Go Big or Go Home

Hey Gals!

It’s been a while but let’s kick this back up with a product review.. yay!! So first of all this product was gifted to me to try. It has become my favorite of all time. The Kat Von D “Go big or go Home” mascara has one of the best cruelty free formula I have tried.

I’ve used this for a couple of months and I have to say there are more pros than con! Compared to the high end and affordable mascaras I have tried this sits at the top of my favorites. It is a very well designed product. In case you are wondering what I love about it here it goes..

What I love…

  1. Volume
    So I have a pretty good size in lashes but I always look for mascara that gives them more length and makes them look more full. With this one I do a couple strokes of the mascara and it instantly makes my lashes fuller and non clumpy. This formula gives them great coverage to the top and bottom with out making your lower lashes look ridiculous, like Yzma from the cartoon (lol). This mascara defines your lashes so well, mine sometimes look like nice fake lashes.
  2. Dry Formula
    I 90% like this because usually running/ wet mascara gets on the lid of my eyes if I don’t let them dry. This is also a con for me because I have to apply more coats than the other ones. The other great thing is that the formula doesn’t leave clumps behind, worst part is when you try to remove the clumps. It also takes off very quickly so you don’t have to be rubbing your eyes for a long time.
  3. Applicator
    One of my favorite things when buying mascara is looking at the brushes. Depending on the design and the count of the bristles, depends how it will brush your lashes. Longer and many bristles for me means that my lashes will get more volume. This applicator is exactly want I look for and delivered on giving me volume
  4. Packaging
    Talk about a sleek design! Usually Kat Von D’s packaging is not my type of design. But this mate black with glossy letters gave it an edgy sophisticated look!

Final thoughts

I like this mascara so much, when I thought I lost it I went a little crazy. Last week I couldn’t find it and no lie I turned my room upside down. I really wanted to use it.. didn’t find it… until yesterday when I remembered I had left it in the car! Phew!!! we got it back!! My overall experience with this mascara surpassed my thoughts. It gives great volume, the formula is amazing, provides great coverage and the best part is that it leaves no clumps on your beautiful eyelashes.

So babes if y’all are looking for mascara get yours at the Kat Von D website or Sephora. I love it! If you have tried it let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Bite Me…

Hey Gals,

Sorry I have been a little MIA! I did a little traveling with my babe then came back, unpacked and packed again to go on a mini-vacay with my dad and brother. But I’m back and today I want to know who else grew up seeing all the ladies in their family wearing red lipstick? Growing up I knew this was going to be a staple for me. My tias (aunts) and mom wore red lipstick every where, they even had a spare in almost all their purses. I was a hardcore fan of red lipstick until about a couple years ago when I stumble across some nude lipstick. I didn’t wear the nude lipstick all the time, until this year. I was looking for a present and went into Sephora (SHOCKER). While looking I came across this lipstick set. My best friend had a lipstick from Bite and she said it was one of her favorites. When I saw this, naturally, I had to take a look at it. In the set there is a nude and a soft pink nude color lipstick, a red glittery gloss and a small mirror. These lipsticks are great quality and the pigmentation is awesome! They are the softest lipsticks I’ve tried. I’ve worn the Bite lipstick for a whole month. Not just because I want to tell y’all about it but because they are good staple lipsticks! The lipstick holds up great, I’ve only needed to reapply after my meals. My favorite part of the lipsticks is the design of the product. The container is matte grey with a glossy dark grey lettering and the best part is a magnet on the cap that connects to the container (fun to play with). This Love Bite Beauty set is amazing and i definitely think I will be refilling when I’m all out of these. Don’t be afraid to shy away from your mom and tias (aunts) favorite red colored lipstick.


