Santorini Travel Itinirary

I told you guys I would be writing the wanderlust vacation I took to Greece. To be more specific SANTORINI, because who doesn’t want to live their  “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” moment. There’s so much I wanted to share with you guys about this amazing trip I had to break it up. I decided to do an Itinerary post because we did went to all these places on our own and every place there were buses and buses of tourist, I felt very proud of the great schedule I had done. It saved us money and we did it on our own time frame and stayed as long as we wanted. Well lets start my Santorini itinerary!

Day 1

Trip to Oia:
I had read online to walk the trail from Fira to Oia. With out further research my friend and I started to walk the trail to get there. As we started walking we saw so many picturesque places and scenery. It was just mouth dropping, with all the gorgeous views. At the start of the walk we found this amazing Gelato place, you need to go to it, and it has the best name ever “Confetti Dessert Boutique“. After the Gelato we had already been walking about 3 miles but the first 2 miles where the best, after that I got too tired to keep walking. We tried to get a taxi but since there is not many in the island we gave up after a while and went to get lunch. The restaurant was super cute, they served the biggest burgers and delicious pitas. We both got very juicy hamburgers. We had seen a lot of people on ATVs and buggies while we were walking so we decided to rent one for the next 48 hrs. This prevented us from waiting a long time for a taxi or even their public transit bus. It would have been a lot of waisted time. Once we rented the buggy my friend drove us to Oia… it had such amazing views a long the way and the cool breeze hit our face felt so good. Once we got to Oia we started to walk up their streets and it was filled with cute little restaurants and very cute shops. We started to locate the 3 very famous domes. Luckily we found them but it was filled with tourist trying to get their perfect picture!. We did wait and lingered to get the perfect shot. We continued walking and found a great place for Instagram worthy pictures, close to the end of Oia. It had the perfect views. Once we were ready to leave we got a fruit smoothie from a place called Yummy and Sunny ( it was so refreshing) and drove back to Firastefanie. We were beat from the sun we decided to get in the pool and relax. Got a quick glimpse of the sunset and it was just jaw dropping. If you want to take the walk like us even if it is not all the way to Oia I would suggest doing it early in the day so the sun doesn’t beam on you too hard. While in Oia try to stay until the late afternoon, just so you can get a good look of the little town. Once we left and went back to the hotel, we just chilled and as a late snack got a Chicken Pita from a little shop so close to our hotel called, Why Not Souvlaki, they have the best of the best pitas. I got the chicken on a stick pita and it was like heaven in a very soft pita! You need to try these, oh and their Blakava is so sweet. I was in love with this place.

Tip: On this day and after walking this long path to Oia I would 100% recommend to rent an ATV or Buggy to be able to get to all the parts of the island.


Day 2

This day was filled with lots of places we wanted to discover!
Fist stop, Monastary Profitis Ilias:
Second day we made the trip to Prof. Ilias Monastary. This cute little monastary is one of the highest point of the island. While I researched places to visit some of the post said this place had amazing views and it did not disappoint. We were able to see the entire island from one tip to the next. It really gave us the real perspective of Santorini; thought there is much to do in the big touristy areas filled with business, those parts are small compared to the entire island. There’s still a lot of land that is left alone or is harvested. It was so refreshing to see that. As you make your way up the hill to the monastary you encounter a pebble path that leads to the top of the monastary. At the top you can walk to the edge and see amazing island views  and visit inside the little monastary. The monastary is a really nice light coral color building and as you make your way in, there’s a cute little sit in area, then you walk farther inside and there’s several wooden chairs along the wall. The detailing all around is so minimal, with gold and the mesmerizing colored glass. We headed up to the Monastary late morning, this was a perfect time for us because it wasn’t packed with tourist at this time. We wanted to do things that were right by each other so we did waist time and so next to the monastary stood there was a little town called Pyrgos, which is were we went next.

Tip: This is more the action of being courteous  than tip, plus I read on some reviews that women shoulders should not be exposed, which is why I used a small blanket to cover up. Other tourist wore very revealing clothes and to me it didn’t seem very respectful. (just my opinion)

Like I mentioned, we headed to this little town after the monastary since they were so close to each other. This town is known for keeping their culture alive and not being so touristy. For the most part Locals live here. The architecture was a little different than Fira or Oia. I had also read that the food here was very good and traditional. We had such a delicious lunch. Tasted their Tzatziki with bread and it was so delicious. For my lunch entree I had a risotto, that was so creamy and the chicken so juicy. Every time we would go eat out I would order water because I felt so hot but at this place I got an orange Fanta and I was thinking I would be getting the typical orange color soda but it was yellow!! The ironic part is that it tasted the same. (I was shook, lol) The Kantouni restaurant, was so cute family oriented. It reminded me of my mothers childhood stories. The owners were there to welcome the people and make sure everything was running good, it just felt like such a great family restaurant! Going right after the monastary was a great idea because we were hungry and wanted to sit for a bit from doing all that walking. After lunch we walked around for a bit, saw the architecture and little places that they had. It was a great break before we headed to the next destination.

