Quarantine & Chill

Hey y’all!

Welcome back to Dlosdistrict! I hope your week is going great and that you and your family are doing good. I know that this social distancing is making some of us a little too bored or cray cray. So, let’s do something that benefits us. There is SOOO many things I can think off. Before social distancing and these things came to mind I automatically said I wish I had the time… Welp right now is the time. You have the time of the world. That time you needed. Even if you are going to work or working from home, right after you are done you should be staying/going home. The time you wished you had is here.

Let’s take what is happening to the world to better ourselves, to do things that are beneficial to us, things we enjoy.  I thought I’d do a quick list of things that I will be doing during this self-distancing to give you guys some ideas and give you a starting point, if you have not started. If you have started doing activities and keeping busy, here are more so you don’t run out.


Exercise:  This is a great way to start working out. It takes 14 days for something to become a constant in your daily schedule. Everyone in the fitness world on Instagram is doing free live sessions for you to follow along. This is a great way to support them and get the word out on what they do, while helping yourself be healthy.

Read a book: Ahhh this one! I am guilty of carrying a book with me and saying after work ill read it on the train ride home.. do I do it NO! I get distracted scrolling through social media. I have a bunch of books Ive started and haven’t finished. This is the time, when you find yourself bored pick up that book or if you are a scheduler, then put “reading” on your to-do list.

Dance: My favorite! Dancing makes me happy, ever since I was little dancing was an outlet and something I loved to do. Made me feel good and happy. It didn’t help that my parents kept me at Mexican parties till 4 am and I was content (maybe that’s why I like to party too lol story for another time). Put some music, dance it out for 30 mins, or learn a new dance. This will occupy your mind.

Start TikTok: I said I wasn’t going to give in but here we are, I just started one lol. It is just to have a good time and makes me laugh like crazy. But doing some of these are super fun!

Start a Blog/Vlog: If you keep putting it off and always say another day… Just do it! Run with that idea you’ve been having; you never know what might come from it.

Organize Your Room: OMG!! This is on my schedule this upcoming week. This is one I hate. Letting go of clothes I haven’t worn in a while is hard. UGH but I know I have a few I need to let go of. Start with your clothes one day, your shoes and bags the next and accessories last. Maybe I should do a little closet clean out challenge… Hmmmm

Paint: Learn how to paint. If you already know how to paint then do something for your family, something to put up for sale or something for yourself. You can also paint a room if painting a portrait is not for you. That room you’ve been putting off for a rainy day, here is the day. Buy the paint when you are going to get your groceries or order the paint online and get to it.

Take Cool Pics: I am loving this one! I started to think outside the box and some great pictures have come from it. Get inspiration and ideas from other Instagramers or Pinterest of things you can use or places in the house you can use to get some great results.

Wine & Chill: If you are over 21, go put that wine to chill and start getting that cheese board ready! Facetime your bffs and open that bottle of wine, talk, sing, gossip, do what ever comes natural to y’all. Enjoy the company even if its through a phone screen. Now If you don’t want to call people, do the same but enjoy some “you” time.

Karaoke Time: look up some karaoke songs on YouTube and make a game of it. Choose teams or one by one, just have a good time! If you are over 21 prepare that fav cocktail and sing your lungs out with your loved ones.

Learn a new recipe: I have been enjoying this one. Learning new dishes. It a great time filler but it is also fun. Follow the recipes but put your own twist to it. Make that recipe yours! After all, we all have different taste buds and season our food differently.

Take a Free Online Class: There’s a lot of places right now that are offering free classes. Pick a subject you’ve been interested in and just take it. I’m very interested in some marketing ones I’ve found. There are also some DIY classes available. Learn something education or something fun or both.

This is the time to learn new things, improved the ones we already know or simply do the ones you’ve always loved but “never have the time” for. Let’s come out of this more knowledgeable. As a reminder, PLEASE STAY HOME! WE ALL WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS AND GET BACK TO OUR NORMAL LIVES SO LET’S GET THERE!

Stay safe friends and lets all do our part!

Hard Times = Help Your Neighbors

Hey y’all! I am finally back to the blog… Haven’t felt very inspired to write for these couple of months but decided that with everything going on right now in the world, this would be the perfect time to get back to it. You must have heard of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) and everything that is happening due to this. I’m not really going to give you my thoughts on it because we are all entitle to believe and think what we want, all I will say is do your research! If you must know I will be practicing social distancing. For me that is the best thing I could do for myself, family and friends. The enforcement of social distancing and some states locking down businesses, the small mom and pop stores need us more than ever. Big retailers have the money to stay afloat, but these small businesses do not.

Let’s talk about what we could do. Most of these things are free things that will help them out tremendously. Here is a list of things we can do:

  • Like & Share their page tremendously, EVERYWHERE!
  • Write a review on their product and services (will help others notice them)
  • Send your contacts ideas of products from the business you think they will like
  • Buy gift certificates or gift cards for yourself or as presents to use at a later time
  • Book a service or trip (depending on what they offer) for the spring/summer time
  • Invest in programs or classes that they are offering online
  • SHOP SHOP SHOP ONLINE (clothes, accessories, home deco, anything)

SEE!! Half of these things are free to do but will go a very very long way for our mom and pop stores. Keep “shop small” when you are looking to purchase items. Look at those small business you can do these for, do your part to help our people out.

Check out my Insta (@dlosdistrict ) I will be posting small businesses I’ve tried or want to try!

During these times lend a helping hand to your neighbors!

Go Big or Go Home

Hey Gals!

It’s been a while but let’s kick this back up with a product review.. yay!! So first of all this product was gifted to me to try. It has become my favorite of all time. The Kat Von D “Go big or go Home” mascara has one of the best cruelty free formula I have tried.