Hola chuladas,

Eh estado un poco ausente, lo se. Estube viajanto con mi novio, luego llegue a desempacar y empacar denuevo para viajar con mi papa y hermano, mucho que hacer. Pero ahora quiero saber, ¿quién más creció viendo a todas las damas de su familia usando lápiz labial rojo? Creciendo todas sabíamos que esto iba a ser un elemento básico para nosotros. Mis tías y mamá llevaban lápiz labial rojo por todas partes, incluso tenían un repuesto en casi todos sus bolsas. Yo era una super fanática de lápiz labial rojo hasta hace un par de años cuando descubrí el lápiz labial nude. Yo estaba buscando un regalo y fui a Sephora (SORPRESA). Mientras miraba me encontré con este packete de lápiz labial, Bite. Mi mejor amiga tenía un lápiz labial de Bite y ella me dijo que era uno de sus favoritos. Cuando vi esto, naturalmente, comprarlo. En el packete hay un lapiz labial nude y otro color rosado/nude, tambien un brillo rojo y un espejo pequeño. Estos labiales son de gran calidad y la pigmentación es impresionante! Son los labiales más suaves que he probado. He usado el lápiz labial Bite durante un mes entero. No sólo porque quiero contarles todos acerca de este producto, sino porque son super buenos para usar diariamente! El lápiz labial se sostiene bien, sólo lo reaplico después de mi comida. Mi parte favorita de los lápiz labiales es el diseño del producto. El contenedor es de color gris mate con una letra gris oscuro brillante y la mejor parte es un imán en la tapa que se conecta al contenedor (divertido para jugar). Este packete de Love Bite Beauty es maravilloso y los voy a comprar de nuevo cuando termine. No tenga miedo de alejarse de el color rojo que su mamá y tias usan.


IMG_5208 bite1

IMG_5212 bite3

FullSizeRender(2) bite7

IMG_5219 bite4

Left (izquierda): Rose Pearl Creme Lip Gloss
Middle (medio): Cashew
Right (derecha): Gelato

FullSizeRender(3) bite10

IMG_5222 bite5
( Wearing the Gelato shade)

Gals don’t be afraid to stand out!
Love Dlo..

Sol Theory Box…

VBJF0384 sol6Items: Sol Theory

Hey Gals,

Who else loves the feeling of tracking packages!?! I love it, except when it tells me my package won’t make it on time. Today I will be telling you about a new subscription box I’m trying, it’s called Sol Theory. Super fun name, huh?! So this company gives you the option of what type of subscription box you want to get. Their main focus is on glasses. You can choose between getting one pair ($12.99), two pairs ($19.99), one pair and three beauty products ($19.99) or a pair and 2 jewelry accessories ($19.99). They have a couple of more options to choose from if you want a quarterly box or every 2 months, big plus is they also have subscription for men! This is the perfect box for my friends out there who want to be fashion forward with their sunnies without breaking the bank.

For my first month I chose a pair of sunnies and three beauty products. I’m just obsessing over everything beauty and I wanted to see what they would send me. So what I got were: some really chic grey tone reflective glasses, a facial mask, a bath bomb and a mini eyeshadow palette. Everything is perfect for this spring summer season. I’m super excited to try out the bath bomb, I don’t have a tub but I will find a place I can try this at. The mini eyeshadow palette came in different tones of green. I was a little hesitant about it but the colors stay well on the skin and look bright. The last beauty product was the French Clay & Eucalyptus Facial Mask. I do have to say it smells a little funky but it feels so refreshing as soon as it touches the skin. I’ve used it a couple of times and it leaves my skin soft. The glasses are very chic and trendy. I really wanted some reflective ones for my trip to La Paz and these were perfect!  They look like your standard glasses, probably made out of strong plastic or something similar. While on my trip I would put them in my purse, on my head, lay them on the beach, they were basically everywhere and they survived. It was a cute little box! My second box is on its way and I’m so excited to see what I get.

HLKK8385 sol9

FPER3243 sol8

QGRX0731 sol5

LCOG6225 sol4

VAIY3988 sol6

WIYZ1501 sol10

GKQL0226 sol2

EFQI8917 sol1


Don’t be boring this summer, buy yourself some cute sunnies!
Love Dlo..

