Gudalajara Lookbook

Here is another outfit diary, this time from my trip to Jalisco. Visited Guadalajara, Herradura train and Tlaquepaque. When ever I travel I like to look at Instagram and get a vibe of what that place is. Artsy, country, city, luxury ect. Then I check to see what the main activities are and what restaurants are the best in the area. Finally I go through my closet and pick out things go with my findings. I do this because it gets me super excited for my trips and its such a fun way to incorporate fashion into your “must do things” to get ready for a trip. I hope you guys enjoy the options as much as I did wearing them. Lets hope some outfits inspires yours for your next trip.

Aqui esta otro diario de la ropa que me puse durante mi viaje a Jalisco. Visite Guadalajara, Tren Herradura y Tlaquepaque. Cuando viajo me gusta ver en Intragram a que tipo de lugar voy a ir, como se ve y que tipo de vibras tiene el lugar. Despues checo que tipo de actividades voy hacer y ropa se veria mejor haciendo las actividades. Finalmente me fijo que tipo de ropa tengo en mi closet y cual ira con las actividades. Esto se combiene en mi routina de “cosas que hacer” para alistarme para el viaje. Hojala y les gusten las opciones de atuendos. Ojala y estos atuendos los inspiren en su viaje. 


Outfit 1: Hacienda Vibes
Brand / Marcas:
Crop top / blusa ombliguera– Charlotte Russe (simmilar item – blusa similar)
Structured Cardigan / saco – Target (similar items – saco similar)
Skirt / falda – Target (similar item- falsa similar)
Booties / botas – Payless (similar items- botas similar)
Hat / sombrero – Charlie 1 Horse (The hat im wearing is for their 2019 collection but this is a similar one- sombrero similar)
Purse / bolsa -Kate Spade New York (similar items- bolsa similar)
Color / Color:
Crop top / blusa ombligera– Coral / Coral
Structured Cardigan / saco– Flower pattern with yellow, green, orange, purple / Tela floral con amarillo, verde, anaranjado, morado
Skirt / falda– Military green / verde militar
Booties / botas– Black / negras
Hat / sombrero– light Brown and beige / cafe claro y beige
Purse/ bolsa – Black / negro
Trip dets / Detalles del Dia: Tequila Herradura Train trip / Herradura Express tren
This outfit was perfect for the occasion. The weather was cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon, hence why I wore this super cute structured cardigan. It was made out of a cool material which did not bother me all day. It was so airy I felt super comfortable in it. The skirt was one of the pieces I was excited about because the structure of it and the material just looked perfect. A big plus.. I am really digging that olive/military green so of course this one had to be one of my favorite pieces. This crop top was the perfect color to bring out all the peach/orange from the cardigan. The crop top and skirt made the perfect combination to make me look taller. The perfect illusion!

Este atuendo fue perfecto para la ocaccion. El clima era fresco en la manana y clientito en la tarde, por eso es que incorpore el saco en mi atuendo. El saco era tan fresco que era perfecto para este viaje. Una de mis cosas favoritas fue la falda color verde militar, es uno de mis favoritos esta temporada. La blusa ombligera y la falda verde fue la combinacion perfecta.

Paired it with:
I pared this outfit with some super amazing booties from Payless. They are more like boot mules because the back part was exposed but had a pointy front, which again played a big role in making me look taller. The heel in this bootie was so comfortable, it was perfect for all the amount of walking we did. Didn’t get tired one bit. My Kate Spade bag was the only purse I took on the trip, which is why I choose a color that would go with all my outfits and one that was not too big but fit everything I needed. It was also very handy that it was a cross over purse because of all the walking we had to do. I would not want to hold a big purse for this type of day. Last but not least is this AMAZING hat from Charlie 1 Horse. This hat is from their 2019 season hat collection, I don’t think you can buy them yet. My hat guy offered it to me and I had to have it. The colors are also perfectly neutral they go well with anything and of course would look great in one of those agave fields.