I’ve used this for a couple of months and I have to say there are more pros than con! Compared to the high end and affordable mascaras I have tried this sits at the top of my favorites. It is a very well designed product. In case you are wondering what I love about it here it goes..

What I love…

  1. Volume
    So I have a pretty good size in lashes but I always look for mascara that gives them more length and makes them look more full. With this one I do a couple strokes of the mascara and it instantly makes my lashes fuller and non clumpy. This formula gives them great coverage to the top and bottom with out making your lower lashes look ridiculous, like Yzma from the cartoon (lol). This mascara defines your lashes so well, mine sometimes look like nice fake lashes.
  2. Dry Formula
    I 90% like this because usually running/ wet mascara gets on the lid of my eyes if I don’t let them dry. This is also a con for me because I have to apply more coats than the other ones. The other great thing is that the formula doesn’t leave clumps behind, worst part is when you try to remove the clumps. It also takes off very quickly so you don’t have to be rubbing your eyes for a long time.
  3. Applicator
    One of my favorite things when buying mascara is looking at the brushes. Depending on the design and the count of the bristles, depends how it will brush your lashes. Longer and many bristles for me means that my lashes will get more volume. This applicator is exactly want I look for and delivered on giving me volume
  4. Packaging
    Talk about a sleek design! Usually Kat Von D’s packaging is not my type of design. But this mate black with glossy letters gave it an edgy sophisticated look!

Final thoughts

I like this mascara so much, when I thought I lost it I went a little crazy. Last week I couldn’t find it and no lie I turned my room upside down. I really wanted to use it.. didn’t find it… until yesterday when I remembered I had left it in the car! Phew!!! we got it back!! My overall experience with this mascara surpassed my thoughts. It gives great volume, the formula is amazing, provides great coverage and the best part is that it leaves no clumps on your beautiful eyelashes.

So babes if y’all are looking for mascara get yours at the Kat Von D website or Sephora. I love it! If you have tried it let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Dallas, Dallas, Dallas!

Finally getting around to share my Dallas experience. I took this trip mainly because it was the birthday of a very special person and I couldn’t not go. Which to me was perfect because I would get to see two of my favorite people and the city I am in love with.

This is the second time I visit Dallas and this time around it was different than the first time. The first time I traveled with friends and had a blast, this second time I traveled by myself and learned a lot and had a blast. This was a mini solo trip adventure, where there were things that I had not done on my own in a while or at all. The big ones for me were eating alone in a public area and taking a tour by myself. I feel like there is a stigma for people who do these things on their own but once you do them you learn why its important to take time for yourself.

While at Dallas I stayed at AC Hotel for one nigh (such a beautiful hotel to stay at: you can see it on my insta stories).. It was the most relaxing night of all: watched tv, got dinner, read a book and just chilled. Had a great good night sleep. While at Dallas I wanted to visit places I didn’t get to visit when I went the first time. I had read great things about he farmers market and without a doubt it was on my list. The second thing was to see the city and a tour didn’t cross my mind until the day I went to downtown. I wasn’t thinking about tours because I usually do these on my big vacations but my brain lit up and found a great one the day of.

Day one

Woke up packed my stuff and headed out the hotel door.. This was the day of the party so I wanted to stick to one activity so I didn’t run late

Farmers Market: Spent most of my day here plus there is so much too see and do. This market is like country meets modern. So many cool things to eat and try, cute little stores with all sorts of Dallas related art. There is two parts to the market, the one with vendors inside and the part with vendors on the outside. At the market I ate some delicious burritos for breakfast and a very soft doughy pizza. For breakfast I sat inside, did some people watching, caught up on emails, read a book and relaxed. After this I walked around looked at the cute little shops and then grabbed a cup of ice coffee and sat outside enjoying the fresh air and looking at how pretty the downtown buildings looked. It was such a gorgeous day outside there were so many people enjoying the weather, walking their dogs, having some coffee with friends or simply doing what I was doing,, enjoying some alone time, working on emails or reading. It as such a chill environment I didn’t want to leave. Which I didn’t because I had lunch here. Once it was lunch time I got back and went to order my pizza and bought a super cute hat with the state of Texas embroider on it. I love it so much. I ate my lunch at a different section outside and people watched again. Lol its fun to people watch, had a couple of laughs. Once done I got up and decided to go to the outside market and do a little window shopping (a lot of looking not a lot of buying) They had a wide variety of organic products, sauces, snacks, artwork and jewelry. There is a little bit of everything for everyone in this market. After walking around I ended my day and went to celebrate with my two favorite people.

Day Two

This day I stayed with my favorite Dallas people and had an amazing time.. I really had not plan anything for this day besides going up the space needle but I had done that the first time I went to Texas so on my ubber ride to the needle I started to looked up tours in Dallas and came across one that everyone recommended to take. A little nervous to do this on my own but actually booked it and off I went to the meet up point. It was at a coffee shop (have to try their mango smoothie its soo good) which was great for waiting around and relaxing.

Tour: I had read a little of the places it took you to visit, and even thought I had gone to some of those I wanted to see more. This tour is filled with hidden gems! It a little bit of everything  compacted from the city’s history, its neighborhoods to the architectural.  Theres so much he fits into one day, that it makes it worth your money. Everything from the amazing Pioneer Plaza to the rooming house where Lee Harvey Oswald was staying at. Our tour guide, John, was so knowledgeable and tried to connect with everyone. He told us impressive fact about the places we passed by and those we visited. When ever we stopped at a place he would give us the history of it, let us roam around and explore a bit. He was very helpful he would offered to help us take pictures. Since I was taking this tour solo he would always ask if I wanted a picture and was super patient so I got my Instagram worthy pic. A super sweet guy. Made the tour super fun. One of the perks of this trip is that it’s a tour for a small group, so you really get to take everything in.

