Light Up Your Summer

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Hey Gals!

Who’s ready for summer? I know, I know, I skipped right over spring, but we’re staying in Mexicali and this week the temperature spiked up to 80 degrees. Hello summer! It is almost here… I don’t know if I should be happy or upset. I love this warm weather outside, but if it’s 80 degrees already I can only imagine what it will be in store for us in the next couple of months

Recently Gio and I have been a little obsessed with candles, we’ve turn one on every day since December. Like I said, since the temperature is getting warmer, we wanted some summery scents. While we were walking around the mall, Bath & Body Works had a sale on their 3 wick candles!!! They were only $13.50, we couldn’t pass this sale up.  As soon as we got to the middle of the store they had their big tower of candles and all their scents smelled like summer. Though I must say you’ll have to be a tomato lover if you get their tomato scented candle (that one was not meant for me). The scents that we got were Sugar Lemon Zest and Wild Sage & Aloe. These scents are so fresh and they both smelled lemony. We’ve bought other brands of candles before, yet the Bath & Body Works has a long-lasting scent and you can smell them as soon as you light them up.  The candle will be a great part of your home decor, the containers look smooth and they have a matte finish.

Comment your favorite candle scent below!
Love Dlo..


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