Quarantine & Chill

Hey y’all!

Welcome back to Dlosdistrict! I hope your week is going great and that you and your family are doing good. I know that this social distancing is making some of us a little too bored or cray cray. So, let’s do something that benefits us. There is SOOO many things I can think off. Before social distancing and these things came to mind I automatically said I wish I had the time… Welp right now is the time. You have the time of the world. That time you needed. Even if you are going to work or working from home, right after you are done you should be staying/going home. The time you wished you had is here.

Let’s take what is happening to the world to better ourselves, to do things that are beneficial to us, things we enjoy.  I thought I’d do a quick list of things that I will be doing during this self-distancing to give you guys some ideas and give you a starting point, if you have not started. If you have started doing activities and keeping busy, here are more so you don’t run out.


Exercise:  This is a great way to start working out. It takes 14 days for something to become a constant in your daily schedule. Everyone in the fitness world on Instagram is doing free live sessions for you to follow along. This is a great way to support them and get the word out on what they do, while helping yourself be healthy.

Read a book: Ahhh this one! I am guilty of carrying a book with me and saying after work ill read it on the train ride home.. do I do it NO! I get distracted scrolling through social media. I have a bunch of books Ive started and haven’t finished. This is the time, when you find yourself bored pick up that book or if you are a scheduler, then put “reading” on your to-do list.

Dance: My favorite! Dancing makes me happy, ever since I was little dancing was an outlet and something I loved to do. Made me feel good and happy. It didn’t help that my parents kept me at Mexican parties till 4 am and I was content (maybe that’s why I like to party too lol story for another time). Put some music, dance it out for 30 mins, or learn a new dance. This will occupy your mind.

Start TikTok: I said I wasn’t going to give in but here we are, I just started one lol. It is just to have a good time and makes me laugh like crazy. But doing some of these are super fun!

Start a Blog/Vlog: If you keep putting it off and always say another day… Just do it! Run with that idea you’ve been having; you never know what might come from it.

Organize Your Room: OMG!! This is on my schedule this upcoming week. This is one I hate. Letting go of clothes I haven’t worn in a while is hard. UGH but I know I have a few I need to let go of. Start with your clothes one day, your shoes and bags the next and accessories last. Maybe I should do a little closet clean out challenge… Hmmmm

Paint: Learn how to paint. If you already know how to paint then do something for your family, something to put up for sale or something for yourself. You can also paint a room if painting a portrait is not for you. That room you’ve been putting off for a rainy day, here is the day. Buy the paint when you are going to get your groceries or order the paint online and get to it.

Take Cool Pics: I am loving this one! I started to think outside the box and some great pictures have come from it. Get inspiration and ideas from other Instagramers or Pinterest of things you can use or places in the house you can use to get some great results.

Wine & Chill: If you are over 21, go put that wine to chill and start getting that cheese board ready! Facetime your bffs and open that bottle of wine, talk, sing, gossip, do what ever comes natural to y’all. Enjoy the company even if its through a phone screen. Now If you don’t want to call people, do the same but enjoy some “you” time.

Karaoke Time: look up some karaoke songs on YouTube and make a game of it. Choose teams or one by one, just have a good time! If you are over 21 prepare that fav cocktail and sing your lungs out with your loved ones.

Learn a new recipe: I have been enjoying this one. Learning new dishes. It a great time filler but it is also fun. Follow the recipes but put your own twist to it. Make that recipe yours! After all, we all have different taste buds and season our food differently.

Take a Free Online Class: There’s a lot of places right now that are offering free classes. Pick a subject you’ve been interested in and just take it. I’m very interested in some marketing ones I’ve found. There are also some DIY classes available. Learn something education or something fun or both.

This is the time to learn new things, improved the ones we already know or simply do the ones you’ve always loved but “never have the time” for. Let’s come out of this more knowledgeable. As a reminder, PLEASE STAY HOME! WE ALL WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS AND GET BACK TO OUR NORMAL LIVES SO LET’S GET THERE!

Stay safe friends and lets all do our part!

Hard Times = Help Your Neighbors

Hey y’all! I am finally back to the blog… Haven’t felt very inspired to write for these couple of months but decided that with everything going on right now in the world, this would be the perfect time to get back to it. You must have heard of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and everything that is happening due to this. I’m not really going to give you my thoughts on it because we are all entitle to believe and think what we want, all I will say is do your research! If you must know I will be practicing social distancing. For me that is the best thing I could do for myself, family and friends. The enforcement of social distancing and some states locking down businesses, the small mom and pop stores need us more than ever. Big retailers have the money to stay afloat, but these small businesses do not.

Let’s talk about what we could do. Most of these things are free things that will help them out tremendously. Here is a list of things we can do:

  • Like & Share their page tremendously, EVERYWHERE!
  • Write a review on their product and services (will help others notice them)
  • Send your contacts ideas of products from the business you think they will like
  • Buy gift certificates or gift cards for yourself or as presents to use at a later time
  • Book a service or trip (depending on what they offer) for the spring/summer time
  • Invest in programs or classes that they are offering online
  • SHOP SHOP SHOP ONLINE (clothes, accessories, home deco, anything)

SEE!! Half of these things are free to do but will go a very very long way for our mom and pop stores. Keep “shop small” when you are looking to purchase items. Look at those small business you can do these for, do your part to help our people out.

Check out my Insta (@dlosdistrict ) I will be posting small businesses I’ve tried or want to try!

During these times lend a helping hand to your neighbors!

