2018 Winter Reading List


So with the new year comes a new reading list and this time around I want to dive into a list of books that will inspire me. I’ve always found it fascinating to read about how every accomplished person made it to where they are at today. It has inspired me to keep pushing forward and pass every obstacle in my way. It’s so refreshing to be able to read words of encouragement from someone you don’t know but believe in a common thing: To make your dreams come true. Here are some of my must read for the rest of the winter season and why I think I will love them!

chip edited2

chip edited

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines
I can tell you right now anything made by the magnificent Fixer Upper fairies, I will buy. I love watching their show and I think one of the many reasons I got hooked on it is because of the way both Chip and Jojo act among each other and their family, but also the way that they make working together look so easy. From watching their show to following them on their social media, their entrepreneurial spirit caught my attention. When Chip was promoting his book I knew that it would be filled with knowledge on his learning experience along the way. I’ve read half of this book already, everyday after work on my commute home on the train. His first few chapters Talk about how he got started, which is so humbling, but also his mistakes. Like when he left to Mexico to learn Spanish and Jojo was not having it. (gotta read it to know what I am talking about) I believe this book will teach me about what a real entrepreneur goes through and his uplifting comments that kept him going!


Create Rebellion by Robbie Tripp
This is another book I am super excited to read! It comes from a greatly creative person (at least that’s how I see him on social media). I’ve followed his wife for about a year and she is always so inspiring and genuine when she talks about her husband that I had go and follow his account too! Which is how I got to know about this book. I haven’t read the book, but I’ve read that it is like a bible for the creative minds. I hope that from this book I will learn or comprehend how to listen to my creative gut and f*$# what the rest have to say about my ideas… well only if they are being negative, because I welcome constructive criticism any time. I feel like we all loose hope in ourselves and believe our ideas aren’t worth it but hopefully this book will uplift me to think other wise, to push my creative mind more and more!


The Self Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser
I found out about this book from Sarah Trip (Sassy Red Lipstick) when she posted it on her Instagram story. She always has good recommendations or advice on everything that has to do with self love, so I thought this would be a great book to have. Growing up I have always been the girl on the heavier side and having your own cousins make fun of you because you weren’t the skinny one, which took a toll on how I perceived myself, was not the best way to grow up. It always sucked more when family hurts you “unintentionally” (so they say). I can say though that my mother has helped me through this, to look at life with a better eye and to show myself that I am beautiful in any shape or size. After reading a little about this book I hope to gain knowledge on self love because it’s always been tough for me to be confident on my physic. It would also be nice to get the perspective of some one who has gone through some similar things and how she overcame that and loves herself!


If you have deviated from reading, lets get back on it. Hopefully some of you will read some of these inspiring books, and if you are or have read them lets chat! This is only my Winter list and I will update you through out the year when I have another list! If you have any recommendations let me know below!!

Lets get reading!
Love Dlo..


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