P.S. If you use the code DLOS20 you can get 20% off your first box! Now who doesn’t love a good discount? All my stylish gents out there can use this code as well, or gals if you have a special someone gift them some cute sunglasses

VBTD2261 sol7

Easter Dress…

BeFunkyPhoto dress17
Dress: Forever21
Bralette: JCPenny
Bracelet: Express Factory
Watch: Timex
Heels:  Forever21

BeFunkyPhoto dress18

BeFunkyPhoto dress16

BeFunkyPhoto dress20

BeFunkyPhoto dress14

BeFunkyPhoto dress13

BeFunkyPhoto dress21

BeFunkyPhoto dress11

BeFunkyPhoto dress10

BeFunkyPhoto dress19

BeFunkyPhoto dress15

BeFunkyPhoto dress7

BeFunkyPhoto dress12

BeFunkyPhoto dress5

BeFunkyPhoto dress6

BeFunkyPhoto dress8

BeFunkyPhoto dress4

BeFunkyPhoto dress2

BeFunkyPhoto dress9

The weekend is finally here Gals,

Who is struggling to find the perfect Easter dress?? I know I was, until I went to the mall and found the one at Forever21. Before I went shopping I had a picture in my head of what I wanted, this made it so much harder to find. I looked everywhere until a wall full of long flowy dresses appeared. I tried on 3. The first one looks like the one I picked but in a mauve pink color, I thought this was going to be the one. As I tried it on it blended with my skin color and didn’t pop, I wasn’t a fan. Then I tried a blue one with bigger flowers but this one screamed beach dress, not Easter. Lastly, I tried this one and I loved it, I guess this mustard color does look good on me.

As I was thinking about this dress and how to accessorize it, I really wanted a very simple look. As far as accessories goes they were very minimalist. Of course my favorite timeless piece from Timex was included, my IQ+ watch with the brown band, and a very simple bracelet from Express Factory. Yes, I know I said I wanted a simple look but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, you can add unexpected details. Since the back of the dress was open, (one of my favorite things about it) a great way to add more character was by adding this strappy bralette. Last but not least these strappy chunky heels from Forever21 match the color of the roses; it’s one of those hidden details. Since the dress is long, there’s going to be times when you might have to pull it up a bit, and these cute heels are going to be seen. Plus if I didn’t have some type of heel helping me I would be dragging this dress everywhere. The little details throughout this outfit made it look more than just simple.

What Easter dress will you wear this time?
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto dress3

White Stripes…

BeFunkyPhoto white2
Adidas Cap: Lids
Dress: Joe Boxer
Kicks: Adidas

BeFunkyPhoto white6

BeFunkyPhoto white12

BeFunkyPhoto white5

BeFunkyPhoto white11

BeFunkyPhoto white9

BeFunkyPhoto white7

BeFunkyPhoto white4

BeFunkyPhoto white3

BeFunkyPhoto white10

BeFunkyPhoto white15

BeFunkyPhoto white13

Hey Gals!

Another beautiful Wednesday here in the West Coast. You know what I love to wear when the sun is out and bright! That’s right, a super cute swing dress. I love this style because you can dress them up or down, and they are so comfortable you can take them from day to night easily (maybe I should show you how in a different blog post). For today I’ll leave you with this easy look you can wear to the park, brunch, sport games or to explore your town. I’m sure everyone has some of these items at home; give this look a try this season!

I love this super casual look, there’s just something about dresses and tennis shoes I love! Usually outfits like this one, I like to match my cap to my shoes. For today I chose these cool Adidas ZX Racer shoes, which I got at the Adidas outlet and they were super cheap!! Every time we go to the outlet mall, I make it a must stop store; there’s always little treasures I find in there! Of course I had to pair it with my new Adizero cap. I love the hat’s material; it’s so lightweight and soft. When I was first thinking of what to wear with these shoes, I had forgotten all about this cute little dress. I’ve had this dress for about a year and it wasn’t until this weekend when I was doing a little “inventory” check in my closet, that I found this black and white stripe dress that would be perfect for my outfit.

Wear your cool kicks, we’re near the weekend!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto white14

Con Estos Huaraches Que Traigo Yo…

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches21
Chaqueta: Forever 21
Blusa: Dottie Couture Boutique
Choker: Mexicali, BC
Shorts: Forever 21
Huaraches: Mexicali, BC

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches7

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches14

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches12

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches13

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches10

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches5

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches3

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches9

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches1

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches15

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches8

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches2

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches16

Hola Chicas!!