Places we visited:

  • Reunion District
  • Pioneer Plaza
  • Art District (passed through)
  • Highland park (passed through)
  • Thanksgiving square (passed through)
  • Farmers Market (have to try the NAMMI stand & Cool Haus Ice Cream)
  • Deep Ellum District
  • Passed the Reunion Tower
  • Followed the JFK Motorcade Route
  • Rooming House: Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Bishop Art District

You can seriously see a lot of one city even if its just for two days. Dallas will forever have my heart and if you are ever in this beautiful city definitely book with BEST DFW TOURS. They have the best tour guide that will literally take you to every important place in Dallas.

Finalmente compartiendo mi experiencia en Dallas. Hice este viaje principalmente porque era el cumpleaños de una persona muy especial y no podía perderme la fiesta de el. Ir a Dallas era perfecto porque vería a dos de mis personas favoritas y la ciudad de la que estoy enamorado.

Esta es la segunda vez que visito Dallas y esta vez fue diferente que la primera vez. La primera vez viajé con amigos y lo pasé genial, esta segunda vez viajé sola y aprendí mucho, aprendi mucho y me la pase muy bien. Esta fue una mini aventura sola, donde hubo cosas que no había hecho por mi cuenta en un tiempo o en lo absoluto. Lo que no avia hecho en un buen era comer sola en una área pública y nunca habia hecho un recorido sola. Siento que hay un estigma para las personas que hacen estas cosas solas, pero una vez que las haces, aprendes por qué es importante tomarse un tiempo para ti.

Mientras estuve en Dallas, me quedé en el AC Hotel una noche (un hermoso hotel para mi: puedes verlo en mis historias de insta). Fue la noche más relajante que eh tenido: ví la televisión, cene, leí un libro y simplemente tube una buena noche de sueño. Mientras en esta,ciudad quise visitar lugares que no pude visitar cuando fui la primera vez. Había leído grandes cosas sobre el Mercado y, sin lugar a dudas, estaba en mi lista. La segunda cosa era ver diferentes partes de la ciudad, la verdad no tenia una idea de a donde ir. No pese en hacer un tour porque generalmente hago esto en mis vacaciones grandes, pero mi se me prendio el foco y encontró unexcelente tour.

Primer Dia

Me desperté, empaqué mis cosas y salí por la puerta del hotel. Este fue el día de la fiesta, así que quise dedicarme a una actividad para no llegar tarde.

Mercado de agricultores: Pasé la mayor parte del día aquí y además hay mucho que ver y hacer. Este mercado es moderno pero con un toque country. Tantas cosas sabrosas para comer y probar, lindas y pequeñas tiendas con todo tipo de arte relacionado con Dallas. Hay dos partes en el mercado, una con vendedores en el interior y la parte con vendedores en el exterior. En el mercado comí unos deliciosos burritos para el desayuno y una pizza con el pan muy suave. Para el desayuno, me senté adentro, observé el lugar, me puse al día con los correos electrónicos, leí un libro y me relajé. Después de esto, caminé por ahí, observé las pequeñas tiendas lindas, tomé una taza de café helado y me senté afuera disfrutando del aire fresco y observando lo bonitos que se veían los edificios del centro. Fue un día tan hermoso, había tanta gente disfrutando del clima, paseando a sus perros, tomando un café con amigos o simplemente haciendo lo que yo estaba haciendo. Como no era tan frío, no quería irme. Lo cual no hice porque almorcé aquí. Una vez que llegó la hora del almuerzo, regresé y fui a pedir mi pizza y compré una cachucha súper linda con el bordado del estado de Texas. Lo amo tanto. Comí mi almuerzo en una sección diferente. Jajajaja es divertido ver a la gente, tube un par de risas. Una vez hecho esto, me levanté y decidí ir al mercado exterior y ver que avia (muchas miradas, no muchas compras) Tenían una gran variedad de productos orgánicos, salsas, bocadillos, obras de arte y joyas. Hay un poco de todo para todos en este mercado. Después de caminar, terminé mi día y fui a celebrar con mis dos personas favoritas.

Segundo Dia

Este día me quedé con mis dos gente favorita de Dallas y pasé un tiempo increíble. Realmente no había planeado nada para este día, además de subir a la torre de Dallas pero ya lo había hecho la primera vez que fui a Texas, así que en mi ubber en camino a la torre comencé a buscar tours en Dallas y encontré uno que todos recomendaron tomar. Un poco nerviosa por hacer esto sola, pero me arme de balor y me fui al punto de encuentro. Fue en una cafetería (tienen que probar el batido de mango es muy rico) que era genial para esperar y relajarse.

Tour: había leído un poco de los lugares que te llevan a visitar, había ido a algunos y otros que queria ver. Este tour está lleno de tantos lugares fantasticos! Era un poco de todo, Lleno de la historia de la ciudad, sus barrios hasta la arquitectura. Hay tanto que cabe en un día, que hace que valga la pena su dinero. Todo, desde la asombrosa Pioneer Plaza hasta la pensión donde se alojaba Lee Harvey Oswald. Nuestro guía, John, estaba muy bien informado y trató de conectarse con todos. Nos contó hecho impresionante sobre los lugares que pasamos y los que visitamos. Cuando alguna vez nos detuviamos en un lugar nos contaba la historia del lugar y nos dejaba explorar un poco. Fue muy útil y se ofreció a ayudarnos a tomar fotografías. Como estaba haciendo este tour sola siempre me preguntaba si quería una foto y era muy paciente. Obtuve mi foto digna de Instagram. John era super dulce. Hizo el tour super divertido. Una de las ventajas de este viaje es que es un recorrido para un grupo pequeño, por lo que realmente puedes disfrutar.