Happy [self]Love Day!

Ahh Valentines Day is Tomorrow! So much love to give around not just to your significant other (if you have one) but also to YOURSELF… We got to remember that showing us self love is so import, especially in the world we are living with so much hatred.

Growing up no matter how much my body looked like the ones on tv or on models there was a little voice in my head that said that body image I saw in the mirror was not enough.It wasn’t until college when I started to show myself a little more self love and embrace the body I have. It took lots of courage and practice to be comfortable but even till this day there’s days when I have self doubt.. Like everything in life there’s good days and bad days but its up to come up from those negative feelings.

I’ve read a couple of articles on what other do to help themselves show a little self love and jotted down some notes. I’m going to share ten things I do to remind me to love myself. This list is compiled of things I already did and new things I red on these articles. I hope that this list helps some of y ‘all have a little more self love.

My Self Love List-

  1. Smile Everyday – a smile brightens up the day. It makes you think positively about what ever is going on with yourself. Besides making your day better a smile brightens the person that looks at you.
  2. Forgive yourself & others – This is a hard one. There’s people that only want to do bad things to you or that do one big bad thing and you ask yourself how can you ever forgive that person. Find it in your heart to make piece with that person  and what ever they did. Holding grudges 99% of the time is only affecting you and the way you live your life.
  3. Acknowledge your triumphs – No matter how little it is always celebrate your accomplishments. Its ok to pat yourself on the back and feel proud for what ever that you did that makes you happy
  4. Set Goals – There’s nothing better than celebrating every time you accomplish a goal. Coming up with a list of goals is also a great way to keep yourself in check and start checking things off feels amazing.
  5. Say NO – Oh how hard is this one for me.. I love to please people and even when I don’t want to do something I think of them and how it would hurt them if I say no.. There’s nothing wrong when you cant or don’t want to do something, its part of who you are. You don’t always have to like what they do or what they say.
  6. Go easy on yourself – When you feel like you have failed at something or didn’t accomplish it during the time you wanted, its ok. Life gets in the way and not always do you have to be a winner, failure teaches how to do it better next time or maybe it wasn’t the thing for you. If it didn’t work out then pick yourself up and tell yourself “its ok”
  7. Take care of yourself – If you don’t already start involving healthy habits in your life. Maybe choosing better/ healthier foods 60% of the time. Maybe you know you need to be a little more active, start by doing some light work outs. Another thing you can do is do stuff that makes you feel great about yourself. If you feel like getting your make up done, look for some one, go get it done and take billions of selfies. I had the pleasure of collaborating with MakeUp by Juan and he does an amazing job when it come to glamming your face up! I felt like a million bucks (if you want to see the make up follow MakeUp by Juan on Insta, also theres more pics on my insta.
  8. Be grateful – There’s nothing better in life than being grateful for what your have. If you are happy with what you have than nothing can dull your life. You’ll find the little things in your life mesmerizing!
  9. Compliment yourself – This is my favorite one. Look yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. If you like your outfit than tell yourself that, if your make-up is on point than girl smile at yourself in the mirror, if you simply feel like a bad ass then tell yourself that! Or write positive sticky notes in your mirror so every morning you start your day positively.
  10. Me time – WE ALL NEED THIS…Just like we love to go out with family or friends, we also need to learn how to have alone time. This is the prime time to learn about ourselves. Plan a lunch date with yourself, while you wait for food jot down notes of things coming to your mind. Ask yourself what your are feeling or how certain situations make you feel.

I hope this list helps some of y’all with finding that self love we all deserve.. One big thing I find myself doing that I put a stop to is comparing my self to others. You are unique, your feelings are unique, your body is unique so live your life and be happy with what you got!

We can’t make a Valentines day post without giving y’all some outfit inspiration. This look is so festive and comfy! You can dress it up like I did and go out to dinner with your yourself,  some friends or significant other. All you have to do is add some heeled boots, some cute earrings, a chic purse and you are out the door. You can also dress it down to a more causal setting. Just switch the heels for some sneakers, let your hair down and accessories with a book bag purse. My favorite part about this outfit where the pants. They have slits at the bottom of the pants leg. It gives it more character to an everyday style. You think they are just pants but as soon as you start walking there is more movement to the pants and you can stretch that leg out for pictures and surprise everyone. It’s a simple design but give it a sexy feel with those slits. The sweater is such a beautiful color and the detail in the elbows is such a nice touch. The hearts on the elbow mimics the patches on sports coat. The color combination of red and gray is such an airy look. Very clean, bright and goes well together. Both items can be found at Kohl’s, which is perfect for those last minute outfit shoppers 🙂

Sweater: Kohl’s
Pants: Kohl’s
Boots: Target

Well Gals I hope you guys enjoy your Valentines day and that it is filled with lots of love. If you try my self love list, let me know below which ones worked for you!

Amazon Last Minute Gift Guide

Hello Gals!

Tis’ the season of L O V E.. Love your family, love your significant other, love your galentines but most of all LOVE YOURSELF.. I rounded up some last minute shopping (YES LAST MINUTE) because I tend to do a lot of last minute shopping! If you have Amazon Prime these items will get to you in time for your love one or yourself.

This might be last minute shopping but these gifts are so cute!