Ya es martes y con eso dicho, bienvenido a otro segmento de Tequila y Tacones!!!! Hoy les voy a mostrar cómo estilé mis huaraches. Estos zapatos han recibido mucha “fama” debido a sus elaboradas combinaciones de colores y su versatilidad. Con decirles que hay compañías Americanas que han replicado este estilo de zapato. Sin embargo nuestros huaraches son más coloridos y la mejor parte es que son hechos en México.

Es súper fácil incorporar estos huaraches en nuestro día a día. Yo personalmente escogí esta combinación de colores porque: en primer lugar tiene el color piel; que combina con todo, en segundo lugar porque los colores son vibrantes pero sutiles y por último, porque son femeninos. Cuando comencé a pensar en lo que podría ponerme con estos huaraches, en un día en que la temperatura era de 90 grados, pensé inmediatamente en estos shorts de color anaranjado. Son muy cómodos y se ven muy de moda, además de que coincidían con el color naranja de mis huaraches! Bueno, ya que el clima no era de 90 grados el día entero, lo combine con esta ligera sutil chaqueta de color violeta azul. Para acabar el look yo escogí esta blusa de tirantes negra y un choker de color piel. Ya que estaba emparejando dos colores diferentes,  decidí escoger colores neutros para reunir todo el look. Este conjunto, hace que los huaraches se vean muy modernos!  Lo mejor es que lo puedes usar para cualquier ocasión. Puedes vestirte así para una visita al veterinario y un paseo en el parque, como yo lo hice, o salir a cenar.

Que tengan un excelente dia Hermosas!!!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto huaraches17

Short Hair Don’t Care…


BeFunkyPhoto hair2


BeFunkyPhoto hair5

BeFunkyPhoto hair4

BeFunkyPhoto hair3

BeFunkyPhoto hair7

BeFunkyPhoto hair13


BeFunkyPhoto hair9

BeFunkyPhoto hair8

BeFunkyPhoto hair10

BeFunkyPhoto hair12

So Gals,

I did an “extreme” make over, I cut my hair! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair shorter, just like I did last summer. So I finally did it, the only thing is that I told the stylist to cut it too short. When she was first asking me how short I wanted it, I kept thinking back to the pictures of the summer; I was 95% sure I had cut it up to my shoulder but actually it had been a little below my shoulders. To top it off, I asked for short layers!! I felt like my hair had no volume and needed something. Needless to say, once the stylist was done, I was in shock. I’ve always been the outgoing one when it comes to my hair, but as I have gotten older I tend to think twice about how it will really look on my face. I’m not saying I hate it; it actually has grown on me. Although it has been a struggle; might have to look into getting some type of treatment for my hair so that it’s not crazy all the time. I’ve also found out that pony tails and my usual bun aren’t really going to cut it. Some homework on how to style short hair is going to have to get done. If you have any ideas of products or styles I should try, leave me a comment below or message me.

The weather is changing, try something new!
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto hair11

Wash, Dry, Makeup, Repeat…

Brush Cleaner: Sephora












It’s finally Friday Gals!

To all my makeup aficionadas, I bring you this brush cleaner. No more dirty brushes for you!  This product is from the Sephora Collection and the price for it was $14, pretty economical. This cleaner comes in a small black cylinder. On the top of the packaging it had the name of the products and a small description of what it can do. On the back of this product it has a peel label where it tells you the ingredients, details of fabrication, and instructions on how to use it. This container is super easy to open and close, you literally twist it like a bottle cap. As soon as you open it you can smell the product, it’s such a fresh scent! My favorite part of the product is that in addition to the soap, it also came with a silicone insert. Another thing I loved is the size of this product; it is definitely travel size, which is convenient when you’re going on trips. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is that it can get pretty messy with the bar of soap, but a spare towel can help you with that.

So far I’ve used this product twice and it has done such a good job. I would recommend this cleaner to anyone! Everything about it is super convenient; from the way it is packaged to how the product works. Once I am done with this one I will definitely be going back to Sephora for another Solid Brush Cleaner.

Have a good weekend Gals and don’t forget to follow the blog.
Love Dlo..