Lugares que Visitamos:

  • Reunion District
  • Pioneer Plaza
  • Art District (pasamos)
  • Highland park (pasamos)
  • Thanksgiving square
  • Mercado (tienen que probar NAMMI & Cool Haus nieveria)
  • Deep Ellum District
  • Torre- Reunion Tower
  • Ruta de Carabana de JFK
  • Casa de Alojamiento: Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Bishop Art District

Puedes ver casi toda la ciudad, incluso si es solo por dos días. Dallas siempre tendrá mi corazón y si alguna vez te encuentras en esta hermosa ciudad, definitivamente reserva con BEST DFW TOURS. Tienen el mejor guía turísta que literalmente los llevará a todos los lugares importantes de Dallas.

Taking weekend trips can be so good for you to restart your system and get a fresh start to the work week.
Tomar vaciones en fin de semana es super bueno para reiniciar tu sistema y empesar la semana relajante.

Happy [self]Love Day!

Ahh Valentines Day is Tomorrow! So much love to give around not just to your significant other (if you have one) but also to YOURSELF… We got to remember that showing us self love is so import, especially in the world we are living with so much hatred.

Growing up no matter how much my body looked like the ones on tv or on models there was a little voice in my head that said that body image I saw in the mirror was not enough.It wasn’t until college when I started to show myself a little more self love and embrace the body I have. It took lots of courage and practice to be comfortable but even till this day there’s days when I have self doubt.. Like everything in life there’s good days and bad days but its up to come up from those negative feelings.

I’ve read a couple of articles on what other do to help themselves show a little self love and jotted down some notes. I’m going to share ten things I do to remind me to love myself. This list is compiled of things I already did and new things I red on these articles. I hope that this list helps some of y ‘all have a little more self love.

My Self Love List-

  1. Smile Everyday – a smile brightens up the day. It makes you think positively about what ever is going on with yourself. Besides making your day better a smile brightens the person that looks at you.
  2. Forgive yourself & others – This is a hard one. There’s people that only want to do bad things to you or that do one big bad thing and you ask yourself how can you ever forgive that person. Find it in your heart to make piece with that person  and what ever they did. Holding grudges 99% of the time is only affecting you and the way you live your life.
  3. Acknowledge your triumphs – No matter how little it is always celebrate your accomplishments. Its ok to pat yourself on the back and feel proud for what ever that you did that makes you happy
  4. Set Goals – There’s nothing better than celebrating every time you accomplish a goal. Coming up with a list of goals is also a great way to keep yourself in check and start checking things off feels amazing.
  5. Say NO – Oh how hard is this one for me.. I love to please people and even when I don’t want to do something I think of them and how it would hurt them if I say no.. There’s nothing wrong when you cant or don’t want to do something, its part of who you are. You don’t always have to like what they do or what they say.
  6. Go easy on yourself – When you feel like you have failed at something or didn’t accomplish it during the time you wanted, its ok. Life gets in the way and not always do you have to be a winner, failure teaches how to do it better next time or maybe it wasn’t the thing for you. If it didn’t work out then pick yourself up and tell yourself “its ok”
  7. Take care of yourself – If you don’t already start involving healthy habits in your life. Maybe choosing better/ healthier foods 60% of the time. Maybe you know you need to be a little more active, start by doing some light work outs. Another thing you can do is do stuff that makes you feel great about yourself. If you feel like getting your make up done, look for some one, go get it done and take billions of selfies. I had the pleasure of collaborating with MakeUp by Juan and he does an amazing job when it come to glamming your face up! I felt like a million bucks (if you want to see the make up follow MakeUp by Juan on Insta, also theres more pics on my insta.
  8. Be grateful – There’s nothing better in life than being grateful for what your have. If you are happy with what you have than nothing can dull your life. You’ll find the little things in your life mesmerizing!
  9. Compliment yourself – This is my favorite one. Look yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. If you like your outfit than tell yourself that, if your make-up is on point than girl smile at yourself in the mirror, if you simply feel like a bad ass then tell yourself that! Or write positive sticky notes in your mirror so every morning you start your day positively.
  10. Me time – WE ALL NEED THIS…Just like we love to go out with family or friends, we also need to learn how to have alone time. This is the prime time to learn about ourselves. Plan a lunch date with yourself, while you wait for food jot down notes of things coming to your mind. Ask yourself what your are feeling or how certain situations make you feel.

I hope this list helps some of y’all with finding that self love we all deserve.. One big thing I find myself doing that I put a stop to is comparing my self to others. You are unique, your feelings are unique, your body is unique so live your life and be happy with what you got!

We can’t make a Valentines day post without giving y’all some outfit inspiration. This look is so festive and comfy! You can dress it up like I did and go out to dinner with your yourself,  some friends or significant other. All you have to do is add some heeled boots, some cute earrings, a chic purse and you are out the door. You can also dress it down to a more causal setting. Just switch the heels for some sneakers, let your hair down and accessories with a book bag purse. My favorite part about this outfit where the pants. They have slits at the bottom of the pants leg. It gives it more character to an everyday style. You think they are just pants but as soon as you start walking there is more movement to the pants and you can stretch that leg out for pictures and surprise everyone. It’s a simple design but give it a sexy feel with those slits. The sweater is such a beautiful color and the detail in the elbows is such a nice touch. The hearts on the elbow mimics the patches on sports coat. The color combination of red and gray is such an airy look. Very clean, bright and goes well together. Both items can be found at Kohl’s, which is perfect for those last minute outfit shoppers 🙂

Sweater: Kohl’s
Pants: Kohl’s
Boots: Target

Well Gals I hope you guys enjoy your Valentines day and that it is filled with lots of love. If you try my self love list, let me know below which ones worked for you!

Amazon Last Minute Gift Guide

Hello Gals!

