Quarantine & Chill

Hey y’all!

Welcome back to Dlosdistrict! I hope your week is going great and that you and your family are doing good. I know that this social distancing is making some of us a little too bored or cray cray. So, let’s do something that benefits us. There is SOOO many things I can think off. Before social distancing and these things came to mind I automatically said I wish I had the time… Welp right now is the time. You have the time of the world. That time you needed. Even if you are going to work or working from home, right after you are done you should be staying/going home. The time you wished you had is here.

Let’s take what is happening to the world to better ourselves, to do things that are beneficial to us, things we enjoy.  I thought I’d do a quick list of things that I will be doing during this self-distancing to give you guys some ideas and give you a starting point, if you have not started. If you have started doing activities and keeping busy, here are more so you don’t run out.


Exercise:  This is a great way to start working out. It takes 14 days for something to become a constant in your daily schedule. Everyone in the fitness world on Instagram is doing free live sessions for you to follow along. This is a great way to support them and get the word out on what they do, while helping yourself be healthy.

Read a book: Ahhh this one! I am guilty of carrying a book with me and saying after work ill read it on the train ride home.. do I do it NO! I get distracted scrolling through social media. I have a bunch of books Ive started and haven’t finished. This is the time, when you find yourself bored pick up that book or if you are a scheduler, then put “reading” on your to-do list.

Dance: My favorite! Dancing makes me happy, ever since I was little dancing was an outlet and something I loved to do. Made me feel good and happy. It didn’t help that my parents kept me at Mexican parties till 4 am and I was content (maybe that’s why I like to party too lol story for another time). Put some music, dance it out for 30 mins, or learn a new dance. This will occupy your mind.

Start TikTok: I said I wasn’t going to give in but here we are, I just started one lol. It is just to have a good time and makes me laugh like crazy. But doing some of these are super fun!

Start a Blog/Vlog: If you keep putting it off and always say another day… Just do it! Run with that idea you’ve been having; you never know what might come from it.

Organize Your Room: OMG!! This is on my schedule this upcoming week. This is one I hate. Letting go of clothes I haven’t worn in a while is hard. UGH but I know I have a few I need to let go of. Start with your clothes one day, your shoes and bags the next and accessories last. Maybe I should do a little closet clean out challenge… Hmmmm

Paint: Learn how to paint. If you already know how to paint then do something for your family, something to put up for sale or something for yourself. You can also paint a room if painting a portrait is not for you. That room you’ve been putting off for a rainy day, here is the day. Buy the paint when you are going to get your groceries or order the paint online and get to it.

Take Cool Pics: I am loving this one! I started to think outside the box and some great pictures have come from it. Get inspiration and ideas from other Instagramers or Pinterest of things you can use or places in the house you can use to get some great results.

Wine & Chill: If you are over 21, go put that wine to chill and start getting that cheese board ready! Facetime your bffs and open that bottle of wine, talk, sing, gossip, do what ever comes natural to y’all. Enjoy the company even if its through a phone screen. Now If you don’t want to call people, do the same but enjoy some “you” time.

Karaoke Time: look up some karaoke songs on YouTube and make a game of it. Choose teams or one by one, just have a good time! If you are over 21 prepare that fav cocktail and sing your lungs out with your loved ones.

Learn a new recipe: I have been enjoying this one. Learning new dishes. It a great time filler but it is also fun. Follow the recipes but put your own twist to it. Make that recipe yours! After all, we all have different taste buds and season our food differently.

Take a Free Online Class: There’s a lot of places right now that are offering free classes. Pick a subject you’ve been interested in and just take it. I’m very interested in some marketing ones I’ve found. There are also some DIY classes available. Learn something education or something fun or both.

This is the time to learn new things, improved the ones we already know or simply do the ones you’ve always loved but “never have the time” for. Let’s come out of this more knowledgeable. As a reminder, PLEASE STAY HOME! WE ALL WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS AND GET BACK TO OUR NORMAL LIVES SO LET’S GET THERE!

Stay safe friends and lets all do our part!

Author: dlosdistrict

A 23 year old Mexican- American gal traveling here and there trying to innovate my style and get inspired from every place I visit.

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