I have hear so many great things about this little journal. For the last year or so these journals have become one of my favorite things to buy. Keep you in tune with your emotions, task and most of all accomplishing your goals. This will be perfect for the old school babes ( like me) that love to jot things down.
PENS PENS PENS! One of those guilty pleasure we probably all had when we were in high school.. Buying the coolest pens, just to let someone borrow them and never return them.. Lucky for us we have learned our lesson on letting people borrow them… and the pens have gotten cuter. The perfect accessory for the boss babes that are always signing their John Hancock or love to jot down notes when creativity strikes.
Those cool babes that decide to wear black on Vday,, we shall thank you because we are definitely standing out from the typical red and pink.. Though I do love a good red/ pink outfit this teddy bear coat would add a pop to your outfit. Whether it is to go out with your hubs or a casual night with your gals, this coat is bound to turn heads.
Oh la la! These sunnies are soo fabulous! That pop of red on a small frame cat eye glasses screams 1950 chic! The color of these glasses make me feel like a sassy gal. If there’s a vacation coming up these would be the perfect gift!
If you though I would not be putting some cute socks.. you are wrong. SOCKS are a must, specially when they have cute hearts on them. I love when I get cute socks. They are part of my lounge wear. Such a cute gift for your bae.
Can you tell this is a locket?? I couldn’t, it looks so minimal and cute I would definitely wear this. Get this for you sweetheart, put a picture of you and let her feel like she’s living a romantic movie scene.
You can’t get her a piece of jewelry without getting her some where safe to store it in. This jewelry organizer will not only store here jewelry, it will also work as a great decoration piece for her room. It has such a modern design, I need it. Will you be my valentine and get me this?!? 🙂
I’ve heard so many great things about this Jade Roller. Besides giving your face a massage it helps reduce wrinkles, puffy eyes and has anti aging factors. Now who doesn’t want a cute little tool that does this for them. I know i do.
For all my MUA or makeup lovers here is the perfect storage for all items you have in bins because you can find a place for them.. The reviews for this storage were phenomenal and i might just have to get one. Can we talk about how cute this looks in pink! I’m sure if you get his for your makeup babe, she will be impressed and for sure love you more than she already does 😉
I don’t have a bath tub for this Caddy but I would buy and travel with it so where ever I stay during my travels I could take the best bath of my life.. I’ve seen so many post where bloggers get this little table to relax after a long day and let me tell you it looks like a luxurious bath.. Everything you might need while taking a bath at the reach of your finger tips.. Tips for my fellas: buy this, set her a bath, put her favorite movie on the phone, some wine or favorite cocktail, great smelling candle, some chocolates and of course a flower.
What better combination than the bath caddy and this super soft robe.. All you need to finish up her perfect bath is this fluffy soft bathrobe to embrace her once she is out of the bath. A good bath robe can go along way. Specially when they are soft. The perfect item for the bath time and they even serve as a great “cardigan” when you are cold and don’t fell like putting sweaters over swearers.

These were some of my favorite items you can get with Amazon Prime.. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, try it free for a month and order these goodies for your Bae. She will appreciate them. If you don’t have a significant other, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself some of these items and showing yourself some SELF LOVE.


Cold, Comfort, Beauty


On todays post the accessories you need to have for this winter season when you are under the weather. In Chicago, January is the month where we all get sick because the weather changes. It gets colder during this month, and guess what.. I already got sick.


michael kors jacket

The lightweight puffer jacket is the perfect option to prevent a cold or to help you stay warm while you are sick. Wont help your immune system but it will block those hard cold winds. Jackets that don’t feel to snug will let you bundle up and feel well while the winds blow. Dont forget to wear your jacket..

workout gear

Work out Gear:
By now everyone knows a good work out will help you with your cold. Go break a sweat at your local gym with this super cute set from Target! Just remember to reduce the intensity of your work out. Though a work out may not cure you, it will help with your congestion. Make sure to stay hydrated to help your body feel better


Soft Nose:
Ahh worst part of getting a cold is the constant runny nose and the “rash” you get from blowing it all the time. These Klenex feel so good, they are soft! The best part is they smell like vicks and if you know our Mexican moms then you know vaporum fixes everything.. Good compromise if you get tired of rubbing it on your nose. Will make you feel better.

best tea

When you are sick tea is the best thing to drink to make your throat feel better. It is so soothing, like a blanket for the inside of your body. Different types of teas have different benefit and relives different symptoms, depending on how your cold is going. One of my all time favorite is chamomile.

essential oil machine- elypticus, lavander peppermint

Essential Oil Diffuser:
This machine is a miracle worker! Depending on the oil you use it helps clear the air, which helps you breath better and sooth your system. Some oils help you have a better night sleep, which is very needed when you are under the weather. This little machine can help alleviate  your symptoms.


Winter is the time where I find myself using lip balm all the time.. Because of the weather my lips crack more often and I find my self picking at them when they feel dry. Having soft lips betters your appearance and it stops your lips from hurting. When you get sick your lips are bound to dry faster, keep them hydrated! Ive heard great things about this lipbalm and I am left to try.

target thermal

These are my favorite type of lounge wear. It is soft, keeps your warm but its light enough so you don’t feel too hot. There is so many designs, but this one is sophisticated and looks very comfy. Theres some that don’t look very mature but the color for this one plus the very artsy flowers.. I can do tea time in this set.. Lol

old navy socks

I LOVE fluffy socks.. I feel like they are a staple when you are sick. They keep your toes warm while looking super cute. My dad always told me that we get sick when we step on the cold floor with out socks or shoes, perfect excuse to go buy a new pair of fluffy socks when I am sick.

sephora lotion

Because who loves to have dry hands during the winter months. Thought lotion is not going to cure your cold it will help you feel better about yourself. Give your body a little TLC so that while you get your cold in order and out of sight, your skin will be beautiful once you are ok.