Tis’ the season of L O V E.. Love your family, love your significant other, love your galentines but most of all LOVE YOURSELF.. I rounded up some last minute shopping (YES LAST MINUTE) because I tend to do a lot of last minute shopping! If you have Amazon Prime these items will get to you in time for your love one or yourself.

This might be last minute shopping but these gifts are so cute!

I have hear so many great things about this little journal. For the last year or so these journals have become one of my favorite things to buy. Keep you in tune with your emotions, task and most of all accomplishing your goals. This will be perfect for the old school babes ( like me) that love to jot things down.
PENS PENS PENS! One of those guilty pleasure we probably all had when we were in high school.. Buying the coolest pens, just to let someone borrow them and never return them.. Lucky for us we have learned our lesson on letting people borrow them… and the pens have gotten cuter. The perfect accessory for the boss babes that are always signing their John Hancock or love to jot down notes when creativity strikes.
Those cool babes that decide to wear black on Vday,, we shall thank you because we are definitely standing out from the typical red and pink.. Though I do love a good red/ pink outfit this teddy bear coat would add a pop to your outfit. Whether it is to go out with your hubs or a casual night with your gals, this coat is bound to turn heads.
Oh la la! These sunnies are soo fabulous! That pop of red on a small frame cat eye glasses screams 1950 chic! The color of these glasses make me feel like a sassy gal. If there’s a vacation coming up these would be the perfect gift!
If you though I would not be putting some cute socks.. you are wrong. SOCKS are a must, specially when they have cute hearts on them. I love when I get cute socks. They are part of my lounge wear. Such a cute gift for your bae.
Can you tell this is a locket?? I couldn’t, it looks so minimal and cute I would definitely wear this. Get this for you sweetheart, put a picture of you and let her feel like she’s living a romantic movie scene.
You can’t get her a piece of jewelry without getting her some where safe to store it in. This jewelry organizer will not only store here jewelry, it will also work as a great decoration piece for her room. It has such a modern design, I need it. Will you be my valentine and get me this?!? 🙂
I’ve heard so many great things about this Jade Roller. Besides giving your face a massage it helps reduce wrinkles, puffy eyes and has anti aging factors. Now who doesn’t want a cute little tool that does this for them. I know i do.
For all my MUA or makeup lovers here is the perfect storage for all items you have in bins because you can find a place for them.. The reviews for this storage were phenomenal and i might just have to get one. Can we talk about how cute this looks in pink! I’m sure if you get his for your makeup babe, she will be impressed and for sure love you more than she already does 😉
I don’t have a bath tub for this Caddy but I would buy and travel with it so where ever I stay during my travels I could take the best bath of my life.. I’ve seen so many post where bloggers get this little table to relax after a long day and let me tell you it looks like a luxurious bath.. Everything you might need while taking a bath at the reach of your finger tips.. Tips for my fellas: buy this, set her a bath, put her favorite movie on the phone, some wine or favorite cocktail, great smelling candle, some chocolates and of course a flower.
What better combination than the bath caddy and this super soft robe.. All you need to finish up her perfect bath is this fluffy soft bathrobe to embrace her once she is out of the bath. A good bath robe can go along way. Specially when they are soft. The perfect item for the bath time and they even serve as a great “cardigan” when you are cold and don’t fell like putting sweaters over swearers.

These were some of my favorite items you can get with Amazon Prime.. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, try it free for a month and order these goodies for your Bae. She will appreciate them. If you don’t have a significant other, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself some of these items and showing yourself some SELF LOVE.


Western Inspired / Inspiracion Vaquera

Hey Y’all!

Im going to go ahead and say rodeo season is in Chicago, .. Two weeks ago we had the PBR and not too far behind, on the first weekend in February we have the PCB. While we wait for the PCB, I wanted to give you gals some outfit inspiration. I’ll show y ‘all two outfits, the first one is this Western Chic inspired look and stay tune later this week for the second outfit..

If you follow me on social media you will know that I have been on a serious hat “obsession.” I love hats, of all types of styles.. I have one that is super bold, yellow color, that I have not worn. In the back of my mind im always thinking if it might be too flashy! I am going to be bold and bring you an outfit with my bright yellow hat soon. In the mean time here is my take on a chic/western outfit.

On most of my outfits theres some type of femininity/glamour that I like to convey. This one is perfect for any rodeo events. It has that western vibe; with the wide legged striped culottes, the pointy boots and the very cute Charlie 1 Horse hat. This outfit in made up of earth tones which is why there’s shades of black, brown, beige and white. These colors look so well together in all shades. My favorite thing about this outfit is the pattern combination. As soon as you look at the outfit your eyes focus on the striped pants and the snake print shirt. There is something about the similar colors, that blends the patterns together and looks unified. The other things I love is this hat. You can wear it with all sorts of outfits, not just your western inspired one. It a nice beige color, it will matches everything you would want to wear.

Vest: Calvin Klein (similar option)
Snake Print Crop Top: Target
Culottes: Discovery Co. (similar option)
Boots: Payless
Hat: Charlie 1 Horse

One of the things I love to show you gals is how you can wear a piece of clothing in many outfits. The vest for this outfit I previously used it on this post. It went from being worn in a glam look to a western look.. The other thing I wore in a different post here, were these pointy boots. I love the style. The shape and color of the heel makes me think of the disco times in the 70’s. I am a huge fan of pointy shoes, this was a huge plus to the boots.  Don’t underestimate how good the clothing would look in different styles.

¡Hola Chicas!

Se puede decir que la temporada de rodeo llego a Chicago… Hace dos semanas tuvimos el PBR y no tan lejos, el primer fin de semana de febrero tenemos el PCB. Mientras esperamos el PCB, quería darles inspiración para sus atuendo. Les mostraré a ustedes dos atuendos, el primero es este look inspirado en el estilo Vaquero Chic y ya mérito les traere el segundo atuendo.

