Santorinis Lookbook

Hey Gals,

Since I don’t think you gals have heard enough about Santorini (lol) let me share with you what I wore. If you haven’t read my Santorini Itinerary click this link and take a look! Well lets dive right in. I visited Santorini the last week of July, just so you can get a good idea of what the weather there was. It wasn’t unbearable but it was hot, the sun shines bright during the day but it was not cold, like some people suggested, during the night. My outfits were all super comfy, chic and light fabrics.


Outfit 1: Vintage two piece
Brand: Target
Color: light blue with mustard yellow flowers
Trip dets: Trip to Oia
This outfit is a two piece. The bottom part is a very flowy skirt with a small waistband and ruffles. The skirt goes from midi in the front to long in the back. When you grab the skirt it feel heavy, if I had to guess why, it would be from all the pleats on top and the bottom to make it as flowy as it is. The shirt of this set is a “crop top”  in the same color and print as the skirt. The shirt has an elastic neckline that goes off the shoulders. It also has some buttons as decoration in the front. The crop top also has an elastic hem line, which makes the shirt flowy. I wore this shirt to our trip to Oia because this outfit just seemed dreamy to me. Since we thought we would be walking all the way thee it also was super airy.

Paired it with:
I decided to pair this with some super comfy white shoes from Payless, that I found for $10. The white made this outfit brighter and livelier. One of my favorite accessories was this Stetson hat. Its like a light gray color (similar one) and the hat band was the same white and blue you find on the streets of Oia. For my last accessories was this straw bag we are seeing everywhere. It’s from Shein and it looked amazing, surprisingly it can fit a lot of stuff in it. My second favorite accessory are these hope tassel earrings from Payless as well. They are the perfect statement piece and they matched my hat.



Outfit 2:  Santorini boho Chic
Top- TjMaxx
Pants- Target (lots of similar ones)
Top: white
Pants: Green with a pink and white flower pattern
Trip dets: Visiting the Monostary
This one was one of my favorite outfits because the bell bottom long pants made me look like I was taller! The fabric was so breathable, I felt amazing in these pants. The design of them was so cute and girly with out making me look like I was trying to be boho! Lol. The pants had an elastic waistband with string which was great incase I wanted to over indulge (hahaha) They had to types of patterns and went to well together. There were bigger flowers on the main pants area and smaller flowers in some slits the pants had. The top was a crochet tank top in a white pearly color. It is a super pretty crop top and super comfortable. Even though it was crochet the material was super soft.  These two just came together perfectly.

Paired it with:
This outfit since we were doing walking I paired it with my strappy black sandals from Payless. These sandals were so comfy they kind of felt like they had memory foam! Wore them every time I could. The next accessory were these colorful tassel earrings. I really didn’t want to wear sun glasses but I had taken these aviator look alike fake glasses. I felt like it just made the outfit perfect. Lastly I cant forget the straw purse. I’m telling you gals it is perfect!!


Outfit 3:Touristy Chic one piece
Brand: Burlington
Color: white and black detailing
Trip dets: Fira @ night
You can say this was a midi one piece. The pants came a little above my ankles with a little wide leg. They were mostly white with black graphic stripes. The top of the one piece is off the shoulder with a decorative elastic neck line and very flowy 3/4 sleeves. Perfect sleeve size for summer. The top of the one piece had the same type of design, except there were a lot more stripes. The neck line came in to a V but had zigzag strings. On the waist area both pieces came together with a small elastic waistband. This feature made the top of the one piece look a little more flowy. Perfect for a laid back afternoon. The one piece had a lining which I liked because if not this would have been a super sheer ensemble.

Paired it with:
Since we were going to do some walking around I decided to wear my comfy black strappy sandals from outfit 3. Since I used this outfit for a late outing I used my very glamourous fanny pack (lol). It was an oval shape, black with a cute graphic of birds and flowers. The size was perfect for carrying the essentials: small wallet, phone, lipstick and portable charger. I wanted to add a pop of color so I tied this vibrant orange red with blue designs headband around my hand. The outfit just looked so laid back but put together. Its like when you see a models street style pictures.


Outfit 4: Bee Vreeland Inspired (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)
Brand: Target
Top- orange with colorful flowers
Bottom: Dark wash jean skirt
Vest: Military green
Trip dets: Archeological site
This is my first jean skirt ever since I was a teenager. Sometimes they don’t always fit great or don’t really hug the right parts of your body, but this one was amazing! The design is so simple yet so fashionable. To begin with it has a frayed hem, which if we are seeing in pants it is only right to see it on skirts. The front is has some light wash around the thigh area. Perfect for some color variation. This shirt is so cute! It reminded me of the elastic shirts my mom would buy my sister and me when we were little.  This is an elastic crop top with  short sleeves. The shirt goes a little of the shoulders, it gives it an extra sexiness to it. It is super stretchy and comfy, I loved wearing it. I had bought this vest on sale when I first found out I was going to Santorini because I had read about this Archeological site and it literally reminded me of the one Bee wore except hers was beige. This one was still perfect. The vest hits right below the waist with a pull string hem line. If I wanted for the vest to hit my above my hips I would just pull on it and tie it. I could also zip it up and pull on the string to make it more puffy at the top and could wear it as a “shirt vest” (obviously with a tube top underneath or something. My favorite thing were these big pockets it had in the front. It definitely helps you look smaller, since they are so big.. All about proportions, it can be a big asset.
Paired it with:

Since I wanted to keep an “archeological” vibe (if that’s a thing lol) I paired it with my Payless sandals, similar to burking stocks, in the color nude. These bad boys are so comfortable I couldn’t get enough. When I wear them it makes me feel like a cool sexy mom lol. Really digging them! Of course I could forget my chic fanny pack, since I wore it around my hips it broke off all the color combinations going on in the outfit. The design on the fanny brought out more of that red. Toped this outfit with my timeless brown watch.