Keep the terrible cold away yall!

love dlo




Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas ’18 / Ideas de Ultimo Momento Para Regalos de Navidad ’18

Xmas is here Gals!

With Xmas right around the corner I know that for some of us it’s a busy time at work and dont really worry about gifts until the last minute. I am doing that this year. While shopping this weekend I saw many great gifts for enyone who is late xmas shopping. Some are on my “to buy” list for some of my people (they also made it to my “I gotta have list”). These items are from Target and Old Navy, I think every state should atleast have one of these near by. I hope this quick guide helps some of y’all.

Con la Navidad a la vuelta de la esquina, sé que para algunos de nosotros es un momento muy ocupado en el trabajo y no nos preocupamos por los regalos hasta el último minuto. Esa soy yo este año. Mientras hacia compras este fin de semana, vi muchos regalos estupendos para todos los que hacen sus compras navidenas de ultimo minuto. Algunos de estos productos estan en mi lista de “comprar” para algunas de mis amigas (también llegaron a mi “Tengo que tener lista”). Estos artículos son de Target y Old Navy, creo que todos los estados tienen al menos una de estas cerca. Espero que esta guía brebe les ayude, a algunos de ustedes.



Lets start with those athletic babes! From being fit to wanting to get fit these are perfect items to motivate them. One of my favorites is the smart water bottle. It lets you know how much water you have drank thorugh out the day. ( this is definetely on my “gotta have” list)

¡Vamos a empezar con esas chicas atléticas! Desde estar en forma hasta querer estar en forma, estos son elementos perfectos para motivarlas. Uno de mis favoritos es la botella de agua inteligente. Les permite saber cuánta agua han bebido durante el día. (esto está definitivamente en mi lista de “tengo que tener”)

workout shirtAthletic Sweater: Target

hidrate spark 2.0Smart Water Bottle: Target


Fit Bit & Apple Watch: Target



For those who like to keep things pretty! Get this gal an entire outfit or even pieces of an outfit. Could never go wrong with and everyday pointy boots, dresses up a casual outfit or gives a dress some edge to it. Let these Gals know how well you know them and get them the latest styles!

Para los que les gusta tener cosas bonitas! Comprenle a estas chicas un atuendo completo o incluso piezas de un outfit. Nunca podrían ir mal con las botas puntiagudas para todos los días. Estas botas pueden vestir un atuendo informal o darle un toque edgy a un vestido. ¡Hazles saber a estas chicas lo bien que lass conoces y comprale lo ultimo de la moda!

Fluffy Coat: Old Navy

cute dressMini Dress: Old Navy

cute bootsPointy Booties: Old Navy



We have the stylish babes but we also have the outdoorsy chic. Even thought they might like to go out and hike or sit by a campfire and watch the stars, get them a piece where they can feel both strong and cute. My favorite item is this vest. I actually bought it and it hugs your curves amazingly plus it has a gold zipper which makes it pop. They come in great colors.

Hsy chicas que les interesan mucho mas la moda, pero también tenemos a las chicas que les gusta las actividades al aire libre. Aunque les guste salir a caminar o sentarse junto a una fogata y mirar las estrellas, conseguirles piesas donde se sienten fuertes y lindass. Mi artículo favorito es este chaleco. De hecho, lo compré y se adapta a tus curvas de manera sorprendente, además de que tiene unzipper doradp. Vienen en mas colores.

vestChic Vest: Old Navy

old-navy-tank.pngGirly Checkered shirt: Old Navy

blanket scarfCozy cozy scarf: Old Navy



For those sleeping beauties or even to Netflix & Chill these are the must haves. Comfortable pieces are the way to these gals heart (and some chocolate wouldnt hurt). The slippers are so cute, they give your pjs a chich look and they are so soft! Yes!! I bought them and I love them.

Para aquellas bellezas durmientes o incluso para Netflix & Chill, estas son las piezas que deben tener. Las piezas cómodas son el camino hacia el corazón de estas chicas (y un poco de chocolate no haría daño). ¡Las chanclas son muy lindas, le dan a tus pijamas un look chic y son tan suaves! ¡¡Sí!! Lass compré y las amo.

soft-robe.pngSoft robe: Old Navy

pj setCute PJs: Target

old navy slippers“Cinderella” slippers: Old Navy



Where are my animal lovers!?! If you know a gal who loves animals, has a pet or wants a pet for xmas (but they cant have one).  Get them an items of their favorite animal. My favorite items are socks with dogs on them.. They remind me of my cinnamon (my cute dog) plus they are also comfortable to wear.

¿Dónde están mis amantes de los animales? Si conoces a una chica que ama a los animales, tiene una mascota o quiere una mascota para Navidad (pero no pueden tener una). Consígales artículos de su animal favorito. Mis artículos favoritos son calcetines con perros en ellos. Me recuerdan a mi canela (mi perrita linda) y también son cómodos de usar.

animal loverCoffe break cup: Target

animal lover pjLook a like footie PJ: Target

dog socksCute Footies: Old Navy



My favorite section, I might be a little bias because I LOVE to TRAVEL!! I find that having cute things while traveling makes you feel more comfortable in a strange place and they are easy to spy as oppose to the generic items most people get. Literally want all the pieces here (plust they all match!). I would say having a nice carry on is the best thing and this one looks like it can carry a lot of things, plus the print is to die for. I have never liked the color lily this much.