Si me sigues en las redes sociales, sabrás que tengo una “obsesión” de sombreros. Me encantan los sombreros, de todo tipo de estilos… Tengo uno que es súper llamativo, de color amarillo, que no he usado. ¡Me la eh pasado pensado que este sombrero es muy llamativo! Dejaré eso atrás y les traeré un atuendo con mi sombrero amarillo muy pronto. Mientras tanto, aquí está mi versión de un atuendo chic / Vaquero.

En la mayoría de mis atuendos hay algún tipo de feminidad / glamour que me gusta transmitir. Este atuendo es perfecto para cualquier rodeo. Tiene esas vibras vaqueras; con las pantalones culottes de rayas, las botas puntiagudas y el muy lindo sombrero de Charlie 1 Horse. Quería mantener el atuendo en tonos neutrales; por eso hay tonos de negro, cafe, beige y blanco. Estos colores se ven tan bien juntos en todos los tonos. Me encanto la combinación de estampados. Cuando ves el atuendo, tus ojos se enfocan en los pantalones de rayas y la blusa con estampado de serpiente. Hay algo acerca de los colores similares, que combierte los estampados en uno y se ve unificado. La otra cosa que amo de este look es el sombrero. Puedes usarlo con todo tipo de atuendos, no solo con el estilo vaquero. Es un bonito color beige que combina con todo lo que quieras usar.

Chaleco: Calvin Klein (opcion similar)
Blusa con estampado: Target
Pantalones: Discovery Co. (opcion similar)
Botas: Payless
Sombrero: Charlie 1 Horse

Una de las cosas que me encanta mostrarles a ustedes, chicas, es cómo puedes llevar una prenda con muchos atuendos. El chaleco para este atuendo lo usé previamente en este articulo. El chaleco pasó de ser usado en un look glamuroso a ser usado en un look vaquero. La otra cosa que use en un articulo previo aqui, fueron estas botas puntiagudas. Me encanta el estilo y el color del tacón. Pienso en los tiempos de las discotecas de los años 70s cuando veo el tacon. La gran ventaja de las botas es que soy una fanatica de los zapatos puntiagudos. No subestime lo bien que se vería la ropa en diferentes atuendos.

Be different! Enjoy life!
Se diferente! Disfruta la vida!

Cold, Comfort, Beauty


On todays post the accessories you need to have for this winter season when you are under the weather. In Chicago, January is the month where we all get sick because the weather changes. It gets colder during this month, and guess what.. I already got sick.


michael kors jacket

The lightweight puffer jacket is the perfect option to prevent a cold or to help you stay warm while you are sick. Wont help your immune system but it will block those hard cold winds. Jackets that don’t feel to snug will let you bundle up and feel well while the winds blow. Dont forget to wear your jacket..

workout gear

Work out Gear:
By now everyone knows a good work out will help you with your cold. Go break a sweat at your local gym with this super cute set from Target! Just remember to reduce the intensity of your work out. Though a work out may not cure you, it will help with your congestion. Make sure to stay hydrated to help your body feel better


Soft Nose:
Ahh worst part of getting a cold is the constant runny nose and the “rash” you get from blowing it all the time. These Klenex feel so good, they are soft! The best part is they smell like vicks and if you know our Mexican moms then you know vaporum fixes everything.. Good compromise if you get tired of rubbing it on your nose. Will make you feel better.

best tea

When you are sick tea is the best thing to drink to make your throat feel better. It is so soothing, like a blanket for the inside of your body. Different types of teas have different benefit and relives different symptoms, depending on how your cold is going. One of my all time favorite is chamomile.

essential oil machine- elypticus, lavander peppermint

Essential Oil Diffuser:
This machine is a miracle worker! Depending on the oil you use it helps clear the air, which helps you breath better and sooth your system. Some oils help you have a better night sleep, which is very needed when you are under the weather. This little machine can help alleviate  your symptoms.


Winter is the time where I find myself using lip balm all the time.. Because of the weather my lips crack more often and I find my self picking at them when they feel dry. Having soft lips betters your appearance and it stops your lips from hurting. When you get sick your lips are bound to dry faster, keep them hydrated! Ive heard great things about this lipbalm and I am left to try.

target thermal

These are my favorite type of lounge wear. It is soft, keeps your warm but its light enough so you don’t feel too hot. There is so many designs, but this one is sophisticated and looks very comfy. Theres some that don’t look very mature but the color for this one plus the very artsy flowers.. I can do tea time in this set.. Lol

old navy socks

I LOVE fluffy socks.. I feel like they are a staple when you are sick. They keep your toes warm while looking super cute. My dad always told me that we get sick when we step on the cold floor with out socks or shoes, perfect excuse to go buy a new pair of fluffy socks when I am sick.

sephora lotion

Because who loves to have dry hands during the winter months. Thought lotion is not going to cure your cold it will help you feel better about yourself. Give your body a little TLC so that while you get your cold in order and out of sight, your skin will be beautiful once you are ok.


Keep the terrible cold away yall!

love dlo




One day in Michoacan / Un dia en Michoacan

Ahh I finally get around to writing this blog.. starting the year with a travel blog and beautiful pictures. So I traveled to my parents home town in Mexico and since we are so close to the towns of Michoacán, my uncle and aunt took me on a trip to see two beautiful magical towns of Mexico. Patzcuaro and the island of Janitzio. This was all done in 24 hrs.. 1DAY!! If I can see these two towns in one day so can you, don’t create obstacles when traveling. The day has many hours if you plan it right and have fun!

I fell in love with this place at first sight.. it could be the colonial essence the building have or that every where I looked there was some type of red color wall ( favorite color: RED).


