this made it so much harder to find. I looked everywhere until a wall full of long flowy dresses appeared. I tried on 3. The first one looks like the one I picked but in a mauve pink color, I thought this was going to be the one. As I tried it on it blended with my skin color and didn’t pop, I wasn’t a fan. Then I tried a blue one with bigger flowers but this one screamed beach dress, not Easter. Lastly, I tried this one and I loved it, I guess this mustard color does look good on me.

As I was thinking about this dress and how to accessorize it, I really wanted a very simple look. As far as accessories goes they were very minimalist. Of course my favorite timeless piece from Timex was included, my IQ+ watch with the brown band, and a very simple bracelet from Express Factory. Yes, I know I said I wanted a simple look but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, you can add unexpected details. Since the back of the dress was open, (one of my favorite things about it) a great way to add more character was by adding this strappy bralette. Last but not least these strappy chunky heels from Forever21 match the color of the roses; it’s one of those hidden details. Since the dress is long, there’s going to be times when you might have to pull it up a bit, and these cute heels are going to be seen. Plus if I didn’t have some type of heel helping me I would be dragging this dress everywhere. The little details throughout this outfit made it look more than just simple.

What Easter dress will you wear this time?
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto dress3

Suit Up…

BeFunkyPhoto easter23
Suit: Express
Button Up: Express
Belt: Express
Shoes: Joseph Abboud

BeFunkyPhoto easter22

BeFunkyPhoto easter14

BeFunkyPhoto easter10

BeFunkyPhoto easter7

BeFunkyPhoto easter16

BeFunkyPhoto easter1

BeFunkyPhoto easter2

BeFunkyPhoto easter4

BeFunkyPhoto easter15

BeFunkyPhoto easter24

BeFunkyPhoto easter17

BeFunkyPhoto easter18

Hello Gents and Gals,

Just like us ladies need a new dress for Easter or this spring, our gents need the equivalent of that! Gio and I found the perfect suit for this season. Of Course, it took some convincing to do. We were browsing through Desert Hill Premium Outlets and came across the Express Factory Store. We made our way to the dress clothes section and saw this suit. Gio was hesitant about getting this beauty. It took some convincing and selling him on the color, but at last it happened. Anyways, when I first saw this suit it screamed spring! It’s a nice colored khaki, not too dark and not too light, and it’s very versatile. I think if it would have been a darker khaki it wouldn’t have match Gio’s personality and the season.

As you begin to think of what to wear for Easter, all these pastels or lighter shade of colors come to mind.This is exactly what we were thinking when we opted for this mint color shirt. As you look at this outfit everything is so clean and neutral, your eyes direct to the bright mint button up. The shirt has little white and blue polka dots, such a subtle detail that adds to your outfit. To bring out the polka dots on the shirt we added a striped white and blue pocket square.Since we wanted to keep a clean look we chose to pair this outfit with a dark brown belt and monks, creating a little contrast.

Upgrade your Spring wardrobe with a khaki suit
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto easter6