Mi sección favorita, podría ser un poco imparcial porque AMO VIAJAR !! Encuentro que tener cosas lindas mientras viajas te hace sentir más cómoda en un lugar extraño y son fáciles de ubicar, al contrario de los otros articulos genéricos que la mayoría de las personas obtienen. Literalmente quiero todas las piezas de aquí. Yo diría que tener una buena maleta de mano es lo mejor y parece que puede llevar muchas cosas. Nunca me ha gustado tanto el color del lilac hasta ahorita.

travel baeAdventure set: Target

travel setWonder set: Target

carry on travelCutest Duffle: Target



For my gals that like to entertain (next time you make a party, invite me, I love a good party). These items are to make your parties have more character. I cant choose my favorite, but speaker is super cute! It looks way better than any regular speaker, it’ll spruce up your place.

Para mis chicas que les gusta entretener (la próxima vez que hagas una fiesta, invítame, amo una buena fiesta) Estos elementos son para hacer que tus fiestas tengan más carácter. No puedo elegir mi favorito, pero la bosinita es super linda! Se ve mucho mejor que cualquier otra besina regular, mejorará tu lugar.

speaker entertain
Vintage Speaker: Target


entertainin baeCopper set: Target


cute coaster entertainCoster that drink: Target

Such simple gift ideas for all those lovely gals in your life! Something cute for everyone and some fairly inexpensive. Get to shopping before the stores are out of these items. If you get any let me know which ones you got and how much you love them.

Tienes muchas ideas simples de regalos para todas esas chicas encantadoras en tu vida! Algo lindo para todos y algo bastante barato, por la mayoria de la parte. Ve de compras antes de que las tiendas estén fuera de estos artículos. Si compras alguno, hazme saber cuáles tienes y cuánto los amas.

Dont leave this till the day before Xmas, follow this guide and get some great ideas! All these items you can find in store!

No deje esto hasta el día antes de Navidad, ¡sigue esta guía y ojala y haigas obtenido algunas ideas geniales! Todas estas cosas las puedes encontrar en la tienda.

love dlo








Get Yo Drink On

Hey Gals,

Dlo here again bringing you a thirst quencher post for this summer! The hot summer season is the time when we have the most outings, parties, hangout, chill by the water etc. you know where I’m going with this. We start having lots of get-togethers with friends and family. To some of us hosting these events requires a good mixed drink… (atleast to me it does). So if you’re like me, you surf your Pinterest in search of some genius, cheap and easy receipes for drinks. Most times there’s just soo much content, its overwhelming and sometimes I do give up and not even try some of them. Welp! if this describes you (& even if it doesn’t) I made a compilation of drinks I’ve had and love and some that I want to try. These are super easy to make and mostly made up of 3 ingredients. Here is my Pinterest board you guys can use, some of these receipes I altered to how I have like them.


So simple yet so refreshing. I don’t want to say it’s a drink I grew up with because NO my family didn’t give me alcohol while I was young (lol). But I grew up seeing and hearing my family drink this magnificent drink! It super easy to make and takes no time at all, yet its one of those drinks  that can be combined with any occasion (LITERALLY).


Screwdriver Mule.
Never had it but after I found it I really just want to get up and make one. It mixes both of my favorite drinks, a Moscow mule and a Screwdriver Smirnoff. It just sounds soo good! I think this would be perfect for a beach day with friends or a last minute get together.


Patriotic Punch.
Ok so this drink is kinds of a staple during my birthday (you can read a fun post I did on my birthday here). About 2 years ago I walked into a liquor store and saw this Smirnoff Red White and Berry vodka. Without reading what it was or what I could drink it with I bought it, just because of the bottle designs. A fourth of July baby get distracted with patriotic colors during the month of July… So once I got home I looked up several receipes and found out that they all had pink lemonade in it. That’s exactly what I combined it with. It sounded and looked soo good, I made a big batch of this punch. It was so GREAT even my ,Mexican/manly, father liked it! Definitely a must on July 4th or any other BBQ.


Jack Honey Lemonade.
When the PBR was here in Chicago, my family and I went. I’m not usually a person that will choose Jack Daniels as my drinking option, but this Jack Honey Lemonade they were advertising sounded soo good. I bought one of those and OMG it was delicious. I made it a couple of times after that and it is just so easy and refreshing. It’s the perfect option for when your having a day at the ranch or BBQing with some friends.


7up Shandy.
I would consider myself fan of those summer shandys. I have never tried this recipe but it looks great. Even thought the receipe might sound a little unique, I really, really, really want to give it a try. If you love summer shandy then this receipe is for you! It would go great when you are grilling at home or have a park party!



Hola Chuladas.

Dlo  aquí de nuevo trayendoles un post de saciante de sed para este verano! La temporada de verano es el momento en el que tenemos mas fiestas, carnes asadas, salidsas a la playa, etc. sabes a dónde voy con esto. Empezamos a tener un montón de reunirse con amigos y familiares. Para algunos de nosotros cuando tenemos eventos queremos tener una buena bebida mixta para los invitados… (al menos para mí si). Así que si eres como yo, navegas tu Pinterest en busca de algún receta ingeniosa, barato y fácil de hacer. La mayoría de las veces hay mucho contenido, es abrumador y a veces me doy por vencido y ni siquiera pruebo algunas de las recetas. ¡Ay! Si esto te describe (e incluso si no) hice una compilación de bebidas que he tenido y me gustan y algunos que quiero probar. Estas son súper fáciles de hacer y la mayoría solo necesita 3 ingredientes. Aquí está mi board de Pinterest que ustedes pueden utilizar, algunos de estos recetas las alteró a la forma en que las e probado y me an gustado.