Church Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud:
Since it was 1 day for two towns first thing we did is go into this beautifully preserved church. If you are traveling to Mexico you are bound to come in contact with a church. Believe it or not each of them have something different. The uniqueness of this one was that the Jesus statue was at the very top inside the church, it felt as if it were hugging you. Then once mass was over you see people lining up towards the back of the altar. It turns out they have a virgin where you can petition something you need help with or need and you can touch her and leave something that is yours, pinned to her veil. It was an amazing experience!

Outside Merchants:
I ALWAYS look through the little stores people have outside around the towns. Some places called them tianguis, like a little outside market. There are so many things you can buy. From hand made/ embroider clothing, herbs, food, ice cream, souvenirs, hand made toys, bags, accessories, house decorations, the list goes on and on. The items are so amazing and most of them are made by the locals, each piece is so unique. In Patzcuaro we went during a time where there were tons and tons of vendors. Besides buying accessories, I bought these sweet doughy pastries that were so delicious. Gorditas de nata: you have to have them when you go.

Just going up and down the streets, looks like something coming out of a painting. All the red everywhere was my favorite! The charm from this town was magical. Like other towns in Mexico, I’ve visited, the well preserved buildings transports you to the olden days when it was built.

Janitzio Island
BOAT ride! If youre sea sick you better take your sea sick bracelet cause this ride will take a bit to get there.. but the pictures will be incredible. This has honestly been one of the best magical towns I have visited. You catch the boat on one of the wharfs from Patzcuaro that will take you to the island where the statue is at. While at the island a local vendor told us that the producers of the movie COCO went there to get inspiration. If you go during the Day of the Dead and see the cemetery it looks just like the movie. It felt great to be in a place that inspired such an amazing movie.


Boat ride:
You buy your ticket at the booth and then they direct you to your boat. Around 20 if not more people get on. I know you start getting scared but they are really long boats so everyone was comfortable. On our boat there was a small trio playing for us, and ice cream man and a man with snacks that got on to sell. We all fit! If there’s anything I miss the most  about Mexico is all the delicious snacks they offer… The views on this little boat were amazing, you can see the island, so much greenery and mountains and lastly some men fishing charales (some type of fish). One of the men cane over to the boat and handed me the little fish.. they look so different and my first time touching a live fish. Yay! To new experiences. Once you start getting closer the monument looks so pretty.

PREPARE to climb stairs.. sooo many stairs, but the good part is that they are filled with local shops of beautiful colorful pieces. As soon as you jump off the boat there are stands after stands that sell micheladas, cocktails and beers. It really seems like everyone who passes by buys a michelada in some funky cool looking glass. I am not a fan of michelada so I did not part take in this. Like I said your trip up to the statue is filled with shops! While on this trip I bought a super cute purse I used on this blog post. All the stands were filled with amazing paintings of the island and the statue, there was an abundance of blues, reds and orange colors in the art work. Lots and lots of artisanal clothing  to choose from. The other amazing part of climbing all those stairs is you get to see amazing views of the mountains you left behind and the sky. Once you finally make it to them top, its like a little park. They have a little kids play ground, lots of snack vendor (fresh fruit, ice cream, etc.) and in the middle there are stair cases to go up to the statue. The statue is of a hero of Mexico’s independence. You can actually go inside the statue all the way to the top of the fist.. We started going up but it started getting narrow and narrow we got claustrophobic and went back down stairs. The insane view, the great amount of picture opp, the cultural dances going on, everything was such an amazing experience.

This was all done in one day!! You can visit two magical towns in Mexico if you just take the time to pencil them into your agenda. These magical towns are definitely a must see and discover. You cannot beat the colonial ambiance in Patzcuaro and the magical views from Janitzio.


Ahh, finalmente, escribir este blog … comenzando el año con un blog de viajes y hermosas fotos. Así que viajé al pueblo de donde son mis padres en México y como estamos muy cerca de los pueblos de Michoacán, mi tío y mi tía me llevaron de viaje a ver dos hermosos pueblos mágicos de México. Pátzcuaro y la isla de Janitzio. Todo esto fue hecho en 24 hrs .. 1DIA!! Si puedo ver estos dos pueblos en un día, usted también pueden, no hagas obstáculos cuando viajes. El día tiene muchas horas si lo planeas bien, te diviérteras!

Me enamoré de este lugar a primera vista … podría ser la esencia colonial que tienen los locales o que por todas las partes que miraba, había algún tipo de pared de color rojo (color favorito: ROJO).

Iglesia Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud:
Ya que fue 1 día para ver dos ciudades, lo primero que hicimos fue ir a esta iglesia hermosamente conservada. Si viajas por México, te vas a encontrar, por los pueblos, lindas iglesias. Lo creas o no cada una de ellas tiene algo diferente. La diferencia de esta fue que el monumento de Jesús estaba en la parte superior dentro de la iglesia. Se sentía como si te estuviera abrazando. Luego, una vez terminada la misa, se ven personas que se forman hacia la parte posterior del altar. Resulta que tienen una virgen donde puedes hacer le peticiones, y puedes tocarla y dejar algo que es tuyo clavado en su velo. ¡Fue una experiencia increíble!

SIEMPRE reviso las pequeñas tiendas que las personas tienen afuera alrededor de los pueblitos. Algunos lugares los llamaban tianguis, son como un pequeño mercado exterior. Hay tantas cosas que puedes comprar. Desde ropa hecha a mano / bordadas, hierbas, alimentos, helados, recuerdos, juguetes hechos a mano, bolsas, accesorios, adornos para el hogar, la lista sigue y sigue. Los artículos son increíbles y la mayoría están hechos por los vendedores, cada pieza es única. En Patzcuaro fuimos durante un tiempo donde había muchisimos vendedores. Además de comprar accesorios, comprén estas deliciosas Gorditas de nata: tienen que probarlas cuando vayas.