Este outfit, queria que se viera un poco wester wear conoce lo chic, por eso es que decidi ponerme estos botines pintiagudos. El tacon y forma del zapato lo hace ver super chic pero con vibras de los botines antiguos. Para que los botines combinen con algo, use mi  bolsa favorita de Kate Spade en color negro. No podia ir a una hacienda sin usar un sombrero super bonito! Es de la collecsion de Charlie 1 Horse de la temporada 2019. Combinable con todo, hasta con los agaves (jajaja)




Outfit 2: Historic Center Fun
Brand / Marcas:
Dress / Vestido– Target (this is from a year ago, the style is not available but here is a similar options / vestido similar)
Sandals / Sandalias Payless
Necklace- Target
Purse / bolsa -Kate Spade New York (similar item/ bolsa similar)
Color / Color:
Dress / Vestido – White with blue and red decorative stiches / Blanco con detalles rojo y azul
Sandals / Sandalias – Black / negras
Necklace / Collar – Gray / gris
Purse / bolsa – Black / negra
Trip dets / Detalles del Dia: Discovering Guadalajara’s historic district / Tour Centro Historico
Since we were going to learn and visit the entire historic center , I wanted to wear something comfortable and breeze. Believe it or not this is a dress I wore about a year ago for my birthday. It is such a beautiful dress and it is so light weight I knew I had to bring it with me. The dress is super flowy and it has such amazing statements, the color stitching and the bell sleeves. It was super simple but perfect.

Super cansada del viaje a Hacienda Herradura, fue un poco difil de despertar para este tour. Con el poquito tiempo que tenia para arreglarme, decidi ponerme este vestido comfortable. Este vestido lo use para mi cumpleanos el ano pasado, por eso es que ya no esta disponible. Este vestido estaba libiano pero super hermoso para caminar y conocer el Centro Historico. Era simple per perfecto para la ocaccion.

Paired it with:
Besides the fact that I was running late for the tour and had to get ready in 30min, I also wanted to keep the outfit super simple. I read a lot of blogs that said not to wear flashy clothes and to tone it down, the same guidelines you would follow when you go to a place you don’t know. On this trip again since walking was one of the main activities, I took my payless sandals. I cant stress enough how comfy they are, I wore them on my Greece trip too. To match my shoes I paired it with my Kate Spade bag, again super practical and matches everything. Lastly to keep it neutral I topped this outfit with a gray necklace made out of two marble gray crystal.

Aunque la verdad es que me desperte tarde para este tour, tambien queria combinar este vestido con algo simple. Como tambien ibanos a caminar much, decidi usar mis sandalias favoritas, que son super comfortables. Como caminar en las nubes. Otravez use mi bolsa favorita negra. Para mantener este look con colores natural decidi combinarlo con un collar gris.



Outfit 3: Afternoon whereabouts
Brand / Marcas:
Crop top / OmbligeraCharlotte Russe (similar item/ Blusa similar)
Jeans/ Levis– Target (similar item/ pantalones similar)
Earrings / Aretes– Target
Sandals/ Sandalias– kmart (unavailable, similiar item/ sandalias similar)
Purse/ bolsa– Kate Spade New York (similar item/ bolsa similar)
Color/ Color:
Crop top/ Ombligera– White/ blanca
Jeans/ Levis– Light Blue / Azul claro
Earrings/ Aretes– Blue/ Azul
Sandals/ sandalias– Brown/Multi Color / cafe/multi color
Purse/ bolsa– Black/ negra
Trip dets / Detalles del Dia: Tasting their famous Garrafa Ice cream and Dinner/ Probando nieve de garrafa y Cena
After a long day of walking around town and sight seeing, this comfy cotton top was perfect. The crisscross pattern hugged my waist perfectly and the v-neckline  was chic but also created the illusion of length (making me look a little taller). This blouse was casual but with the accessories it dressed it up a bit, making it not look bland. The jeans were high waisted and had ripped parts that was the perfect combination to go with this shirt. The high waist came up right underneath the shirt which was perfect combination ( and another chance for the illusion of length).  The white shirt and jeans is such an American outfit staple but with a twist. Crop fitted top and ripped high waisted jeans, my favorite travel uniform.