Tan simple pero tan refrescante. No quiero decir que es una bebida con la que e crecido porque NO mi familia no me dio alcohol mientras yo era joven (jajaja). ¡ Pero crecí viendo y oyendo a mi familia beber esta magnífica bebida! Es muy fácil de hacer y no tardas en hacerlo, sin embargo, es una de esas bebidas que se pueden combinar con cualquier ocasión (literalmente).


Screwdriver Mule.
Nunca lo e probado, pero después de esto me quiero levantar y hacer me uno. Esta receta mezcla mis dos bebidas favoritas, un moscowmule y un Screwdriver de Smirnoff. ¡ Suena tan bien! Creo que esto sería perfecto para un día de playa con amigos o una reunion de ultimo minuto.


Ponche Patriótico.
OK, esta bebida no falta en mi cumpleaños ( puede leer un divertido post que hice en mi cumpleaños aquí). Hace unos 2 años entré en una licorería y vi este Smirnoff Red White and Berry Vodka. Sin leer lo que era o con que lo podia acompañar lo compré, sólo por los diseños de botellas. Alguien que nace el 4 de Julio se distrae con colores patrióticos durante el mes de julio… Así que una vez que llegué a casa busqué varias recetas y encontre de todos tenían limonada rosa en él. Eso es exactamente con lo que combiné la Vodka. Sonaba y se veía tan bien, hice un garafon de este ponche. Era tan delicioso que mi papa mexicano y varonil le encanto! Sin duda tienes que hacer esta bebida para tu fiesta de 4 de Julio o cualquier otra carneasada.


Jack de Miel Limonada.
Cuando el rodeo Americano (PBR) estaba en Chicago, mi familia y yo fuimos. Normalmente no soy una persona que elegiriá Jack Daniels como mi opción de bebida, pero esta limonada con Jack de miel, que estaban publicando sonaba tan bien. Compré una y OMG estaba deliciosa. Hice esta receta un par de veces después de eso y es simplemente tan fácil y refrescante. Es la opción perfecta para cuando tienes un día en el rancho o reunion con algunos amigos.


7UP Shandy.
Me consideraría fan de esos shandys de verano. Nunca he probado esta receta, pero se ve muy bien. Incluso pensé que la receta sonaba un poco rara, pero realmente si la quiero probar. ¡ Si usted ama las Summer Shandy entonces este receta es para usted! Seria una opcion genial cuando estás asando en casa o tienes una fiesta en el Parque!


If you try or have had any of these drinks before, let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Si ustedes intenta o han tenido alguna de estas bebidas antes, déjeme saber cuál es tu favorita en los comentarios de abajo!

love dlo

Birthday EXPLOTION/ EXPLOSION de cumpleanos

Hey Gals,

Today is my birthday, the big 2 4! I wanted to write something a little different, 4 things I have learned about life. I’m not the most knowledgeable about life and I don’t know everything but I do know these things.  Some of these may seem harsh but life is too short to worry about what everyone says. Of course there is lots more things to learn and I hope with the years I keep making mistakes (just a little) and learning from them. Keep reading to see what I have learn these past years!

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Target (similar)
Sandals: Target
(another post how I use these sandals here)
Watch: Riverdean Watches
(use code DOLORES20 for dicount)

Don’t be afraid to work in a field you didn’t study. We make a decision in college base on things that we like or careers that we think will pay us the most. Once you get out to the real world, some find their dream job and some don’t. Regardless we have to pay bills and find something to do and it might have a little something to do with what you have learned in college. If its not your field then you’ll get the chance to learn something new and expand your resume. You never know your dream job might just be waiting for you to get a little more experience.

Oh this topic.. Some might disagree with me but I know most of you can relate. We all have family members that instead of having your best interest, they just want to stab you in the back or they might be talking mad S**t behind your back. Lol you know who you are. Well these toxic people make others see the worst in you when in reality you’re not. Don’t be afraid to cut them out, you’ll feel free and live a more carefree life. If you don’t want to cut them out completely then  keep your distance, even when they are in the room. Sometimes they make us worry too much about things that we know are not true. Don’t give them that POWER!

Touchy subject. There’s no such thing as being meant to be, we all get told these fairy tale stories, and dream of that Cinderella love but I’ve learned that it’s a choice who you want to be with. It’s as simple as that. If that person has the best interest in you and pushes you to be the best even though they might be putting some dreams of their own behind. Don’t be selfish, reciprocate that love. Make the best choice for both of you. It’s choosing your partner over and over again  even after you disagree and working together to fix the situation. Its leaning and growing and choosing each other every time. Find someone that is not afraid to tackle a difficult situation and fix it as a couple. Learn from those experiences and grow together!

Don’t apologies for who you are. NEVER!! Even thought some people might not like you, or disagree with how you are. You don’t have to please everyone. The ones that love you for who you are will stick around and make it to the end. We were all meant to be different and have our own voice so don’t waist your time copying others.

As a bonus I will add one more. I’m going to keep it short.

Some of your best friends from High School and even college wont make it to the end of your story! Some of those friends are just meant to walk through your life and show you some life lessons for later times.