Black Beach:
This beach was spectacular! The “sand” were little black pebbles all through out the beach area, BEWARE they were soo hot, I  literally felt like I had burned my feet when I stepped into them. There were also huge pebbles inside the water. It was cool but I was also scared, felt like if I stopped stepping on the pebbles there was nothing more beneath me. The views from here were stunning. Big tan mountain next to the water and a  strip of shops and restaurants, it reminded me of San Diego’s beaches. We sat down on the little huts the restaurants had, the only requirement was to spend 20 Euros with them. It was not bad since the pebbles were so hot I don’t think I could lay out on a towel on top of hot rocks. It was such a relaxing time! We laid out, swam, had some drinks and looked out to some amazing views! We arrived at the beach around 1pm and it was great. The sun was out and we were able to get our tan on  and there wasn’t too many people. I did notice that as we were leaving a lot more people were just getting there. This beach was 45 min from where we were staying but since we were at Pyrgos it didn’t take us long to get there. Also I had a Mythos Radler Lemon beer and O M G it was the best beer I have tasted.. So freakin’ refreshing!

Tip: Buy water shoes! The pebbles were so hot it did not feel good when you stepped on them and the rocks in the beach sometimes were pointy and they hurt plus if you visit other beaches in Santorini you will need them.

Night at Fira:
Yes we did get a little break from running around all day and went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for a night in Fira. I read and saw so many cute pictures of Fira and I just really wanted to see it. This cute little town was not far from our hotel and it is filled with restaurants to choose from. Which we did, we really didn’t know what to get so we started walking and this cute little Mexican restaurant caught our eyes. It was so cute we had to try the food and see how it tasted. Later we learned that this restaurant chef is from Mexico City. The food was delicious, atleast my chicken fajitas were.After we ate we decided to walk around Fira. It was the best town I have ever seen. There were blocks and blocks of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. We walked and saw locals walking around amoung us, tourist, and so many beautiful  jewelry shops with great selections! I cant get over how lit up the streets were with all the street and shops’ lights. When I researched Fira online there was a picture I had seen on the web of this street with bougainvillea flowers and the pictures looked beautiful. As we were walking we came across it. It  was just like the picture I had seen, I was ESTATIC! It was like a dream come true. I think I enjoyed walking around at night because, like I said the locals were out too and there were so many cultures walking and mingling. It was perfect.

Day 3:
Red Beach:
Third day and still not jetlag (well just a little but we didn’t let that stop us). Super excited to visit the red beach and see if it was really red like I had read. This beach is located in (look up location) The beach was 45 min away from us so driving there, again, was the best decision. We left late morning early afternoon. The sun was shinning bring just good enough to keep our tan going. As soon as we got there and parked, you see a small white and blue church super pretty and a path up a mountain. I was a little confused and then just thought maybe we have to go up and the beach will be right on the other side… No it was not. We climb up, around and down a not so safe path. It was a great experience and the views were exceptional. At the end it was a nice scenery, all that red on the mountains were to die for. Once you get down to the beach you will see that there is no sand, there is rocks!! AGAIN… Not a fan but it did look cool. Inside the water there is a lot more pointy rocks than at the black beach. This is where you water shoes come in handy again! We decided to sit in one of the umbrella chairs, you do have to pay 20 euros for a set but it is better than on the hot ground. The water felt so good and the views were Instagram worthy. Looking out to the red on the mountain path and the sailboats out on the water, just a dream come true.

After we were done at the red beach, we decided to go to this archeological site. It is on your way out of the red beach so why not just stop there. Plus its a great way to learned about how people use to live and how much work archeologist put in to find all these amazing things. We went mid-afternoon and there was not a lot of people which was great because it let us walk at our leisure and it wasn’t packed, so we didn’t feel like we wanted to leave right away. After this archeological site we saw how little villages were built back in the day. Every space of the village had signs explaining what they thought it was and what they had found in that area. It was amazing to see what each section was used for and what they had found buried in it. When you get towards the back of the museum there is, what the archeologist thought was a pantry, it was were they stored all their goods or extra things. Its astonishing to see the frame of that place and some of the “containers” where they stored things are still there. It was such a great experience. Reminded me of Bridget from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I would recommend this and a plus, the entrance fee wasn’t super expensive. I believe it was $12 for both of us. On this day it was pretty hot so we decided to go back to the hotel and get in the pool and chill before dinner. We ate at this amazing restaurant right on top of our hotel called, Onar. Sunset views are amazing here and food delicious.

Day 4:
Donkeys  and Cable car at Fira:
We woke up early to try and see the sunrise but sadly it was rising from the other side of the island and we didn’t want to walk around to see it.. Lol yes we were tired. Well we were awake and ready to go on this day. I had read about the donkey ride and how they take you down the stairs and then you can take the cable car up to Fira. So we did that exactly. My friend and I walked from Firostephani to Fira and again all the little places we saw along the way and the views were memorizing. Once we got there, we paid to ride a donkeys down the stairs. It was scary but a good experience. I know how to ride horses but riding a donkey going downwards was difficult. I felt like I was going to fall multiple times. Looking over those stairs to the water was such an inspiring view. After a few minutes we finally got to the bottom and walked around the port for a bit then paid to go on the cable ride up. Those views were amazing! The huge mountains with little white houses at the top. It was like no other view I have ever seen. There were different color soils and pebbles that build those mountains. Then we walked for a bit around the Fira stores and went back to the hotel. Guess what we did after this HOT, SMELLY ride. We got in that amazing little pool at the hotel. Water so refreshing and the views so calming. Unfortunately this was our last night there so we went to eat at this restaurant, that everyone seem to be enjoying. It was called Davinci and the pizza was delicious!

This ended out adventure in Santorini but let me tell you I left with lots of daydreams of going back, amazing memories and a belly filled with Chicken Pitas! I hope you enjoyed this “little” post and if you have any questions on this trip leave a comment below or email me! Also coming soon a full review of the hotel we stayed at and the outfits I wore! Stay tune.

Santorini I fell in love with you!! Greece I will be back to visit all your other places!

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