Las calles:
Simplemente subiendo y bajando las calles, parece como algo pintado en un cuadro. ¡Todo ese rojo por todas partes era mi parte favorita! El encanto de esta ciudad era mágico. Como otras ciudades en México, que he visitado, los locales conservados te transportan a los viejos tiempos en que se construlleron.

Isla de Janitzio
¡Paseo en bote! Si el mar te enferma, es mejor que te lleves tu brazalete de mar porque este viaje tardará un poco en llegar … pero las fotos serán increíbles. Sinceramente, este ha sido uno de los mejores pueblos mágicos que he visitado. Tomas el bote en uno de los muelles de Pátzcuaro que te llevará a la isla donde se encuentra el monumento. En la isla, un vendedor local nos dijo que los productores de la película COCO fueron a buscar inspiración ayi. Si vas durante el Día de los Muertos y ves el cementerio, se parece a la película. Se sintió muy bien estar en un lugar que inspiró una película tan increíble.

Paseo en bote:
Ustedes compra su boleto en el muelle y luego lo dirigen a su barco. Alrededor de 20, si no más, personas suben. Sé que empiezas a asustarte, pero son barcos muy largos, así que todos estaban cómodos. En nuestro bote había un pequeño trío tocando, un hombre vendiendo helados y un hombre vendiendo dulces/fruta. Todos cupimos! Si hay algo que más extraño de México son los deliciosos cockteles de fruta … Las vistas en este pequeño bote fueron increíbles, se puede ver la isla, las montañas y, por último, algunos hombres que pescan charales (pescaditos). Uno de los hombres se acercó al bote y me entregó el pececito … se ven tan diferentes y la primera vez que toco un pez vivo. ¡Siii! a las nuevas experiencias. Una vez que te empiezas a acercar a la isla el monumento se ve muy bonito.

La Isla:
PREPARATE para subir escaleras. Hay tantas escaleras, pero lo bueno es que están llenas de tiendas locales con hermosas piezas coloridas, para distraerte de la larga subida. Tan pronto que sales del bote, hay puestos tras puestos que venden micheladas, cócteles y cervezas. Realmente parece que todos los que pasan por ahí compran una michelada en un vaso con una decoracion diferente y padre. No soy un fan de las michelada, así que no tomé parte en esto. ¡Como dije, tu viaje hasta el monumento está lleno de tiendas! Aquí compré un bolso super lindo que usé en esta publicación del blog. Todas las escaleras estaban llenas de pinturas de la isla y el monumento, había una gran cantidad de colores azules, rojos y naranjas en las obras de arte. Muchisima ropa artesanal por elegir. La otra parte sorprendente de subir todas esas escaleras es que puedes ver vistas increíbles de las montañas que dejaste atrás y del cielo. Cuando finalmente llegas a la cima, es como un pequeño parque. Tienen un área de juegos para niños pequeños, muchos vendedores de bocadillos (fruta fresca, helados, etc.) y en el centro hay escaleras para subir a el monumento. El monumento es de un héroe de la independencia de México. Puedes ir dentro de la estatua hasta llegar a la parte superior del puño. Comenzamos a subir, pero empezó a ser cada vez más estrecho, nos volvimos claustrofóbicos y nos regresamos. La vista espectacular, la gran cantidad de oportunidad de fotografías, los bailes culturales que se llevan a cabo, todo fue una experiencia increíble.

¡Todo esto se hizo en un día! Puedes visitar dos pueblos mágicos en México, si te tomas el tiempo de incluirlos en tu agenda. Estos pueblos magicos son sin duda una visita obligada y un descubrimiento hermoso. No le puedes ganar al ambiente colonial en Pátzcuaro y las vistas mágicas de Janitzio.


Live your life!
Vive la vida!

love dlo

Fiestas Navideñas y Artículos Artesanales / Christmas Festivities & Traditional Clothing

Hola Chuladas,

¡Seguimos acercándonos a los días navideños! ¡Quería compartir con ustedes cómo pueden usar esa ropa tradicional que se compran cuando van a México! En uno de mis viajes recientes compré este increíble “poncho”. Es gris súper padre, con un diseño de bordado colorido increíble. Cuando estaba comprando este artículo, todas estas ideas llenaron mi cabeza de cuándo lo podría usar.

Este atuendo es perfecto para todas tus fiestas. Tiene los leggings de piel sintética para ese ambiente moderno y ese factor sorpresa con el poncho. Seguramente la gente se detendrá y te complementará. Así que manteniéndolo este outfit relajado, lo acompañe con una blusa de manga larga gris y unos botines negros muy lindos con tacón de color holográfico. La siguiente piesa tradicional es esta bolsita tejida. Es una bolsita súper simple pero con las agarraderas de madera y el material del tejido es una pieza muy novedosa. Para termina el look, lo demás era más simple. Me agarré mi cabello en una cola de caballo baja y mantuve el maquillaje simple. Ahí lo tienes, sí puedes incorporar tu ropa tradicional para las fiestas navideñas del trabajo, de las amigas o fiestas con tu familias.

Hey Gals!

We keep getting closer to the holiday season! I wanted to share with you guys how you can wear those traditional clothing you get when you go to Mexico! On one of my recent trips I bought this amazing “poncho.” Super nice gray with amazing colorful embroider design. As I was buying this item all these ideas came to head of when I could wear it..

This outfit is perfect for all your holiday parties. It has the faux leather leggings for that trendy vibe and that wow factor with the poncho. Surely people will stop and complement you. So, keeping it cozy, I pared it with a gray long sleeve and some very cute black booties with holographic color heel. The last tradicional piece is this super cute purse. It looks like a simple purse but the wooden handles and Pulled my hair into a low pony tail and keep the makeup simple. There you have it. Ofcourse you can incorporate your traditional clothing to your work, friends and/or family Christmas party.