I know that you have heard these things before, specially in this era, I know I have. Speaking from these 24 years of life experience these are all true. Times have changed and not everyone is who they say they are. Don’t waist your time trying to please everyone because you will never catch up.

Hola Chicas,

Hoy es mi cumpleaños, ¡el gran 2 4! Quería escribir algo un poco diferente, 4 cosas que aprendí sobre la vida. No sé todo, pero estan son las cosas que eh aprendido. Algunos de estos pueden parecer duros, pero la vida es demasiado corta para preocuparse por lo que dicen todos. Por supuesto, hay muchas más cosas que aprender y espero que con los años siga cometiendo errores (solo un poco) y aprendiendo de ellos. Sigue leyendo para ver lo que he aprendido estos últimos años.

Blusa: Old Navy
Falda: Target (similar)
Sandalias: Target
(checa como use estas sandalias de otra forma aqui)
Reloj: Riverdean Watches
(use code DOLORES20 for dicount)

No tengas miedo de trabajar una carrera que no estudiaste. Tomamos una decisión en la universidad sobre las cosas que nos gustan o las carreras que creemos que nos pagarán más. Una vez que sales al mundo real, algunos encuentran el trabajo de sus sueños y otros no. Independientemente de que tengamos que pagar facturas y encontrar algo que hacer, puedes busacaralgo que tenga que ver con lo que aprendimós en la universidad. Si no es lo que estudiaste, tendrás la oportunidad de aprender algo nuevo y ampliar tu currículum. Nunca se sabe si el trabajo de sus sueños podría estar esperando que tenga un poco más de experiencia.

Oh, este tema. Algunos pueden estar en desacuerdo conmigo, pero sé que la mayoría de ustedes pueden relacionarse con lo que voy a decir. Todos tenemos miembros de la familia que en lugar de tener su mejor interés, solo quieren apuñalarlo por la espalda o pueden estar hablando de uno a sus espaldas. Jaja, tú sabes quién eres. Bueno, estas personas tóxicas hacen que otros vean lo peor en ti cuando en realidad no lo eres. No tengas miedo de cortarlos, te sentirás libre y vivirás una vida más despreocupada. Si no quieres sacarlos por completo, mantén la distancia, incluso cuando estén en un mismi lugar. A veces nos hacen preocuparnos.

Tema delicado. No existe tal cosa como destinados a estar juntos, todos nos cuentan esas historias de cuentos de hadas, y soñamos con ese amor de Cenicienta. He aprendido que es una elección con la persona que quieres estar. Es tan simple como eso. Si esa persona tiene el mejor interés en ti y te empuja a ser lo mejor a pesar de que podrían estar hponer algunos suenos tuyos en oausa. Que no sean egoísta, acorresponde ese amor. Haz la mejor elección para los dos. Es elegir a tu compañero una y otra vez incluso después de que no estás de acuerdo y trabajar en conjunto para arreglar la situación. Es inclinarse a tu pareja y crece y eligirlos cada vez. Encuentra a alguien que no tenga miedo de abordar una situación difícil y arréglalo como pareja. ¡Aprende de esas experiencias y crescan juntos!

No te disculpes por ser quién eres. ¡¡NUNCA!! Aunque algunas personas no les caigas bien, o estar en desacuerdo con tu forma de ser. No tienes que complacer a todos. Los que te aman por lo que eres se quedarán y llegarán hasta el final. Estábamos destinados a ser diferentes y tener nuestra propia voz, así que no pierdas el tiempo copiando a otros.

Como una bonificación agregaré uno más. Voy a mantenerlo corto.

¡Algunos de tus mejores amigos de la secundaria e incluso de la universidad no llegarán al final de tu historia! Algunos de esos amigos solo deben estar en tu vida por un corto momento y mostrarte algunas lecciones de vida para tiempos posteriores.

Sé que has escuchado estas cosas antes, especialmente en esta época. Estos 24 años de experiencia en la vida, todos son verdad. Los tiempos han cambiado y no todos son quienes dicen ser. No pierda el tiempo tratando de complacer a todos porque nunca acabaras.
















Live carefree this 4th of July! Disfruta despreoupadamente es 4 de Julio!
love dlo


Dreaming of Flowers..

Hi there Gals,

Lets talk about cute flowers. Some of us may think that flowers die and what’s the point of buying them (that was me for a while) but I found this amazing charity/business while on my trip to Milwaukee. While visiting The Milwaukee Public Market we found this beautiful pop up store that was selling the cutest flower arrangements. So boho chic! While I was buying them, the worker told us that a proceed of the money goes to charity. Intrigued by their business, I looked them up and the way this company started and how they help others is the reason why we should find local shops that help their very own community. They have helped many local charities in Milwaukee and in Chicago. They take pride in making their products to the last detail and they have little mini bouquets. So ladies there’s no excuse, you can give your girlfriends, sisters, mom, basically any one, Flowers for Dreams. Next time you want to give your special someone something so beautiful and you are in the area check them out… You’ll also be helping the charity of the month.

Of course you need to buy flowers wearing a flower shirt! This bodysuit is from Kmart, from their Adam Levin collection. It is so airy and comfortable plus those sleeves are to die for! I mean c’mon if you have not gotten on board with the bell sleeves. I don’t know what to tell you but you MUST! It gives a simple shirt a little bit of something that will make you stand out. The ordinary body suit turns into an item with more character because of the dimensions of the sleeves. Now this skirt is perfection. The fabric of the skirt play so well with the color. It makes it look like if the skirt was transmitting light. All the pleats in the skirt makes me want to twirl all day long. This was a new style that I tried out and let me tell you I love it! Not a lot of people believe Kmart has fun, chic and fashion forward clothes but these items are great, plus they look wonderful. So sporty and flirty! The perfect combination to buy flowers.

