Easter Dress…

BeFunkyPhoto dress17
Dress: Forever21
Bralette: JCPenny
Bracelet: Express Factory
Watch: Timex
Heels:  Forever21

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BeFunkyPhoto dress16

BeFunkyPhoto dress20

BeFunkyPhoto dress14

BeFunkyPhoto dress13

BeFunkyPhoto dress21

BeFunkyPhoto dress11

BeFunkyPhoto dress10

BeFunkyPhoto dress19

BeFunkyPhoto dress15

BeFunkyPhoto dress7

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BeFunkyPhoto dress4

BeFunkyPhoto dress2

BeFunkyPhoto dress9

The weekend is finally here Gals,

Who is struggling to find the perfect Easter dress?? I know I was, until I went to the mall and found the one at Forever21. Before I went shopping I had a picture in my head of what I wanted, this made it so much harder to find. I looked everywhere until a wall full of long flowy dresses appeared. I tried on 3. The first one looks like the one I picked but in a mauve pink color, I thought this was going to be the one. As I tried it on it blended with my skin color and didn’t pop, I wasn’t a fan. Then I tried a blue one with bigger flowers but this one screamed beach dress, not Easter. Lastly, I tried this one and I loved it, I guess this mustard color does look good on me.

As I was thinking about this dress and how to accessorize it, I really wanted a very simple look. As far as accessories goes they were very minimalist. Of course my favorite timeless piece from Timex was included, my IQ+ watch with the brown band, and a very simple bracelet from Express Factory. Yes, I know I said I wanted a simple look but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, you can add unexpected details. Since the back of the dress was open, (one of my favorite things about it) a great way to add more character was by adding this strappy bralette. Last but not least these strappy chunky heels from Forever21 match the color of the roses; it’s one of those hidden details. Since the dress is long, there’s going to be times when you might have to pull it up a bit, and these cute heels are going to be seen. Plus if I didn’t have some type of heel helping me I would be dragging this dress everywhere. The little details throughout this outfit made it look more than just simple.

What Easter dress will you wear this time?
Love Dlo..

BeFunkyPhoto dress3

Author: dlosdistrict

A 23 year old Mexican- American gal traveling here and there trying to innovate my style and get inspired from every place I visit.

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