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I hope every one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving with all your loved ones! I did. For Thanksgiving, we usually go to a family member’s house, or cook at our own. We mingle, eat and dance all night, but this time we did things a bit different. My Mami decided she really wanted to go to Wisconsin Dells; I second that change because I am always up for traveling! After researching our options, we decided that booking at The Wilderness Resort was the best one.

The Wilderness Resort:

  • It is a big resort, they have lots of different types of rooms. Our room had two beds and a pull-out couch. It was spacious enough for the 6 of us.
  • It had a little table with two chairs, a bench, a microwave, mini fridge, one full bathroom and a couch.
  • The resort has lots of activities like: Go karts, zip-lining, 2 indoor water parks, restaurants, Froyo, bars, an arcade, laser tag and many many more!
  • The decoration is so cute, it looks like a huge log cabin and the rooms go with that style.

Our day by day:

On Thursday once we checked into our room and settled in we went to their indoor pool. In this area they have a lazy river surrounding the little kids’ area and in a separate room they have a wave pool, a swim up bar and water slides. We started in the wave pool, it was sooo much fun, especially when the waves came on. Each time they turned them on it would be in different motions. It got me so tired from all the jumping around trying not to drown (lol). Then my parents and I did a little Swim-Up Bar action, drank some fruity drinks and once we were done we meet my siblings at the lazy river. This lazy river was the best way to end the pool time! Once in our room we all got ready to head to a Thanksgiving buffet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get reservations for the buffet at the hotel, but we found a really good one at a restaurant called Moose Jaw. The decorations in this restaurant were super nice, it looked like a luxurious log cabin plus they also brewed their own beer! The buffet was good, I definitely recommend it, and while you’re there try a flight of their beer (if you are 21). They are so rich in taste; my favorite one was called Relaxin’ Raspberry. It is so much better than the other flavored beers I have tasted, and you can really taste that berry flavor! I had to take a four-pack home with me. Later that night in the resort we decided to do some laser tag and your gal got first place. It was so much fun, but I did feel bad for getting the little kids out multiple of times… and this is how our first night ended.

(Hotels’ Entrance)

(Moose Jaw)

(Swim-up Bar)


(Laser Tag)

For the second day, we went to check out their “Downtown” area. We started at one of their sweater print shops; they have lots of these stores so first look around. There’s lots of cute little shops like: a cheese store, beef jerky shop(the best I’ve had), little souvenirs shops and unique spots to take pictures at. It was very quaint. On this day we ate at Famous Dave’s, if you haven’t had it you need to try it. Once at the resort we did the same pool routine as Thursday, we really liked how it had worked out the night before. The activity we did on this day was Go-karts. I have to say it was cool to do it once or twice but that’s pretty much it for me. The rest of the night we just stayed in the room, I had a glass of wine outside on our balcony and listened to the breeze. It was very relaxing!

(Cool place for picture & it’s a cheese store)

(Cool place for picture: Clock Tower)

(Beef Jerky Store by clock tower)

(Cool picture spot: literally on every side walk)

IMG_9862(Cool place for picture: Boat in the middle of a street)

(Go- Karts adventure)

Saturday was the day we left, but before we hit the road, we had to make one last stop. We visited The Secret Upside Down White House. I had heard about this but literally forgot about it till we saw it on our way to “downtown” Friday. It was super cool, there were some turns we took that scared us because we had forgotten that the things were on the ceiling (lol). Other than that, I recommend it, plus we had only paid $5 each! Once we were out from this attraction site we headed home, and this was how we ended our trip.

(Upside Down White House)




It’s great when we all cook and come together at someone’s home but being able to see different parts of this world is a great experience you can give any one! I hope my parents keep that wanderlust for next year!

Here’s my little guide you can use next year for Thanksgiving or any other time of the year!
Love DLo…


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A 23 year old Mexican- American gal traveling here and there trying to innovate my style and get inspired from every place I visit.

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