Hola Chuladas,
Vamos a hablar de estas lindas flores. Algunos de nosotros pensamos que las flores se mueren y qué sentido tiene comprarlas (esa fui yo por un tiempo) pero encontré esta caridad / negocio increíble mientras estaba Milwaukee. Mientras visitaba el Mercado Público de Milwaukee encontramos esta hermosa tiendita que vendian los arreglos florales más lindos. Muy boho chic! Mientras los compraba, la trabajadora nos dijo que un porcentaje de el dinero se destina a obras de caridad. Intrigada por el negocio, los busqué y la forma en que esta empresa comenzó y cómo ayudan a los demás es la razón por la que compraria de ellos otra vez. Deberíamos encontrar tiendas locales que ayuden a su propia comunidad. Han ayudado a muchas organizaciones benéficas locales en Milwaukee y en Chicago. Se enorgullecen en ver hasta el último detalle y tienen pequeños ramos. Asi que chuladas, no hay excusa, pueden darle a sus amigas, hermanas, mamá, básicamente a quien sea, Flowers for Dreams. La próxima vez que quieras darle a esa persona especial algo tan hermoso y estas en el área, dales una visita… También estarás ayudando a la organización benéfica del mes.
¡Por supuesto que necesitas comprar flores con una blusa con flores! Este blusa es de Kmart, de la colección de Adam Levin. ¡Es super comoda y esas mangas estan para morirse! Si todavia no te has puesto las mangas acampanadas. ¡No sé qué decirte, pero DEBES QUE HACERLO! Le da a una blusa simple un poco carácter debido a las dimensiones de las mangas. Ahora esta falda es la perfección. La tela de la falda juega muy bien con el color. Hace que parezca que la falda transmite luz. Todos los pliegues en la falda me dan ganas de girar todo el día. Este fue un nuevo estilo que probé y ¡déjame decirte que me encanta! No mucha gente cree que Kmart tiene ropa divertida, elegante y moderna, pero estos artículos son geniales, y se ven maravillosos. ¡Tan deportivo y coqueto! La combinación perfecta para comprar flores.


Bodysuit (blusa): Kmart
Skirt (falda): Kmart
Purse (bolsa): Target
Shoes (tennis): Adidas
Flowers (flores): Flower For Dreams











Everyone dreams of flowers so get some Flowers For Dreams
Love Dlo..

2018 Winter Reading List


So with the new year comes a new reading list and this time around I want to dive into a list of books that will inspire me. I’ve always found it fascinating to read about how every accomplished person made it to where they are at today. It has inspired me to keep pushing forward and pass every obstacle in my way. It’s so refreshing to be able to read words of encouragement from someone you don’t know but believe in a common thing: To make your dreams come true. Here are some of my must read for the rest of the winter season and why I think I will love them!

chip edited2

chip edited

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines
I can tell you right now anything made by the magnificent Fixer Upper fairies, I will buy. I love watching their show and I think one of the many reasons I got hooked on it is because of the way both Chip and Jojo act among each other and their family, but also the way that they make working together look so easy. From watching their show to following them on their social media, their entrepreneurial spirit caught my attention. When Chip was promoting his book I knew that it would be filled with knowledge on his learning experience along the way. I’ve read half of this book already, everyday after work on my commute home on the train. His first few chapters Talk about how he got started, which is so humbling, but also his mistakes. Like when he left to Mexico to learn Spanish and Jojo was not having it. (gotta read it to know what I am talking about) I believe this book will teach me about what a real entrepreneur goes through and his uplifting comments that kept him going!


Create Rebellion by Robbie Tripp
This is another book I am super excited to read! It comes from a greatly creative person (at least that’s how I see him on social media). I’ve followed his wife for about a year and she is always so inspiring and genuine when she talks about her husband that I had go and follow his account too! Which is how I got to know about this book. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve read that it is like a bible for the creative minds. I hope that from this book I will learn or comprehend how to listen to my creative gut and f*$# what the rest have to say about my ideas… well only if they are being negative, because I welcome constructive criticism any time. I feel like we all loose hope in ourselves and believe our ideas aren’t worth it but hopefully this book will uplift me to think other wise, to push my creative mind more and more!


The Self Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser
I found out about this book from Sarah Trip (Sassy Red Lipstick) when she posted it on her Instagram story. She always has good recommendations or advice on everything that has to do with self love, so I thought this would be a great book to have. Growing up I have always been the girl on the heavier side and having your own cousins make fun of you because you weren’t the skinny one, which took a toll on how I perceived myself, was not the best way to grow up. It always sucked more when family hurts you “unintentionally” (so they say). I can say though that my mother has helped me through this, to look at life with a better eye and to show myself that I am beautiful in any shape or size. After reading a little about this book I hope to gain knowledge on self love because it’s always been tough for me to be confident on my physic. It would also be nice to get the perspective of some one who has gone through some similar things and how she overcame that and loves herself!


If you have deviated from reading, lets get back on it. Hopefully some of you will read some of these inspiring books, and if you are or have read them lets chat! This is only my Winter list and I will update you through out the year when I have another list! If you have any recommendations let me know below!!

Lets get reading!
Love Dlo..