White Stripes…

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Adidas Cap: Lids
Dress: Joe Boxer
Kicks: Adidas

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Hey Gals!

Another beautiful Wednesday here in the West Coast. You know what I love to wear when the sun is out and bright! That’s right, a super cute swing dress. I love this style because you can dress them up or down, and they are so comfortable you can take them from day to night easily (maybe I should show you how in a different blog post). For today I’ll leave you with this easy look you can wear to the park, brunch, sport games or to explore your town. I’m sure everyone has some of these items at home; give this look a try this season!

I love this super casual look, there’s just something about dresses and tennis shoes I love! Usually outfits like this one, I like to match my cap to my shoes. For today I chose these cool Adidas ZX Racer shoes, which I got at the Adidas outlet and they were super cheap!! Every time we go to the outlet mall, I make it a must stop store; there’s always little treasures I find in there! Of course I had to pair it with my new Adizero cap. I love the hat’s material; it’s so lightweight and soft. When I was first thinking of what to wear with these shoes, I had forgotten all about this cute little dress. I’ve had this dress for about a year and it wasn’t until this weekend when I was doing a little “inventory” check in my closet, that I found this black and white stripe dress that would be perfect for my outfit.

Wear your cool kicks, we’re near the weekend!
Love Dlo..

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Author: dlosdistrict

A 23 year old Mexican- American gal traveling here and there trying to innovate my style and get inspired from every place I visit.

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