Despues de un día Levi caminando y visitando hermosos lugares volvimos al hotel a descansar un poco y un cambio de atuendo. Me encanta la ropa que párese darle vuelta a tu cuerpo. Siento que se ve muy bien y le da forma a tu cuerpo. La blusa es tan suave es súper comfortable para una tarde agradable y relajada. Los pantalones de cintura alta fue el mejor par para esta blusa. Da la ilusión de que uno es más alto de lo que en verdad está. Blusa ombligera y pantalón de cintura alta son mi uniforme favorito en mis viajes.

Paired it with:
Since the outfit was very minimalistic I wanted my accessories to pop. These pom pom earrings are from a year ago, but they are still in style and are great accent pieces. The earrings were two shades of blue, which matched the jeans and decided to wear another neutral color for my shoes. I kept the pom pom theme on my sandals. They were some cute  gladiator sandals with lots of different color pom poms. The accessories definitely stood out on a very neutral color outfit. We could not forget my black Kate Spade purse.

Como mi atuendo fue minimilistico queria que mis accesorios fueran mas llamativos. Por eso los aretes the pom pom con dos tonos azules. Para mantener el atuendo con colores neutrales pero con un poco de color, use estos huaraches super chic. Por una vez mas la bolsa negra fue usada por que esta super chula! Los accesorios fueron una parte importante de este atuendo, hiso verlo mas colorido!



Outfit 4: Magical Town Tour
Crop top / Blusa Ombligera Shein
Shorts / Pantalones cortos– Target (different color, similar item/ pantalones cortos similares)
Purse / Bolsa– Kate Spade New York (similar items / bolsa similar)
Sandals / SandaliasPayless
Glasses / Lentes de sol– Charlotte Rusee
Crop Top / Blusa Ombligera- Yellow with flowers / Amarilla con flores
Shorts / Pantalones Cortos– Beige with glitter / Beige con brillo
Sandals / Sandalias- Brown with multi colors / Cafe con  multi color
Purse / Bolsa– Black / Negra
Trip dets / Detalles del Dia: Tour to a colorful town / Tour a una Ciudad Colorida

One of the outfits that took a lot of self love talk for me to put on. So I bought this shirt in SheIn and I believe it only cost me $6 and the reviews were magnificent. It is a wrapped crop top. Very chic, very sexy, very fashionable. First of all I love everything wrap, it just looks great on my body. This style of clothing looks very good on us curvy women because it accentuates our waist area and hugs our hips very nicely. The sleeves to this shirt were bell-a-licious (yes I made up my own word for sleeves). The were a very nice bell sleeve which was a great design option since the rest of the top was close to the body. The neckline was a little risqué. Very low V but nothing you can’t manage when you are wrapping and tying the shirt. Now lets talk color, it has been one of my favorite, the mustardy yellow looked perfect in this mock satin. The flower patter made the yellow stand out even more since it was in shades of white and pink.  I decided to pair it with some high waisted beige shorts that had a very subtle effect of glitter. These were so cute and perfect for the shirt to stand out more because of its neutral color. Besides these shorts were super comfortable which was great for a day of walking. These are also perfect for my wide thigh, no thigh gap ladies. The shorts leg was wide and comfortable, it was very roomy, which is not always the case with some shorts. Also the beauty about them is that you could fold them up if you wanted them to be shorter or give them a different look.

