Summer to Winter Dresses

Hey there Gals,

It’s definitely winter here in Chicago, it’s freezing out! Let’s find out how I am doing my summer dresses into winter appropriates! It all has to do with how much layering you want to do. Since I get hot easily I didn’t want to overwhelm my outfit with lots of layers. For both outfits I chose a statement jacket. This is a fun way to upgrade your closet during the cold months. We all have those cute dresses we want to wear year-round, and these are mine.

The first outfit is based around this cute beige flower dress. It is the softest casual dress I’ve touched. It feels luxurious in some type of way (if that makes sense). I actually got this at the H&M Memorial Day sale, it was only $5! I had forgotten about it until I started cleaning my closet, and by then it was getting chilly outside. For this dress I wanted to bring out some of those earthy tones and make it brighter. I opted for this glittery rose gold bomber jacket. Since you can’t say winter without knee length boots, pairing them with these black ones was the way to go. It’s that perfect combination of chic and sexy! As far as my accessories I decided to incorporate a lighter shade of rose pink in my purse, and some gold and black necklaces for the earthy tones

The second outfit plays with color, so definitely for my gals that want to be a little adventurous. I find that glossy pink and burgundy look great together, which is exactly this outfit. The thing that I like most about the dress is its color. Glossy pink is the way to go, it reminds me of a pink winter wonder land! It’s a perfect outfit to welcome the Christmas count down. This burgundy jacket I paired it with had textured, which played on the brightness of the dress. It made it fun and flirty! I had to pair it with some chic ankle boots. They were gray with a pink flower pattern and matched perfectly with the color of the dress. To finish the look I wore the gold and black necklace to break off all the colors.

Outfit #1 IMG_6093
Dress: H&M
Jacket: Charlotte Russe (different color)
Boots: Burlington
Purse: Ashley Stewart





IMG_6114Outfit #2

Dress: KMart
Jacket: H&M
Boots: Marshalls
Necklace: Target






Gals don’t forget to make multiple use of those summer dresses.
8 Days ’till Christmas!!
Love Dlo..


Author: dlosdistrict

A 23 year old Mexican- American gal traveling here and there trying to innovate my style and get inspired from every place I visit.

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