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Hey Gals!!

Last week I was so nervous that my package from MISSGUIDED wasn’t going arrive on time for my trip this week. They got here over the weekend, YAY!!! The first time I heard about MISSGUIDED was from Victoria of A Gallon of Glitter Blog. If you have not visited her blog, you need to, she has great content and style!! Anyways she had put on her Instagram story that the store was having 50% off! Usually when I have never hear of a store and they have a SALE I check them out, just to see if it is a store of my preference. Most of the time I am skeptical about shopping online because I am one of those people that likes to try on the clothes before i buy them. Only in selective store will I buy without going into the fitting rooms, because I might know my size. It can be hard sometimes to shop online with these extra curves… Anyways so when it’s a new store I look at their shoes, I have a little shoe addiction. I love to see what unique footwear they might have. Fortunately for me they had plenty!!

Whenever I shop online I try and remember what kind of items I might really want. Something I’ve been wanting are mules. They’re like a mullet: business in the front and party in the back. They are perfect for those spring/summer days, but shoes you can still feel a little breeze on your foot. The first shoe I got were the “traditional” looking mule in the silver color with a metal clasp on top. After seeing the first shoes the store had a recommendation section which is where I found my second pair that I got. This studded black mule was a twist on the “traditional” mule. They were pointed, which if you know me you know I love pointy shoes. The shoes also had studs all over and a strap with a western looking buckle. The third shoe I actually searched to see if they had pom pom sandals. I really wanted these sandals for my trip to La Paz, and what do you know they did and they are super cute. Besides having cute colorful pom poms they also have a braided trim on the side of the sandals, it kinda looks like the ones on espadrilles. Now my fourth and last pair, I found on their sale section and couldn’t pass them up. These slip on sneakers are pointed again and have some really cute star embellishments. I hadn’t really seen shoes like these before and they are going to be such bold accessories, I love them and their price tag!

MISSGUIDED is still having 50% off the entire store, excluding sales. If I were you I would head on over and see what cool items you can get too!

Can’t wait to share with y’all how I wore these shoes, subscribe to the blog to stay tune!
Love Dlo..

Author: dlosdistrict

A 23 year old Mexican- American gal traveling here and there trying to innovate my style and get inspired from every place I visit.

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