Un atuendo un poco arresguiado, un poco sexy y un poco llamativo pero super street style. Esta blusa fue algo que tube muchas dudas en ponerme, pero ya ven si te la pones y te miras al espejo y te dices a ti misma “yo soy bella” creece tu confiancia en ti misma y en verdad “eres bella.” La blusa tiene un estilo como la otra blusa que le da buelta a tu curpo. Se ven espectavulares! Los pantalones cortos que use con esta blusa son los mas confortables que me eh puesto. Estos pantalones cortos los puedes hacer mas cortos, doblando la bastilla. El color es de lo mas combinable con un poco brillo.  Puedes hacer tantos looks con estos pantalones cortos. 

Paired it with:
Of course I had to paired this outfit with my black strappy sandals. I swear these sandals are the best, I have taken them with me on every trip ive taken so far. They seriously do feel like walking on clouds. Besides the comfines they also match the color scheme I was going for. So glad it matched my Kate Spade purse. These two things are becoming a staple item to all of my travel outfits.

Claro que tenia que ponerme mis sandalias negras. Como son de lo mas comfotables y la caminata durante nuestro tour era lasga, estas sandalias tenian que venir con migo. Tambien mi bolsita de Kate Spade negra tambien se a combirtiendo en una de las cosas que tengo que traer en mi maleta cuando viajo. Son super combinables con TODO! 





Outfit 5: Night time in Chapultepec
Brand/ Marcas:
Crop top / Blusa ombligera– target (other styles / blusa similar)
Jeans / Pantalones- Target (similar items / pantalones similar)
Sandals/ Sandalias- Payless
Purse/ Bolsa– Kate Spade New York (similar item/ bolsa similar)
Crop top/ Blusa Ombligera– Light blue / Azul claro
Jeans/ Pantalones – Blue / Azul
Sandals/ Sandalias – Black / Negro
Purse/ Bolsa – Black / Black
Trip dets/ Detalles del Dia: Nigh time in Avenida Chapultepec / En la noche en Ave. Chapultepec
A very blue outfit to a very happy trip (hahaha, get it?!). The shirt for this outfit has been one of my favorite. Being a crop top it had such amazing structure and detailing. The color was also very nice, like a light blue. For this shirt I decided to tie it at the front for to hug my waist instead of handing loose in its boxy design. The perfect ensemble for a nighttime, casual dinner outing. Again the jeans were high waited which was the perfect length for my shirt. This was the perfect outfit to end our mini vacation in Guadalajara. It was chic enough!

Un atuendo super azul. La blusa de este look fue una de muchas de mis favoritas. Siendo una blusa ombligera, es tan estractural que le daba otro aspecto a esta blusa. El color tambien es de lo mejor, un azul bajo que abojo de cada luz diferente se ve diferente! Me la amarre al rededor de mi cintura para que le diera un toque sexy en vez de que me quedara sin forma. Este fue un look super cool para acabar mis vacaviones de Guadalajara. 

Paired it with:
For this one I paired it with my favorite black strappy sandals and the black purse. I feel like even though my shoes were sandals the black color made them look very tidy and not too casual. I cant stress enough how much these sandals have saved my life while traveling, in between all the tours and walking on our own these were perfect.

Otravez combine mi look con mis favoritas sandalias y la bolsida negra. Aunque sean sandalias, el color negro les da un look mas minimilistico y chic.  Estan sandalias me han salvado durante mis vacaciones.


These were my five outfits for Guadalajara Mx. Keeping what I am doing in mind is always how I know what I want to pack and wear through out my  trip. Let me know below which outfit was your favorite or if you need help picking out some outfits for your next vacation let me know.

Estos fueron mis 5 looks de Guadalajara Mx. Manteniendo en mente las actividades de este viaje, fue lo que me ayudo a escojer mis conjuntos. Dejenme saber cual look fue to favorito o si te inspire a escojer un conjunto como el mio para tus vacaciones, dejame saber en los comentarios. 

Fashion is a part of everything we do.. Make sure you look good while doing it!
Estilo es parte de todo lo que hacemos… Hasegurate de verte bien!

love dlo


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