Outfit 5: Everything wrapped looks good!
Brand: She In
Multi dark colors
Black blue purple red white
Trip dets: Sunset dinner
My favorite kind of dress is a wrap dress and this one is amazing. I had seen this one a blogger I follow and she looked amazing in it, I loved the fit, so I found it online and bought it. If you are buying from Shein for the first time I would read the reviews on the product for sizing purposes. I love when the wrap dresses have and actual V-neck line, its just super flattering. These long sleeves are not uncomfortable, they are pretty loose and they are not too long. The don’t bother your when you are doing things, like some item of clothing when the sleeve surpasses my hand lol. At the end of the sleeve and at the hem of the dress there is some very cute ruffles, it gives it that flirty girly girl look. The print of the dress went vertical which gives illusion of tallness, Perfect for my shorties out there. It is a super fun  (in a very subtle way), sexy and playful dress.

Paired it with:
All the color on the dress I wanted to break it off with my White slip on shoes from payless. They are so comfy, clean likes and brought out the white from the dress. Since I used this dress for a sunset dinner at super cute restaurant I had to wear these amazing beige tassel earing from payless. Lastly I wore a body chain on my chest area to make the V-neck pop in a sexy way.


Outfit 6: Get my Greek on 2 piece set
Brand: Target
Color: White with  blue designs
Trip dets: Morning stroll through Firostephani
When I first saw this two piece ( way before I knew I was going to Greece) I though this would be an amazing set for a Greece vacation.. And what do you know the following week I was buying the entire set for this vacation. The world works in a mysterious way. Overall this set is very comfy and flattering. These shorts were adorable, they had two pleats in the front and some amazing pockets, which if you have a little tummy like me, this is a great camouflager for that gut area. Again super comfy set because of the elastic waistband. The shirt is a crop top, a little more boxy style but still super cute. Short sleeves and a crew neckline, super fan of them. Makes the look more sophisticated. The best part was the fabric. it was very soft and breathable. In love! The other amazing part was the design super pretty and intricate. Because of the design this two piece reminded me of Greece so much.

Paired it with:
Since this outfit was all about capturing the white and blue colors from Santorini, I had to wear my slip on white shoes from payless. They are so comfortable and such a cute design. I cant forget my straw bag once more. I have to say it really is my favorite bag, plus I had gotten it specifically for this trip so I had to use it all the time. Don’t you think?



Outfit 7: Weird length but cute one piece
Brand: Target
Color: Multicolor-green and pinks (other cute options)
Trip dets: Donkey & Cable ride
I know it’s a weird length but it looks so cute!! I was a little worried how it would look on me. I thought the length was going to be a problem. It turned out to be just fine. So this one  piece has spaghetti strap, which was perfect since it was a little hotter that day. My favorite part about the top part, its that it had a little opening, below the cleavage area and a cute little bow. It was just super girly! At the stripes curved inward into the opening which makes you look smaller. The pants have the same color stripes and the design run horizontal which makes us shorties look taller. If you haven’t notice I love piece that make me look taller.  The wide legged pants remind me of the culottes pants everyone was wearing not tool long ago. They are ankle length and the wide leg pants are super adorable and feminine.

Paired it with:
When I was thinking of pairing this jumpsuit I choose my white and pastel colorful adidas sneakers (other options). We were going to be walking a lot and I didn’t want to be tired plus they are super comfy. Since I wanted to keep it simple and flirty I had to use my Shein straw bag. Also when in Greece you use straw bags all the time. Next was my favorite hat from Stetson, it was the perfect combination and covered my face from the beaming sun! I can’t forget about all my cute little statement rings, definitely a plus.



Outfit 8: 3 Words- Sexy Sexy Sexy
Brand: Amazon
Color: Blue base with tan and white stripes
Outfit dets: Last dinner in Santorini
The sexiest thing I have ever worn and I found it on Amazon. There comes a point in life when you also want to look sexy because we were all given the chance to be and act attractive. Theres a difference about being sexy and being bulger. Again when in Greece try new things. This dress had a lot of cut offs. The cleavage area had a huge section cut off. There was a draw string design, it seemed as if that was the waist band, it onnected the top part to the bottom. The skirt section had two very high splits. I recommend wearing a bikini bottom just incase the wind decided to play a Madeline Monroe moment lol. The length is up to your ankles so its perfect to wear flat shoes.. Though I did feel different with this number on, we all have to try something out of the ordinary once in a while. It was such a cute dress I couldn’t get over it. I’m so happy I bought it! #founditonamazon

Paired it :
I wore this dress to our last dinner, so I opted for my black comfy sandals. I wore these again because they  literally feel like walking on a cloud. These sandals went perfectly for my street wear kind of look, I was going for. Again I couldn’t forget the straw bag, gave the dress a nice casual look to it and it also brought out the beige on the dress. To finish off the look I wore my brown Timex watch. Just to add a little extra I wore my hoop tassel earing. Perfect combination!

These have been by far my favorite outfit I’ve taken on trips! They all went along with the colors and vibes of Santorini, it was amazing. I really didn’t spend a lot of money on these pieces either. They all came from clearance racks or used coupon codes. Whenever I travel and want to build new outfits, I check out the clearance section, because we are still in summer and stores change inventory quickly so there’s always something cute you can purchase with out breaking the bank. Specially if you want to save money for your trip. Also ALWAYS check to see if they have coupons for what you are buying!


Stay stylish Gals and happy traveling!
If you have some similar outfits, comment them below or let me know which one was your favorite!
love dlo

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